Iceland - exclusive wedding tour

In Iceland, the season is in July and August, sothat planning your wedding tour is best at this time has not yet come season winds and open tourist hotel and the museum (in the winter, many of these institutions closed). Among the individual stages in general, and wedding tours in particular Iceland - special direction. It is a country for those who are actually moving away from stereotypes and is looking for a truly fabulous and at the same time a modern holiday.

So, the wedding tour to the volcanic island thatin fact, is and represents Iceland, situated in the North Atlantic, it will bring you a lot of exotic and pleasant moments. Such an unusual name - Icy island country gave Flouki Vilgeldarsson Norwegian viging back in 865, capital of the state Iceland - Reykjavik translates very simply The smoking bay.

Here you will find an account without geysers and thermalsources. The main occupation of Iceland - fishing, which is why this camp is among the few in the world can boast of its favorable, unspoiled environment. So the wedding tour in Iceland is particularly ideal for those who are soon going to become a mom and dad.

Fresh air, outdoor picnics,the study of glaciers, fjords and even contemplation you will be invited into the jeep tour (a kind of safari) only along the desert sands you surf covered lava fields. Amazing and exciting spectacle - whale watching. And remember, if the first of a tour to see these touching swingers you did not succeed, the second chance will certainly be provided free of charge. No less fascinating sight - observation symbol Iceland - puffins birds. And of course, stay in Iceland can not be considered complete without a gorgeous fishing!

The contemplation of the beauty of the wedding travel quiteIt can be combined with an active holiday in the many national parks of the country. The convergence of the Eurasian and American tectonic plates you will see in the park Thingvellir. Lovers of thrills will provide a truly unique opportunity to immerse themselves in water - diving between cleft plate or in one of the most amazing lakes - sight, exciting its fullness, beauty and eccentricity.

Or maybe our newlyweds want to relax ongeothermal resort with a fabulous name "Blue Lagoon"? Exclusive wedding tour will provide for them and this opportunity. For those who crave the freedom of movement, it is proposed fly & drive - combined tours. However, they will find something to do, and those who are not indifferent to history. Entertainment "Pompeii of the North" will invite visitors to take part in the excavations of the city that was buried in 1973 under volcanic ash.

There is also a chic historicalattractions that will decorate your wedding tour. For example, in Reykjavik you will spend on the house, where they met Gorbachev and Reagan. Want to get acquainted with the mythology, the city will call stokkseyri. Here is the "Center of the Icelandic Wonders" dedicated, as expected, every sweet fairytale characters - elves, trolls, as well as elegant and magnificent northern lights.

Weekly wedding tour in Iceland with the flightnewlyweds will cost about 1800 euros. There is a unique opportunity to combine a stay in Iceland with a visit even more exotic islands such as Greenland and Spitsbergen. Or stop the choice on the Nordic countries, at their discretion.

Yes, and the last, keep in mind that travel inthe wedding tour of Iceland most preferably by car. It can be easily rented here. But rail service in the country is missing. A public transport - quite expensive.

In any case, whatever you choose exoticfor its exclusive, exclusive wedding tour, listen to their wishes. And make the appropriate calculations in advance. Have a nice trip!