Honeymoon in Paris

After all the official marriagenewlyweds want to go on a honeymoon. Some young people can not afford high costs, so the dream is to visit the capital of France - the most romantic city in the world, it has been postponed indefinitely. But the honeymoon in Paris - is not too expensive, is thought to love, the more that experience brought from there, the couple will remember for a lifetime.

How to organize a honeymoon in Paris

Paris is very friendly town. No matter how long you choose to spend on his visit: a week or a month, but getting there can be only two ways:

  1. Buy a ticket at any travel agent.
  2. To organize a trip by yourself.

If Paris - is the ultimate choice newlywedsfor a honeymoon, choosing the way of his visit, be aware that each of these options has its pros and cons. If you buy ready-made tour on a honeymoon, you will be relieved of the hassle associated with the Schengen visa for a month, buying tickets and finding accommodation - it will take more time.

Minus such a trip is thatI have to walk on the famous places of Paris, together with other participants of the tour, as well as being tied to a specific schedule of excursions. The advantage of an independent journey - complete freedom of action. Especially now buy tickets and rent a hotel anywhere in the world via the Internet without leaving home.

A trip to Paris for the honeymoon

Places to visit in Paris

Paris does not leave anyone indifferent, andI love this city an unforgettable experience. Be sure to take a stroll in the evening along the banks of the famous River Seine, which divides the capital of France into two parts. Climb the 500 steps of the Arc de Triomphe, to reach the top of the triumph of Napoleon and the French army. At the top you will see a fantastic view of Paris. Stroll through the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, which is a place of pilgrimage not only foreign tourists, but the Parisians themselves.

Eiffel Tower - a place for whichMillions of people go to Paris. This is the most recognizable landmark not only the capital of France, but throughout Europe. Great facility - the Eiffel Tower - the city symbol of beauty lovers, which is popular with photographers, artists and filmmakers around the world. Make it memorable photo on the background! On the honeymoon can not ignore the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is the heart of Paris. At sunset, one of the oldest buildings in Europe is a stunningly beautiful sight.


Montmartre - is the most interesting area of ​​the capitalFrance, where the couple in love have that look on their honeymoon. If you own more poorly guided in an unfamiliar place, it is better to take the Russian-speaking guide, who will talk about the attractions of this popular place among travelers:

  1. Plaza Theatre - the heart of Montmartre. It created their masterpieces of famous artists, Maurice Utrillo, Picasso. Now is the center of the modern art world.
  2. Pigalle area, which is known for sex shops, brothels, erotic museum.
  3. Salvador Dali Museum.
  4. Cabaret "Moulin Rouge".
  5. Cabaret "Agile Rabbit".
  6. Historical Museum of Montmartre.
  7. The vineyard, which is made known in the world of wine of Montmartre.
  8. The cemetery in which are buried celebrities such as Delilah, Jacques Offenbach, Heine, Ampere, Berlioz, Stendhal, and others.
  9. Flea Market - the most famous flea market of Paris, which is bought / sold everything your heart desires.
  10. Wall of love, stone walls which keep the secrets of the heart or a love drama lovers from around the world.
    Wall of love in Montmartre, Paris

Louvre pyramid

Although the word "pyramid" and is associated with Egypt,the glass pyramid in Paris, located above the main entrance of the Louvre, is a landmark of the city. It was built in 1980 from a beautiful glass, forming a contrast with the historical museum walls. This modern building - the perfect solution to the problem of a large flow of people. It was originally built by the entrance is no longer stravlyalsya visitors every year who come from all over the world to visit the Louvre.

Ancient and modern Louvre Pyramid in Paris

The Latin quarter

The Latin Quarter is required to attend atHoneymoon. This historic district of Paris, which is located near the world-famous University of Sorbonne on the Left Bank. He was named in honor of the students who used to live here, who spoke Latin. Now the Latin Quarter is a tourist, and the prices of hotel rooms to students no longer afford.

Honeymooners Latin Quarter streets meet, have retained the charm of old architecture, coffee houses and restaurants, which definitely need to enjoy the best of French cuisine:

  • onion soup;
  • soup with frog legs;
  • egg-Kokot;
  • olive vegetable stew (ratatouille);
  • Lorraine tart with bacon and eggs;
  • fruit dessert Clafoutis.
    Paris: Latin Quarter

Notre Dame

Walk to Notre Dame fillValentine's positive energy, because the greatest Catholic church built in the place of incredible strength. Near the cathedral there are crowds of tourists day and night, and the place steeped in the atmosphere of mystery and mysticism. Dimensions Notre Dame amazing. Only the main room 130 meters long, 50 wide, 35 m high. There may be present up to 9000 people at a time.

Before Notre Dame is a mark"Kilometer zero" from which all distances are measured in France. It is believed if the lovers stand on this mark and make a wish, it will come true. If the couple on their honeymoon wish to see not only the masterpieces of architecture, but also monsters with chimeras, they should climb the north tower of the cathedral at 387 steps. Here, in Paris will appear in front of them in a new and unexpected light.

Paris: Notre Dame

Disneyland park

On his honeymoon in the French capital, visitlocal Disneyland. This is the most popular place among lovers of Paris, children and tourists. Disneyland Park - a fairy kingdom, where people, regardless of age, become its happy inhabitants. Newlyweds on a steam train will tour the entire park, with stops near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and the country is open to neighboring countries. At each stop, we presented the most unusual and interesting scenery, involving visitors in an unforgettable adventure.

Fantastic world of Disneyland Paris

The approximate cost of traveling

The cost of a trip to Paris with a group of 8 nightsnewlyweds will cost roughly around 1300 euros. This includes flights, accommodation, transfers, excursions on the language support. Visa to France to be paid separately. If the couple has not decided on the date of return, and want to spend in Paris the whole honeymoon, they should stock a large sum because the accommodation in the French capital is not a cheap pleasure.

Visa for a honeymoon in Paris

If you have decided on their honeymoon visitParis, and do it yourself, then you need to issue a tourist visa to Schengen. To do this, visit the French Embassy, ​​and take with you the following documents on the list:

  1. The original and a copy of the passport.
  2. Medical policy that is designed for the period of the trip.
  3. Hotel reservation in Paris.
  4. Cheap.
  5. Two color photos on matt background of the size of 3,5x4,5.
  6. Certificate of employment.
  7. Documents confirming the solvency.

Short-term tourist visa issued on 1month (30 days) or 2 months (60 days). If one of the newlyweds did not work, the French side will require a sponsorship letter from the working person paying for the journey. Make a visa to France for their honeymoon and see Paris is much easier, if we turn to a special agency. Then the newlyweds will be able to avoid a lot of paperwork and queuing French Consulate.

Video: honeymoon in Paris

Paris - the best place forhoneymoon. This couple is known to many, so try to get to this amazing romantic city. One has only to look at the night Paris from the Eiffel Tower and you will love it the most devoted love. Even one month is not enough to see all the sights of the city, so the lovers come here again and again.

The best month for a trip to Paris - aSeptember. In the spring of the capital of love and romance is not yet warmed up, here is cool and wet, and in the summer - too sultry, so the couple choose to honeymoon early autumn, when the weather is fine. Watch the video on how to conduct a honeymoon of a young couple, and what they saw in Paris a month after his marriage: