your wedding day is near and youthinking how you will spend the honeymoon? Honeymoon - here's what you need! Alone with his second half you immerse yourself in a sea of ​​affection and tenderness. The journey will allow you to escape from the hassle of pre-wedding, which took all of your thoughts for a few weeks. Provided each other you will experience true happiness be with your loved one!

Believe me, to start such a great and important task as the creation of a new family, with a good feeling better! And for this consider a journey, a form of recreation will bring you a true bliss?

You can offer a choice of several types of honeymoons:

  • Active rest on the honeymoon. If you like to learn new things, try to get acquainted with the history and culture of a new country for you or region - this type of travel for you. You will visit the many museums and galleries will be held on a variety of excursion routes, meet new people and their customs. Optimal for this type of holiday will approach such well-known European cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Venice or Prague.
  • Carefree vacation in nature. Are you interested in the opportunity to stay with your partner alone, to spend delightful hours on a beautiful tropical beach, where you will enjoy the breeze and the whispers of waves? Your selection is better to stop on the island visit. It may be advisable to Crete, Corfu, Corsica, Mallorca, Seychelles, Hawaii, the Maldives and Thailand.
  • Cheerful holiday in a noisy company. You choose the fun and atmosphere of eternal holiday? You want to visit the world-famous disco, casino, aqua parks, and meet new people? There is a well-known resorts such as Baden-Baden, Nice, Ibiza, Acapulco, Antalya.
  • Travel in Russia. Have you always dreamed to get to know their homeland, to visit the famous places of our country? Enjoy the spectacular views of mother nature? Then choose a trip to Karelia, the Altai, Lake Baikal or a cruise on the Volga River. You can also offer to visit St. Petersburg during the White Nights, or go on a tour of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia.

A word of advice: Determining what type of honeymoon you want to choose, be sure to consult with your second half. For now, any decisions you will take together, taking into account the desires of the other person.

After selecting the appropriate option weddingtravel, decide whether you will do to organize your holiday or entrust it to a specialized company. In the first case you risk to miss the small but important details, the preparation for the trip. And best of all, this option may come already seasoned travelers often plan their trips.

If you travel experience is not great, it is bestapply to the special company, which will not only advise you on the best route to help determine the choice of hotel, and will be engaged in paperwork.

Typically, companies are already existing schemesorganization of wedding travel, but especially for you and can develop an exclusive version of the honeymoon. By the way, in the second case the price of tours will be more expensive. Also, the cost of travel will be affected by such factors as:

  • the presence or absence of a personal tour guide,
  • route selection according to customer's request (as opposed to the choice of ready-made travel schemes)
  • way to move in the journey (and you'll take a car if the need arises in the presence of a driver-guide)
  • and additional attributes honeymoon (order flowers and fruit in the room, limousine, souvenirs, video and photography, candle light dinner, live music).

If you want to make a focus on mysterydisappearance after marriage, then your best bet is to turn to the tour operator at least three weeks before the wedding. Because you have to combine the date of your wedding to the day of departure in the chosen country.

Please note that discounts are provided SuiteNot all travel agencies. And sometimes honeymoons go even more expensive than regular tickets (subject to the factors listed above).

Do not worry in case of change in the family namehusband. And the usual, and foreign passports young wife are valid for three weeks after the wedding. However, in any country of the world you will be able to register under the same name, even without taking into account who you each other parishes. In this case, the exception is only the Arab countries.

With regard to the duration of the honeymoon- It all depends on your desire. You can spend only 2 or 3 days in the luxury apartment suites. Or spend with each other for a month. And even if you find it hard to come back after such a wonderful trip, remember, you will experience a real pleasure talking to the families and loved ones about your happy honeymoon!

We wish you happiness and love!