Romantic wedding night

And the first condition here: the couple should stay together. And even better, if not in one of the rooms, which were attached spree guests or visiting relatives. But in a separate room.

Wild times when, during the wedding nightpals broke into a newly married more than once, fortunately, I passed. So enjoy the fruits of civilization. And we ask, for example, someone from the guests as gifts to present to you apartment for one night. It is the most economical option. And true: do not worry, no one will disturb you. Do not forget to turn off at this time of all calls - door and telephone.

Option Two - consider the services of hotels. There are hotels that specializes in providing Room newlyweds. If you contact them, you will be pleasantlysurprised by a comfortable, tastefully decorated rooms, a large comfortable bed. And the cute little things: a chilled bottle of champagne, fresh fruit, and even in-room breakfast. And there is still little surprises you prepare sophisticated organizers! Be ready for them, because this is an unusual night.

However, it will have to pay for such a romancerather big amount. Prices in these hotels range from $ 40 in view of the city and the "star" hotel. And for some of the services you may require an additional fee, can not be ashamed, and tip the request.

The number in the usual hotel or apartment for onenight - a more suitable option in financial terms. However, the need to create a romantic atmosphere yourself. While the problem is removed if such an original wedding gift does someone from the guests, and the nuances in terms of registration and breakfast taken care of witnesses. So it makes sense to discuss with them in advance.

Romance in the countryside could not be found? And if you try? In the winter version with a rented apartment (or exchange of the night), or, say, a small trip to the nearest hotels will save the situation. And in the summer to go to the countryside or simply to get a loft or in a tent, at worst, in a tent - an original and memorable - than not an option! ? However, not very hygienic, especially if kept meaning of the wedding night.

By the way, at hand should be all you need: from toothbrushes and towels to the change of linen and clothes on the second day. Yes, and about contraception would be nice to take care of. Especially useful if you're not ready to replenish just created a family. And, of course, it would be wonderful if someone's a kind soul took care of breakfast for the young couple.

Holiday and romance ... on their wedding night, you can realize all your wildest dreams. Start by creating a appropriate atmosphereCarefully thinking through the interior design. Fresh flowers, candles, light romantic dinner ... Some may choose a more cheerful decision - to decorate the room with balloons, garlands and wedding posters ... At this point let your imagination run wild! The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Tenderness and listening wife - That's what will help you to spend the night at the height of theand make it unforgettable. Bring your wildest dreams in life, change their little rituals diversify prelude, include soft music, experiment and enjoy one of the most memorable nights of your life - the wedding night.

Just do not spend all the forces at a time. Leave a little bit on the second day, after the wedding has not yet shared a loaf of ...