Wedding Cruise - the best way to spend a honeymoon

romance Love? If you want a bright, beautiful and original way to celebrate a wedding or honeymoon? Then wedding cruise - exactly what you need.

Agree with the child to the sea, weIt associates all only the bright and unusual life full of happy expectations and unexpected adventures. Remember Assol, who dreamed of the sea of ​​his character, or little mermaid Ariel from the famous Disney cartoon, which passed all tests, married Prince. "It's just a fairy tale" - you will say, but a dream come true, and your can become a reality, especially if you know what you want or what you want.

Wedding on a boat

Wedding cruises today are so diverse,each one is so unique that anyone, from romanticism to pragmatism, and the oil magnate to student may pick up something for your taste. It is not important, you will go to the Spanish coast or will be traveling on a cozy teplohodike the familiar childhood river, the main thing - to make one of the most important moments of your life memorable and fully enjoy them.

If you want to arrange during the journeyregistration of marriage or wedding ceremony Catholic or Protestant marriage, and at the same time entertain guests - choose travel on a separate, specially commissioned for the wedding, boat. The main thing - to think in advance the program, taking into account age, tastes and interests of the guest. In it, for example, you can include cultural trips to museums and art galleries of coastal cities for the elderly, hiking and viewing architectural masterpieces, and local attractions for people of middle age, fun outings for the youth, and even swimming (if your trip will take place in the summer) and a romantic dinner on the deck - you can be sure - will love it! By the way, another advantage of a wedding cruise - no restrictions in the choice of clothes: only you decide when and what to wear: evening dress or comfortable shorts and a T-shirt.

Wedding cruise on a yacht

Classic wedding cruise tours suitthe Mediterranean Sea, around Europe and on European rivers such as the Rhine or the Danube. You can select and anything poekzotichnee: cruise to the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, Alaska or the Indian Ocean. If you prefer something more familiar and less expensive, go on a trip to the Black Sea, the Volga and the Dnieper.

However, not everyone likes noisy traditional wedding withseveral hundred guests. If you belong to admirers of small, warm and cozy groups of friends - it makes sense to think about taking a cruise on a yacht. It can be many days journey along the coast of Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, or Germany, or perhaps a day trip at the nearest lake. You choose.

Wedding cruise liner

Among couples who like privacy and wanthoneymoon alone only with each other, a high popular sightseeing cruises, for example, along the Mediterranean coast with a stop in Rome covered with legends. By the way, this style of wedding trip was very urgent last summer. Dreamlike and romantic to you may be a walk along the Seine, because it is considered the city of Paris for two, and a walk by boat in the surrounding area of ​​your city, because next to you - man, than whom there is no light.

travel scenario, you can safelywrite themselves, because the wedding - your holiday, and only you know what it should be: if noisy and unrestrained fun - arrange a beach party and "tuple" from catamarans, if secluded and romantic - a ride on a yacht, if luxurious and shiny - arrange a holiday on the white ship ... A little dreams and fantasies - and you have a good time in an unforgettable wedding cruise!