A wedding in a castle

Each happy couple dreaming of a romantic,original and luxurious wedding ceremony, to this day, was the most special in their lives. Huge popular themed wedding, for which selected the most interesting and unusual places. Wedding at the castle - a new and popular celebrations format is luxurious, elegant, and most importantly - exclusive. If you want to feel the elegance of the royal taste, the choice of the castle - perfect for the wedding ceremony.

Select country and castle for weddings

Many couples immediately reject the idea ofwedding in the castle, because they think it is super expensive pleasure, but it is not. The cost of a wedding can cost as wedding in a nice restaurant of your city. The price depends on the choice of the country and from the castle itself. European countries offer a wide choice of castles, fortresses, where the couple will be able to arrange a celebration of dreams.

Czech Republic is famous for its huge number of luxurymedieval castles, which will give the atmosphere of a romantic mood at the time. Prices for rental of castles in the Czech Republic, democratic, and visas will not cause any difficulties or future spouses or guests. Below are the most popular Czech castles that are ideal in order to spend a great day:

  • The castle "Liblice", which is close to thePrague. An excellent interior baroque will amaze its versatility, and a huge terrace overlooking the garden will add elegance, chic and easy triumph.
  • "Karlštejn" Castle. This is the most popular Czech castle for weddings for several centuries, it is perfectly fills the atmosphere of mystery and royal grandeur.
  • "Sychrov" Castle. This choice will amaze its fabulous, indescribable atmosphere of antiquity, and the wedding ceremony in the park near the castle will add luxury and fabulousness.
  • "Dobris" Castle. This is an incredible castle in the Rococo style, which will decorate the wedding celebration of his old grace and luxury.

Czech castles for svade

Watch the video, how was fabulous wedding in the castle of the Czech Republic "Dobris":

Weddings in France - the dream of any lovecouples, and in today's world, dreams can become a reality. The French know a lot about glamor and luxury, so the French castles look like and unsurpassed luxury. If you want guaranteed to feel the atmosphere of wealth, romance and understated elegance - wedding in the French chateau is perfect. On the territory of France is the set of luxurious locks for ceremonies:

  • Castle "Chateau shawls." Neo-Gothic style imbued with elegance and charm, and the location - Loire Valley steeped in rich history. Such a choice would be appreciated.

French Chateau shawls castle for wedding ceremonies
  • "Monplaisir" Castle. It is half an hour from Paris. Each room is filled with detail fabulous atmosphere, this castle is considered the most luxurious in the area of ​​the Loire Valley.
  • "La Napoule" Castle. Is this a work of art on the French Riviera just a few kilometers from Cannes. Unsurpassed beauty of the fortress surrounded by lush gardens. It is ideal for weddings, where everything is steeped in beauty and inspiration.

Famous for its beautiful castle far, Ireland,Scotland, England, Germany and Italy. Irish Castle "Lattrellstoun" is famous for the famous wedding of Victoria and David Beckham, and a German castle "Noynshvaynshtayn" is the most beautiful and luxurious castle in the world. If you want to save on long journeys, the suit fortresses, castles in the territory of country: Vorontsov Palace, Yelagin, etc.

Clearance celebration places

Wedding decoration celebration space - itOne of the most important organizational issues, which should be solved in advance, or entrust it to professional agencies. The first thing should be to take care - it is visiting the wedding ceremony. If you are planning a romantic ceremony in the open air, then you definitely need a good decor:

  • Wedding arch;
  • Chairs for visitors;
  • Carpeting or path of rose petals;
  • Balloons, etc.

The decor for the wedding ceremony in the castle

Holding a wedding at the castle does not require largeefforts regarding the decoration of the room. After everything has been done before us: stained glass windows, tapestries, ancient columns, marble perfectly convey the atmosphere we needed. But we should add a bit of festive items, wedding decor. Chairs should always be put in beautiful covers, and tables fill floral bouquets. Utensils should also comply with the royal theme, it can not be modern square plates in high-tech style.

Making the castle for the wedding hall

The original style of the script and the holiday

A wedding in a castle means traininginteresting, unusual celebrations scenario. An interesting idea is to re-enactment of the past. Knight's wedding - it's fun and unusual, here there are knightly battles for the beloved, bride theft evil dragon, fire-dancing, fun contests. In order not to weary newlyweds same, monotonous congratulations guests can be given magic wands. And as in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, every wish one thing, and waving a wand, wish will come true soon.

Costumes for the knight celebrations script in the castle

The celebration can be beaten in styleRoyal points. This celebration gives wide scope for the imagination. You can organize a pyramid of champagne glasses, chocolate fountain, and staff dress appropriately. Bride kidnapping should play as theft by robbers, and the groom will have a lot of sweat to get it back.

Scenario wedding in the style of a royal ball

Features of wedding party

Royal wedding requires special attention toall the details. Banquet menu plays an important role, so good good catering - a pledge of the perfect wedding. Cake is simply obliged to meet the topic of the event, it has to be a luxury to have several tiers, no excess parts.

Option decoration cake for a celebration at the castle

ideal for women drinks drywine, and men can enjoy whiskey. All kinds of canapés, tartlets - the best solution for snacks, and we should not forget about the fruits that are not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing look on the tables. The meat should be baked in large chunks, it can be: baked whole chicken or turkey, pork or steaks. For a change is to add fish, light salads. Wedding banquet in the castle - it is harmony and aesthetics, so if you want to support the theme, style celebration should be a responsible approach to the selection menu.

The dress code for the guests

Guests should be forewarned about topicsweddings, offering them several options of styles of dresses, suits. Men can wear long jackets, tuxedos, and the women can use the curvy dresses with ruffles, a long dress in a floor, classic clothes, but no jeans, mini skirts, and other things not relevant to those periods.

To make things easier you can guests themselvestake care of the details of the image. Wigs, swords, vests, ruffles: all this can be pre-ordered or leased. Hats can be a major part of the dress code as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. For guests it is not a surprise, it is necessary in advance to inform them of the required dress code. The easiest way to do this in the wedding invitation or send special letters in a beautiful envelope, which describe the future triumph, the options of dresses.

Hats - Women's dress code for the wedding

Thematic photo shoot at the castle

By organizing a celebration at the castle, you should notworry about what kind of props to pick up for a photo shoot and where it will take place. Castle has all the necessary elements to create the best family photos, in which the bride and groom will look amazing, like a king. Here are some beautiful, interesting and unusual ideas to create incredible images, images.

Night wedding photo shoot near the Castle

Stylish wedding photos at the palace

Wedding photo shoot for the castle

Every girl since childhood dreamsI feel like a princess, if only for one day. With the availability of antique locks with a long history everyone has the opportunity to touch the past, to discover something new, unknown, to feel the fairy-tale wedding. Wedding - is not just an interesting variant of the celebration, it is a unique, unforgettable celebration that only happens once in a lifetime. Choosing a celebration in a castle - you choose refinement, luxury, your wedding ceremony.