How to honeymoon

After an intense period of preparation for the wedding,at the end of the celebration the couple want to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy each other's company. This period as a romantic holiday for two, designed to oblivion of all domestic problems. The question of holding honeymoon puts many in a dead end. Different tastes, preferences, time limit and the money put some framework, but under all circumstances it is possible to be alone with your loved one to get a true pleasure and many pleasant experiences.

How to plan and spend their honeymoon?

The period immediately after the wedding that the coupledevote ourselves indulging in sweet feelings, called the honeymoon. It is believed that the name came from an old custom in Russia. During the wedding the newlyweds were given 10 kilogram barrel of honey, which is emptied for the first month after the wedding, the couple recruited health and strength for the conception of the child.

The meaning of honeymoon is in seclusionlovers, which is so lacking in today's dynamic world. It could be a trip to the countryside, travel, beach vacation, excursion, or something else. The correct choice of destinations directly affects the mood of the newlyweds. We must take responsibility for it to the selected type of recreation brought both pleasure.

The organization must begin honeymoontogether with the preparation for the wedding, because it often takes a long time. Traveling abroad requires a passport, a good hotel - pre-booking. When approaching the date of the wedding, the choice of destinations for honeymooners may not be enough time. In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the organization of the honeymoon, you need to follow the simple rules:

  • To plan a budget in advance. Calculate the amount that can be allocated on a honeymoon. If funds are not sufficient, consider a plan how to save them for the remainder of the term. At a critical shortage of funds to consider the option of a small loan. To some it may seem that a honeymoon - a waste of money, but when a child, in the bustle of everyday problems is not enough time to travel and privacy to your husband or wife. Enjoy each other while you have the chance.
  • Decide how to organize a honeymoon. Based on the available amount of money and preferences, decide how it will proceed your vacation. Travel lovers to choose the city or the country to visit fans of extreme - to find a suitable route. To ensure a comfortable passive recreation make the place by the sea. Find an idea that is acceptable for both the newlyweds to enjoy each other's company.
  • Consider use of agency services, learn about hot tours, consult the place for our honeymoon based on the time of year.
  • Put in order the necessary documents.
  • Learn more about the place where you want to go: Climate, language and customs. This will save you from the mass confusion.

Honeymoon in seclusion

Honeymoon the second halfalone - it is a tempting idea for all honeymooners. On many islands of the Maldives, the Seychelles offer guests live in separate bungalows with private access to the beach. Once Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have paid 200 thousand dollars to honeymoon retreat on one of the Maltese islands. Star couple asked residents to leave their homes at a time, to avoid trouble during the holidays.

Month honey away from all

This option is not allowed for anyone but youYou can leave on time in a nearby town that none of acquaintances, friends and relatives did not distract you from each other. Honeymoon can rent a cottage in the woods, where there is no soul. There's your young family will be able to fully enjoy the harmony of their love returned with luggage on vacation pleasant experiences. Remove the house in one of the small towns of France and Italy. The tour operator will tell you the quiet area where you can retire.

extreme test

There are people who do not like passive recreation. Fans of extreme sensations prefer to get a dose of adrenaline in the blood. That they break all the stereotypes of what a honeymoon should be calm. Entertainment can be, diving, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, riding tours, as long as both of the newlyweds it was like. Any of these extreme situations will allow the newlyweds to be closer to each other, get a positive impression of active pastime.

Month honeymoon in the mountains

The honeymoon is very populartrip to the mountains. Newlyweds will have to go a long way along the paths, they will swim in clear mountain streams, camping out in tents, cook food on a fire. For amateurs it's hard, so these tours are often accompanied by the instructor and group. Such an unusual vacation becomes bright event that the couple will remember for a lifetime.

