Wedding tours to the Maldives - a tale of a lifetime

Wedding - a magical event in everyone's lifehuman, and therefore want to make it memorable for a lifetime. And what could be better than to mention a wedding celebration in the Maldives? After all, the Maldives - this is the most beautiful place in the world, shrouded in a romantic setting in which dream to be almost all newlyweds. Today, our fellow citizens, nothing is impossible, so if you want to celebrate your wedding in a close circle - make the wedding a tour to the Maldives!

They married in the Maldives

What is a wedding tour in the Maldives?

Wedding tour to the Maldives - a relaxingrest on the small exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, equipped room for the newlyweds with a swimming pool or hot tub with ocean views and the wedding ceremony according to local customs. The ceremony is not legally binding, but the rite itself affects the wealth of tradition and atmosphere prevails around. That is why it is suitable not only for honeymooners but also for couples who only plan to connect their relationship by marriage, who want to plunge into the romance and renew relationships.

A wedding in the Maldives

As a rule, the wedding ceremony is held insecluded location, on one of the uninhabited islands. The bride and groom are the traditional rite of preparation for the wedding, after which they were vested in national wedding dress and was escorted to the boat "Doni" to the place where will be held the official part. However, each resort is still present their vision of how the wedding should take place, so wishing to go on a tour to the Maldives wedding can choose the most affordable, the script, the duration and the number of bonus option.

Amazing wedding in the Maldives

Hotels and offers wedding tours in Maldives

If you dream of an extraordinary weddingbreathtaking and capture the imagination, then you should opt for a hotel Full Moon Maldives. It can translate into reality the dream of many extremists, offered to hold a wedding ceremony under the water. However, be aware that this service is provided by divers who have certified diver and diving diary. Newlyweds with more conservative views in Full Moon Maldives offers traditional version of the wedding ceremony on a boat "dhoni", the size of the waves running into the sunset.

Wedding on the surface of the water in the Maldives

Dreaming of a long wedding ceremony? Then you need to choose a wedding tour to the Maldives with accommodation in hotel Coco Palm. That it offers a very long ceremony, the duration of which is about 3 hours. But that is not all. At the end of the official part of the newlyweds waiting for a luxurious romantic dinner and a hearty breakfast is refreshing after the wedding night.

The well-known among domestic tourists Kurumba hotel offers newlyweds after the wedding to go with his friends on a desert island, where you will notice the celebration.

Amazing atmosphere in the Maldives

But Meedhupparu Island Resort Hotel offersits guests not only a touching wedding ceremony, but also a romantic honeymoon on a desert island, which allows enough to enjoy each other in an environment of extraordinary beauty and feel the characters best-selling novel.

Wedding for two to the Maldives

Hotel Hilton Maldives Resort & SPA offers a wedding ceremony on a boat in the middle of the lagoon or on a secluded scenic beach followed by a walk on a yacht.

But at the wedding ceremony OlhuveliIt begins at sunset, after which the newlyweds escorted into a room with a king size bed, decorated in accordance with local traditions. In the morning, they bring in a number of delicious and hearty breakfast that can rejuvenate.

Wedding tours to the Maldives open love a piece of paradise for two, multiply tender feelings for each other and revive passion.