Honeymoon where to go

Wedding ceremony behind the main meansthe question becomes - where to go on honeymoon. Often young ask this question before the marriage, wedding planning adventure in advance. It's exciting, wonderful time when the lovers are together to relax, to surrender completely to each other, forgetting about all the household chores, surrendering to love. To honeymoon was wonderful, it is necessary to take into account several important points: the budget and preferences of young people.

Determine the budget

Wedding celebration - an event veryexpensive, expensive. Dresses for the young, payment banquet, accessories and other little things that seemingly are all inexpensive, can cause a severe blow to the family budget honeymoon. Such cases make the save on wedding travel, searching for a cheaper price. But no matter how much money you are willing to allocate for the trip - to postpone or cancel the honeymoon can not - you need to go to rest.

  • To save a little, as a variant, it is possiblego to rest on a "hot ticket," - it is now common, practiced in all travel agencies. The cost of these tours tend to be lower, but will have to sacrifice some comfort conditions (for example, to gather on such a journey should be as fast as possible, because the need to go to where there are minute), but the hotel should be chosen for at least 4 stars.
  • It is also possible to go on honeymoon ina country where a vacation budget, economical. For example, choose the Philippines and Tunisia instead of Cyprus or Greece. This trip will be more economical, but also you will get a lot of pleasure from spending time and a lot of unforgettable experiences.
  • If your family budget is very "hurt" afterwedding party, it would be nice to go on a tour or visit one of the cities of vast Russia. Some vain believe that a decent and interesting vacation is possible only outside the country. Sometimes, traveling in another city of your own country is able to give positive impressions and emotions. Contact your local travel agency, where you will select the best tour you will find that not only the foreign resort can be fun.

Newlyweds count budget

Where to go on honeymoon in July

A wedding in the summer, planned a weddingthe journey of July, it is important to choose the country where to go, where is the period of a favorable climate conducive to quality rest. Choosing a tour in the summer, should take into account the time to not get into the rainy season, or vice versa for the period when the temperature can rise above 40 degrees. As well as the choice of where to go depends on the preferences of the young - vacation on the coast of the ocean, sea or travel to the mountains. For the July wedding trip perfect European countries with access to the sea. For example, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece. Of the more exotic options worth considering the Maldives, the Canary Islands, the Dominican Republic, Mexico.

Newlyweds honeymoon in Moroi

As you can see, the choice of simply gorgeous, it all depends on your preferences, the desire to visit any particular place on the allocated budget.

Visa-free countries

An important factor for the honeymoonabroad it is considered the paperwork that takes time, and sometimes - the nerves. Perhaps the lesson to entrust the preparation of the travel agency documents, but it is necessary to be careful and pay attention to the selection of agencies, not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. To alleviate concerns with the documents, you should choose travel around the country, where you do not need a visa. It will be faster, easier. These States, for example, are: Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines, Georgia, Thailand. Or choose a country where a visa is placed at the border (Egypt, Cyprus, Sri Lanka). For more information on visas, you can see in the photo.

Visa-free regime for Russia


Choosing a wedding date, young rarelythink about where they will go on their honeymoon, and a honeymoon spent in comfort, dreaming all. Because there is often a number of issues, where to go, what country to give preference to stay as comfortable as possible. If the solemn event fell not summer - with the choice of location for the travel will not be problems. Here are all the "doors" open question remains for the young preferences. Alternatively, it is possible to choose a European tour or vacation on the coast of Europe. Excellent at this time of year is suitable for traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, the United States or perhaps luxuriate on the beaches of the Atlantic. Honeymoon getaway autumn period are ideal Italy, France, Greece. Regarding the November possible to visit Egypt, Japan. Where to go in winter? In winter, excellent holiday will turn out in the Maldives, the Seychelles. perfect Ukraine (Carpathians), Switzerland, Andorra For fans of ski resorts.

Rest in the winter and summer season


A perfect honeymoon will be a tour of Europe. Great architecture - castles, palaces, various museums, the colorful nature - will give you the true moments of pleasure and enjoyment.

Where it is possible to go on a honeymoon to Europe:

  • France. Paris - the city of lovers. Here and the air is saturated with romance, because walking on the romantic streets of the historical attractions and the contemplation of indescribable beauty, just will not leave anyone indifferent, will provide an opportunity to plunge into love.

Eiffel Tower in France
  • Italy - a classic that never goes outfashion. Small streets, gondola rides along the fabulous Venice and Rome with its historical charms - what could be more romantic and fairy-tale? • Switzerland - an excellent resort, where well go skiing adventure lovers. But in addition to skiing, you will be pleasantly surprised gorgeous parks, fountains and cozy cafes, where hovers romantic atmosphere.
  • Greece - the country for those that wish to relax on the white sand under the scorching sun and plunge into the warm sea or swimming on the boat. Scenic beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.

Wedding holiday in Europe

In Europe, a lot of countries, cities thatfilled with romance. They will make your honeymoon memorable and unique. It is also possible as a journey, choose a tour of European cities. And hire a guide who will conduct the tour, you will not only get an exciting adventure, but also learn a lot. In the travel agency you will be given the route that you will follow. This trip usually requires flight, and takes place in a comfortable bus, but still tedious.


Asian countries are also diverse array of luxurious places to stay that will give you a wonderful vacation.

  • India. Where to go in India? For example, Kerala provide you with the opportunity to enjoy plenty of luxurious beaches, lakes and bays. The unusual landscape, floating home - a fraction of what you will see. But you will not be disappointed in this holiday.
  • Japan. Newlyweds who is calm and measured rest on the beach prefer the rapid rhythm of megacities, we recommend to visit Tokyo and Osaka. Cancel architecture, engineering and electronics trends - if you is the taste, the rest is - a great option for you.
  • Japan. Tibet - a great place to honeymoon if you want to recall the history, enjoy the contemplation of Buddhist temples, unusual natural beauty.

Where to go on honeymoon to Asia


Honeymoon in America will also bringa lot of emotions and impressions. That there is only a visit to Las Vegas, New York or San Francisco. If you wish to spend your vacation on the beach - Miami - the most it. Huge beaches, where it is possible to meet someone of the celebrities. A good option - Hawaiian Islands - an ideal location for true romantics.

Honeymoon in USA

The most popular destinations TOP 10

Popular countries that are in demand, are considered to be the following for a honeymoon:

  1. Mahe Island
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Mauritius
  4. Bahamas
  5. Paris
  6. Hawaii
  7. Rome
  8. Tahiti
  9. Palm Beach
  10. Fiji

To understand why these trends hit the top, be sure to view the video presentation:

Choosing where to go on their honeymoon,it is important to make the decision together and remember - the main thing that you are together and happy. If you have already been on their honeymoon and want to share their experiences - leave comments.