Where to spend the spring honeymoon?

Spring - a time of love and spring months, despiteall signs and prejudices remain popular among brides and grooms to appoint wedding day or time for a honeymoon. There is nothing more romantic than a spring wedding and honeymoon spring! Wedding portal articlewedding.com tell you about where you can spend pleasant and carefree is a happy time in the spring!

The centuries-old romantic Crete

Crete - a legendary favorite islandGreek gods, fanned by myths and stories about romantic love - will welcome you at the end of April. It was at this time in Crete opens beach season, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the magical beauty of the island, swim in the pure azure Aegean Sea and watch the colorful and unique nature of Crete.

Honeymoon in Crete

On the island there are plenty of hotels to suit all tastes,from the most refined to completely unpretentious, and for every budget. If you prefer a beach holiday, find shelter in the area of ​​Lasithi. Great option for honeymooners who prefer to spend time in the community only each other, will live in small houses in the mountains or at the seaside. For those who has more resources, provide luxury villas in the Greek or medieval style.

Of course, in Crete, you can not only swim,sunbathe and enjoy nature. The island has something to see. This is the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur, and the cave of Zeus - the chief god of the ancient pantheon, and many palaces and temples.

Relax on the island of Crete is not only pleasant and interesting, but also useful due to the mild subtropical climate.

The charm of Cyprus

And here on the island of Cyprus is best to go toMay. This is the time when the summer has not yet entered into its own, so you will not be unusual to exhaust heat. However, you can enjoy plenty of sunbathing and swimming in the outdoor pool and the warm sea. In addition, at this time in Cyprus not so many tourists, which means that you will be inspired by ancient architecture, visit the many attractions, as well as sail around the magical stone, which, according to tradition, is located in the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. People believe that it gives to all youth and beauty. In May, the islanders celebrate the feast of colors. Due to the hot climate of flowers in Cyprus is not a lot, so they are so fond of the locals. You can become a member or observer of a very bright and colorful spectacle - the flower carnival.

Honeymoon in Cyprus

coloring Morocco

If you are bright and creative people, with youMorocco is looking forward to! It's kind of amazing and vibrant African country, which is on the border of the biggest deserts and the most green mountains of the continent. Sun-drenched beaches, majestic mountain ranges, giving the freshness of waterfalls, valleys with orange and mandarin - it will all be at your disposal. The beaches in this country are sandy, their perimeter is often planted eucalyptus trees. Holidays in Morocco can bring huge benefits to your health: first, you can take your favorite active sports, and secondly, to order the complex spa-treatments. The main substances that are applied to them, - algae, sea water, mud and silt.

Honeymoon in Morocco

Service Morocco is at a high level, but prices lower than the rates of other, more popular resorts.

The options of places where you can relax inthe spring honeymoon, not too little. Simply select what you and like and can afford. In the end, no matter the place where you go to relax, and each other's company, and the unity of your feelings and views on life.