VIP-places for the wedding night

The wedding night - Today it is rather a long-standing goodwedding tradition, rather than an event with sacred connotations, as it was in the old days. But be that as it may, the wedding night, is an integral part of every wedding, because the whole point is that this is the first wedding night. The night that you spend as a married couple.

While addressing the organization of the wedding, do not forget to take care of the venue of the wedding night. If you want to give a surprise, think of all the action in advance.

Besides standard places where it is possible and oftennewlyweds spend their first wedding night (apartment or its removable, plane or train, hotel room, etc.), there are more than a dozen VIP-places where you can spend the same night:

  • The castle with ghosts. Such date is not enough, particularly innear St. Petersburg, and outside Russia. In addition, there are ancient castles, chic, wide beds - a training ground for loving activity. But, one way or another, to sleep you just do not have that night. Local ghostly inhabitants, will help you with this. Of course, there is nothing to fear, it's just a tourist attraction. But in the dark, in a huge castle strange things can excite the soul ...
  • Prison cell. It would seem, it is not the best place forof the wedding night ... The grille on the window, bed single (note), the old mattress and scratchy wool blanket. Not very impressive, and not particularly want to remember your wedding night as a nightmare. But, for the newlyweds have their advantage, if they so wish, in this very chamber, the situation may change considerably, and it is actually necessary, husband, king size bed, feather pillows and a light, soft blanket. Yes, and more recently, in prison, the more famous, redesigning a wedding hotel. Of course, the color remains, but the comfort at the highest level ...
  • With a favorite even in a tent. Anyone familiar phrase, but it can be turned intoreality. Forest, river, fire, tent ... romance. However, river and forest, it is not a comfortable place, and our "favorite" insects can fairly spoil mood. Of course, there is always the opportunity to escape to a more comfortable and civilized place, for example, a cozy clay houses on the shore of the river itself, where you will find a warm, comfortable bed, a bar and a fruit platter ...
  • his own home. Perhaps trite, but this place can beturned into a VIP. Of course, this does not require much time and effort. And you need to take care of to you no one interfered. By long tradition, the husband has to move a favorite across the threshold of his house. Delos this long to show houses, who is the boss. If you do decide to spend their wedding night in the walls of his native home, in principle, and more economical, and more comfortable, decorate the bedroom with balloons, flowers, ribbons, garlands, put a candle - it has always been so romantic.
  • Suite or Royal Suite. A good opportunity to extend the feeling of a fairy tale. In addition, two of you can soak in the Jacuzzi or hot tub strewn with rose petals. Good discharge after such an eventful day. And of course, after, go into a wide, carpeted with satin and silk bed (elegant, romantic, but it is necessary to be cautious - slippery material, someone can not hold out). Quiet, calm, relaxing music, candles, darling, what do you need? Morning! Triumph and the tale continues, great breakfast, gifts, and subsequent married life.

Be happy, no matter where you spent their wedding night!