Honeymoon in May

After the wedding comes theromantic it is time - the honeymoon. The best period for newlyweds to travel abroad is at the end of spring. If you decide to spend their honeymoon at this time, it is not lost. In May, many resorts already established good weather, gentle sun warmed the water, yet not too hot for excursions, and the prices are kept at the level of "low season".

Features holiday in May

Honeymoon for recuperationafter a grueling preparation for the wedding and a romantic tradition, which allows the newlyweds to be alone. Wedding travel in May, full of vivid impressions. But it is worth considering that in many places already the rainy season begins, and in some places has not yet got off the snow. Choosing a place to travel, check out the feature of its climate.

If you are going, keep in mind that the weather in springEurope is changeable. There is a chance to get under the heavy rains or large temperature differences: in the morning cold and hot day. This factor should be the key in the preparation of the wardrobe for the trip in May. Going to tropical countries, wishing to enjoy the sun and get a chocolate tan, remember that the skin is not prepared for the scorching sun. Stock up on protective equipment to help prevent burns.

Honeymoon on the islands in May

Where to go in honeymoon

Choosing a place for the rest of the wedding at the lastspring month of May, you may face a dilemma. On the one hand, the whole world will be opened in front of you, and the time of year will make it possible to visit most places on the planet. However, due to the large diversity will be hard to choose the appropriate option. The best solution would be a visit to the country, which wanted to get the two newlyweds.

An important factor when planning a honeymoonmonth on month of May is the determination of the type of holiday. If one of the newlyweds prefer active holidays or excursions, and the second love to bask on the beach by the sea, it is necessary to find a compromise and choose something in between. For example, a tour, where you can combine active and passive recreation. In this case, holiday will bring joy both during the honeymoon.

Leisure activities during the honeymoon

If you are a fan of exoticrecreation on the islands, you can be held in May honeymoon in Hawaii, Fiji, Jamaica, Crete, Cyprus, Sardinia. They are designed for a fabulous vacation: comfortable air temperature in May, well-maintained beaches, delicious fruit, acceptable cost of the trip to the islands. Lovers of historical sites and cultural monuments should choose a honeymoon trip to Europe and to organize a tour in May, so was able to visit several countries during the honeymoon.

The May honeymoon in Europe


If you want to spend a honeymoon in France,this is best done in May. Warm days and a small number of tourists will make it extraordinary. This holiday is ideal for romantics. France The territory is dotted with ancient castles, where it is possible to make great pictures. You can taste French wines, see the most beautiful area of ​​the country - Provence to visit Cannes, Nice, St Tropez. This will make your unforgettable poslesvadebny month.

Paris - the city of lovers. When visiting France, the couple just need to get to the capital. Photos on the background of the Eiffel Tower, a walk and a picnic on the Champs Elysees, a trip on a boat on the Seine, a visit to the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral - all that will remain long in your memory, and the images captured will take indelible impressions. Every corner of Paris has its own unique charm, in that you can see for yourself.

Honeymoon in France


You will spend an unforgettable honeymoon, ifgo in May in Italy. This holiday for newlyweds who love archeology, history and ancient architecture. In May, few tourists, so it will not need to stand in queues to visit an exhibition or a museum. An interesting program for the newlyweds will be a romantic swim together on a gondola on the canals of Venice, wine tasting, a visit to the ancient Colosseum, St. Peter's Cathedral, the quaint villages of Sardinia. Wherever you go, about this country, you still have only positive emotions.

Honeymoon in Italy in May


Turkish Black Sea in the spring is still cold,so take the tour of the Mediterranean coast. In May, the temperature here is 25 ° C. The country is characterized by an age-old culture. A visit to the Hagia Sophia, the Temple of Artemis, the ancient city of Phaselis and other attractions will fill you with positive emotions, you feel involvement in history. Hundreds of beaches, calm blue sea, hotels with fantastic food and drink will help to spend a vacation in May memorably. Hospitable Turkey will give you low prices and excellent service.

Turkey May for honeymoon


The African country of Morocco is located on the bordergreen mountains and deserts of the continent. The weather in May is not as hot as in the summer. Golden beaches stretching along the Atlantic coast, a comfortable temperature, not exceeding 28 ° C - that's what made this country popular among Europeans. Water in May, warmed to 19 ° C, but no swimming here is what to do. Unforgettable Honeymoon will walk on a camel in the dunes. Lovers of history and architecture tours like Lost in the desert city, located at the foot of the mountains.

May honeymoon in Morocco

The island of Cyprus

Honeymoon on the Mediterranean island of Cyprusgive the newlyweds a fascinating nature, beautiful weather throughout May and warm water, comfortable rest will be provided. For tourists there are excursions available in yachts, wine tasting tours on winemaking, cycling through the romantic corners of the island. A popular resort for honeymoons in May are Ay Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos. When planning a trip, keep in mind the different nature of these entertainment cities. Some are famous discos and parties, others are designed for families.

Honeymoon in Cyprus


If you are fans of windsurfing, May waveThailand you will like. Ocean waves and tropical storms in May fall on the island of Phuket. Extreme sports - not your style? Then spend a honeymoon on the east coast of Malacca, near Pattaya. In May, the flow of tourists in Thailand is small, so you will please the price of tours and accommodation in hotels, the opportunity to enjoy seclusion surrounded by elegant natural scenery. Use the month for beach holidays, photo session, shopping and exploring the local culture.

May vacation on the beach of Thailand

Where to honeymoon inexpensive

With a limited budget for weddingtravel, before the newlyweds there is a question about where to spend their honeymoon in a relatively small amount of money. Consider exotic islands is not worth instead give preference to Turkey or Egypt. Hotels in these countries offer excellent food, well-kept beaches, interesting excursions, entertainment for every taste and virtually no worries.

Going on a European tour in Maymonth, you can also save money. For example, living in Paris is 150 euros for a room that few can afford. Going into the French town of Bordeaux, which is called "Little Paris" on the right, you will find much cheaper accommodations. In Italy, easy to save, spending their honeymoon in Naples, the islands of Capri and Ischia, where the cost of living is low.

Plan your route on your own - this is anotherway to save. Moment controversial, since the organization of the rest you have to spend more time and effort than when you order the tour through a travel agency. But there is another advantage - in addition to the low cost of the trip you will have the opportunity to go for a non-standard route, visiting the amazing places that do not offer travel agencies.

An inexpensive honeymoon honeymoon in May

Booking air tickets and hotels in advanceIt will also help you to reduce travel costs. It is not always convenient, because the honeymoon is necessary to plan in advance. But if you prefer to use in monitoring the May addition of discounts on tours you are interested in, it will help to further reduce costs. For example, at a reduced price in May often sell tickets to Greece.

Things to do honeymoon newlyweds

In addition to sightseeing,newlyweds must remember that the main purpose of the honeymoon - the privacy and enjoyment of love. To do this, pamper your soul mate sweet romantic gesture, even if minor. For example, bring her breakfast in bed, take a bath or organize joint visits, surprises and intrigue spontaneity add poignancy to the relationship.

What good honeymoon in May

Spring renewal of nature inspires manycouples to hold weddings. Some newlyweds prefer to travel immediately after the wedding ceremony in May, more specifically planning to honeymoon at this time. When planning a wedding trip to the month of May, the young couple receives a number of advantages compared with other periods:

  • Flowering of most plants and trees will bring aesthetic pleasure, and beautiful pictures.
  • Soft sun allow for excursions smoothly.
  • Provide a large number of discounts due to off-season.

Honeymoon in late spring