Unusual place for honeymoon

You do not attract honeymoonMaldives or Paris, because there tends to get most of the newlyweds. You want a more interesting experience that could hit not only you, but also all others, when you tell where you spent your joint vacation. In this case, there are so many beautiful and very unusual places in the world that will not leave you indifferent. Website articlewedding.com tell you about the best of them.

Joint Honeymoon vacation

Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park ( "Bwindi Impenetrable Forest")

The famous tourist destination it? In the famous Ugandan park live rare mountain gorillas. So if you are a lover of nature and a real adventure, then such a journey you will certainly enjoy. After all, in order to see rare species of gorillas, you will have a long and memorable way through impassable thickets of the National Park. In addition, for the tourists here are organizing special tours, during which you will see the scenic jungle and, in general, will be able to enjoy the local beauty. The guide will tell you the most interesting things about this place, and in the evening for visitors will be organized picnic with tents and fire. Romantic and very unusual!

Retro train in Namibia

It would seem that can combine retro trainNamibia in Africa? For lovers of unusual and original, this option will simply delightful journey. Just imagine the train in a vintage style of the 1950s, in which you ride and admire the wild African landscape. Typically, travel agencies include this trip in the whole tour. So plus everything you will be able to see the most interesting places in Namibia: Diamond Museum, the famous Canyon, Safari, etc. You will be pleasantly surprised by what he saw. And if we refer to the store burning stages, when exactly will be offered a trip to this country, then your vacation will cost very cheap.

Honeymoon newlyweds remembered forever

USA, Vermont

I enjoy provincial places where you canenough to enjoy the tranquility and beautiful nature? In Vermont, the newlyweds will have a great opportunity to live in the famous Shelbourne farm, where a special room at the lake for visitors of the place. You can relax in total comfort and, at the same time, enjoy the distinctive local cuisine. In addition, the Shelbourne is famous for its fine wines, which the bride and groom will be able to taste in the cellar of the farm.

Hiddensee Island, Germany

The locals affectionately call home island"Zemelku cute." This is an unusual and very beautiful place in the Baltic Sea will amaze you with the lack of modern transportation, which is not allowed on the island just like all that harms nature. Here you will only see the wagon with the horses, bikes and boats. If you are going to visit, remember that there are no clubs, no shopping centers, no other special entertainment. However, for the newlyweds, who appreciate the quiet, relaxing holiday and the local cuisine, the island is simply paradise.

Honeymoon - a beautiful memories

Honeymoon must be remembered by the couple onall life. Therefore, such an unusual leisure options, of course, you are very surprised and will leave only beautiful memories. However, before you go to a honeymoon trip, articlewedding.com portal advises to learn all the nuances of recreation in these places, to be completely confident in his choice. And then you really get a real pleasure!