The first fairytale wedding night

The wedding night. Usually, it begins with a weddingfeasts, dances, and ends with sweet carefree sleep. But between feast and sleep there something else ... what rightfully belongs only to married couples - the wedding night. But to make it a truly fabulous, you must create an appropriate environment and atmosphere.

Care in English

Wedding tradition to bring his young wife into a newHouse has its roots in ancient Greece. When doing this "on the quiet" when the bridegroom bothered song and dance, the endless cries of "Kiss." If the bride is not able to quietly slip away along with the bride, they fell on the tail of friends and a quiet wedding night could forget.

As in Greece and in many other countries,cultures, traditions "fun" over young indestructible. The only thing that now they have moved to a more loyal form: wedding contests, songs, jokes in the form of stealing the bride, her shoes, etc. But it was in the XVII friends, traditionally delivered to their young marriage bed (groomsman bride bride prepared, stripped her, combed, best man and groomsmen "instructed" the groom). This actually was the problem, friends in every way interfere with the newlyweds left tete-a-tete: confused bride hair tied sleeves cleaved clothes pins, etc.

So young for half the night spent at "voynushki" with friends. But even when they were able to retire to the bedroom, the friends continued their actions in every way, singing ditties under the doors.

That is why the tradition to leave without saying goodbye to the wedding.

Under the supervision of

As in those days, now is not a lotYoung able to afford separate housing. That has many newlyweds to spend their wedding night be under parental protection. As a rule, young husband takes his wife to her parents, where their youngest apartments allocated room, or simply the angle, separated by a canopy.

No matter how sad it sounds nowadays, aphenomenon has been observed and the time of the kings. For example, the same fate befell a canopy of Charles VII and Anne Bretonckuyu, the wedding night that took place in the presence of the six noble citizens of the city Ren.

But not all the kings were brought before such a yoke, so St. Louis and his wife spent their wedding night at the icons in prayer.

According to, many modern psychologists is on the wedding night depends on individual married life, so you need to decide in advance all the caustic questions with relatives.

The night before the start

Increasingly, there are cases where the couple lay their honeymoon, or tomorrow they will be the working day, or at least intense second day of the wedding celebration.

There is not the night to "get-togethers". Ideally, you can book a room in a nice hotel or inn. Where there is always a special offer for the newlyweds and their wedding night, which should be just fabulous, and do not forget.

The service of every self-respecting hotel has a special offer, which includes a meeting of young, fruit and champagne upon arrival, breakfast, and, of course, everything you need for the upcoming sweet night.

And here you will either choose to hang a sign on the door did not bother to ask the administrator or wake you up at 8 in the morning to catch up on work.

Sweetness honeymoon

Very often young combine the wedding nightwith the beginning of a honeymoon and wedding travel. Going directly to the banquet hall in the posh liner, plane, train, you can not just take a break from the bustle of the wedding day, noisy guests, but also to bring in novelty, notes of the leave, and the extreme conditions of the wedding night. Wherever you are in the train, plane, boat, all this can be beneficial to beat and make a trip to flirt, extreme or holiday romance.

Create a festive atmosphere the necessary helpthe same balls, garlands. On the plane of course the question is more complicated, but often large well-known companies, find out what the couple on board, be sure to prepare a surprise.

Away from the bustle of the city

If the young are not so much money, andfirst night I want to make a fabulous and memorable, while the option is suitable one of suburban resorts, placed close to the lakes, plantations, gardens, ponds, fountains, etc. Silence, birdsong and the gentle morning sun, what could be better walk with your loved ones on the boat on the lake or at the chic garden.