You can spend a honeymoon with extreme andordinary journey. If your couple decided to spend time in one of the most beautiful islands in the sea, try to dive into the water, go diving. The beauty of the underwater world, its inhabitants will make an unforgettable impression. Many newlyweds are not limited to swimming underwater with scuba diving, and repeat their wedding vows on the seabed. Coral reefs, exotic fish and witness the ceremony, guests, and can celebrate the event a glass of champagne on board.

Diving - perfect honeymoon retreat

For the honeymoon theremany other, not without extreme, events. The resorts offer parasailing services. Newlyweds for which adrenaline of such measures is not enough, can jump with a parachute. Contemplate the ground in freefall with the bird's-eye view - an unusual way to make diversity in the honeymoon that will leave an unforgettable impression.

To go on a honeymoon

Choosing a place, a country where you would like to noteMarriage is based on the sensations. Honeymoon on the islands full of heavenly bliss and enjoyment. Beautiful scenery, sea, nature, exotic fruit, ethnic food will immerse you into the world of a civilization. Where life flows quietly and steadily. Popular with honeymooners resorts of Fiji, the Bahamas, the Maldives. Sun-drenched beaches, and close to a loved one - a popular choice romantics.

A good option would be honeymoonholidays in Asia that attracts many tourists with its uniqueness. You will receive unusual impressions of Vietnam, alluring culture, which is based on the four world religions. Wonderful exotic cuisine, traditional silk painting, high level of service in Thailand will immerse you in another world. India will captivate its traditions and rituals. Buddhist temples, walks on rickshaws or sleepless nights in discos in Goa will win your heart forever, making a unique honeymoon.

The honeymoon should be memorable

European countries are famous for their cities. This trip is suitable for a quieter holiday away from home. Honeymoon in Paris - the city of lovers, inspiring to mad acts and declarations of love, what could be more romantic? Venice - a city on the water, with cozy streets, a visit which should each. Greece, a country with a high level of service hotels, attracts honeymooners art monuments and historical places. The most romantic city in Russia - St. Petersburg is famous for sliding bridges, beautiful facades of houses and delightful white nights.

Honeymoon House

This is an option for those who want, above all,be with a loved one or who due to circumstances could not take a vacation and go on a trip. Deciding to stay on honeymoon house, the couple should indulge one another romantic gesture: to make small surprises, breakfast in bed, to arrange visits, spend the evening watching your favorite movie. The main thing - to retire from the world, immerse yourself in the full sense of euphoria. Lots of time to devote to his other half. Unplug the phone that you are not disturbed.

Give the pleasant moments of your sweetheart

As a honeymoon cheap?

Honeymoon - rest, which is not necessarysave. So many believe the couple, as it should be memorable. Even in the most democratic pastime couple trying to get the most excitement and fun, but there are ways in which you can just relax for a little less money:

  • Book in advance. Knowing the exact date of the beginning of a honeymoon, it is better in advance to choose the appropriate number of places to buy tickets, to save considerably.
  • Ask about the presence of "package for honeymooners." In the framework of the hotels offer a more comfortable and romantic leisure - discounts in SPA, room decoration with flowers, free small photoshoot.
  • During their honeymoon everywhere Emphasize that you - the bride and groom. In many restaurants, tours for honeymooners there are discounts or gifts.
  • Consider the option of travel is not the height of tourist season, and in the offseason. So you get a good rest, but for less money.

Photoshoot honeymoon

Get romantic photographs, reminiscent ofmonth journey and full of love - is the ability to keep the experience forever. Loving couple on a background of sea sunset, without makeup and guests - that's the true beauty and romance. Think before the honeymoon themes and outfits. Good looks relaxed casual clothing, which will emphasize the shape. Girls can decorate the hair tropical flower. Capture their feelings during the honeymoon in the pictures to keep the memories of an unforgettable holiday.

Photos will be reminded of the long honeymoon

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When choosing a venue for honeymoondazzled by the number of tours offered in a variety of countries. Watch the video below, you will be able to make a decision without much thought. It presents the most beautiful and romantic places on the planet, which are ideal for an unforgettable holiday called "honeymoon".