The best places for the wedding night: from classic to creative

Before the promised event remains a couple of weeks, and the entireorganization of wedding you have thought through every detail. Stop forgot something! But what about the wedding night? Where are you going to spend it? It is not thought? In vain, because this magic night set the tone for your entire future life together. And will reign love and passion in it, depending on where and how to pass the very first wedding night.

Wedding portal collected for you a few options of places where you will be able to organize this unforgettable night. Let's start with the classic versions, and creative finish. To everyone found something for yourself!

Own apartment

This, of course, is not the original version, butreliable and familiar. In addition, you can prepare everything in advance: arrange candles and sticks of incense, lay a beautiful linens, put on the table a bottle of champagne and fruits. In your own apartment you will not be disturbed, and the first night you will be able to spend any way you want!

Own apartment for the wedding night

Apartment parents, friends, etc.

Apartment parents - this is perhaps the mostthe wrong option, especially if the parents have nowhere to go. In this case, you have to forget about the rapid manifestation of his love and passion and to spend your first night is quiet and neat. You can, of course, ask the parents to spend the night with relatives. Then this unforgettable night you'll spend alone. Nobody and nothing should prevent you to enjoy each other.

You can also ask your friends about the service: Let them provide you with your apartment. Better yet, if they are her own and decorate! Of course, this is about to ask only the best friends who will accept such a request is quite normal.


A very popular option - it is a hotel booking. The new situation, maximum comfort, and most importantly, no one bothers you. In addition, some hotels have special rooms for honeymooners. The cost of their rent often includes a romantic decoration of the room, breakfast and a bottle of champagne. Strictly speaking, every whim for your money!

The number in the hotel for the wedding night

Apartment on the day

Newlyweds can also rent an apartment for a day. The choice here is perhaps the most wide. Browse through private ads on the delivery of housing, you will find exactly the suitable option. The main advance in the apartment, create a warm and romantic atmosphere: set up the candles, decorate the room with flowers and prepare the delicate music associated with some important events for you.

Apartment for the wedding night

overseas hotel

It will be unforgettable and romantic night in a hotel in ...another city, or even in another country! Such a change of scenery will bring you a lot of emotions and new experiences, will ignite your love and passion with incredible force.

The number in overseas property

Country house

Funny version, which is perfect forsummer wedding - a country house. Although the winter you can spend your first night out of town. The white spaces, natural silence around, you are given only to each other - the romance of this place does not hold! And an unusual situation adds a spark and passion.

Country house for the wedding night

The cabin of the ship or a train compartment

Here it is - a real romance! Easy rocking on the waves, subdued light, pleasant fragrance of incense - and nothing else in the world does not exist except for the two of you! Even better, if your wedding night will be the beginning of your honeymoon - a cruise on the azure seas! Similar sensations give the coupe, especially if the train will hurtle towards your unforgettable honeymoon in a distant land!

Wedding night on a boat


Extravagant option that will suit onlybold newlyweds - forest moon + + fire + tent. Plus a place for the wedding night: you no one will interfere, but you need to think through all the details. From who and when to put the tent up to fire safety in the placement of candles in a tent.

Wedding portal offer you several options of places where you can spend your wedding night. Whichever option you choose, remember that this night to be romantic and trembling, hot and bright, such as your boundless love!