Honeymoon on the waves of happiness

Honeymoon on the boat -ultramodern comfortable (or not) liner - it's just a fairy tale. After such a diverse and colorful program will not open to you no one stationary place, neither paradise. Bliss on the deck of the ship, unobtrusive animation (that is - organized entertainment), a full service combined with stops for sightseeing and a nice romantic walks and endless change of scenery behind! .. Missed quite difficult during the cruise. After all, the liners can combine business with pleasure during the day or bask in the sun lounger by the pool or the gym for fun. The evenings are filled with music and surprise. Neptune Festival sedate or dinner in a retro style with the captain of the liner filled holiday with its unique charm and boundless imagination.

... Egypt, the United Arab Emirates - Marineand a river cruise that offer these countries, shrouded eastern exotic, spiced up with marvelous stories of the "Thousand and One Nights" and just filled with unforgettable and vibrant musical motifs. Although you can choose to honeymoon and more refined and more original routes.

Honeymoon around GalapagosIslands! It actually memorable and unique. An ideal place to engage in snorkingom. Snorkelling raise the veil of secrecy over the sea life and its colorful inhabitants. Use as a unique opportunity to see the world through a glass bottom boat or ship appeared relatively recently - only in the twentieth century. XXI Century made the boat more comfortable. Now on board may be invited 32 guests (instead of the 10 passengers on the boat were calculated previously). 10-day romantic trip on the boat deck will cost $ 3848 per person.

Poland and the Baltic coast - one of thewater routes for your unique honeymoon. After becoming acquainted with Romanesque and Gothic architecture of Poland Islands, the couple can enjoy each other's company, to afford 6-tirazovoe food and relaxing stay in a wicker chair on the upper deck. Wrapped in a blanket, may be in silence to grasp the charm of ancient forests along the Old River Valley, while your vehicle will keep the way to the Baltic. Take a horse-drawn carriage and take a walk in the hills and fishing villages of the island Hiddensi that the German Baltic coast.

13-day cruise of your charming honeymoon promises to be the most romantic. It will cost $ 4280 per person.

French Polineyziya ... Why stay indozing under a thatched roof bungalows, if you can spend a honeymoon, sailing from island to island on a cruise on Bora Bora? Project boat ride is very suitable for those honeymooners who prefer active holidays. Sailing boat at 226 feet long on deck has 30 cabins with luxurious decoration of precious wood. At your service will be all the most modern and comfortable - bathroom, plasma screen TV, air conditioning ... Lunch offered by the chef of the steamer, the menu includes delicious French cuisine and local delicacies original.

7-day cruise will bring on your honeymoon a lot of bright, as the play of the waves, the impressions. It is worth the pleasure of $ 10,123.