Honeymoon in April

The honeymoon for the newlyweds - the most significantcelebration. After a troublesome and tedious preparations for the wedding celebration would like to enjoy a heavenly holiday with his half, relax, gain strength, new experiences. Before the bride and groom immediately dilemma where to go in April? This is a time to a lot of opportunities to travel.

Features holiday in April

April - a great season for honeymoonnewlyweds. If you are interested in sea holiday, then turn your attention to Tunisia. There's this time of year is not too hot, the sea is warmed up, you can enjoy the warm waves and beach. China also offers a wonderful seaside holiday. A center of Chinese medicine to help improve their health, to relax after a pre-wedding stress. Very hot in April in Morocco, where the service is pleasantly surprised by the proximity to European standards. Comfortable air temperature, water, reasonable prices for hotels in Tenerife offers a spring.

Spring honeymoon

In April, especially the beautiful European country. Pay attention to Italy, where Tuscan landscapes fascinate its beauty in spring. No less remarkable for the April Spain - blooming nature, almost summer heat, funny parrot. And in France in the spring festival of kites, which will fill your trip an unforgettable experience.

April offers a lot of non-standard routefor a honeymoon. For example, this is the perfect time to travel to Jordan. Beach holidays on the Red Sea complement a trip to Petra, Wadi Rum desert. The mild spring climate of this wonderful country will give the newlyweds to walk quietly, without suffering from sweltering heat. An unforgettable spectacle opens up a pair of Japan in the spring - in April accounted blooming cherry flowers.

Where to go in honeymoon

The most romantic time, the honeymoon together,I want to spend in an ideal location. After the second double is not given, so there is no room for error. Only you decide what to choose for a honeymoon. However, remember that the most important condition for a happy holiday - the hand of the beloved, which tightly squeezes yours. However nice the wonderful corners of the world. So, where do to go on honeymoon?


France - Provence is a stunning, fragrantlavender fields, the charm of Paris, the mountain ranges of the Alps, lovely towns in the South, crystal clear mountain lakes, the famous Cote d'Azur. All newlyweds seduces the hero-lover Paris! Honeymoon, held in the French capital in April, will remain in the memory of its sophistication, the morning air croissants, notes chanson, the legendary Eiffel Tower, showcases exquisite, expensive convertibles, the romance of Montmartre and the Louvre stunning.

Paris - a romantic place of lovers

Czech Republic

April brings the newlyweds to visit the Czech Republic,fertile weather: sag clouds resembling rabbits, and horses, amazing turquoise color of the sky, the warmth of the sun, a rare refreshing rains. In cloudy weather, visit the magnificent museums and sunny day sail to the fabulous Czech castles, national parks. On the last day of April Czechs celebrate Walpurgis Night - a pagan holiday that marks the arrival of spring. In addition, the Czech Republic offers a huge selection of restaurants with excellent cuisine. But Karlovy Vary spend a lot of interesting events.

Czech Honeymoon Vacation


Austria is famous for its ski resorts. Honeymoon spent here will be a wonderful choice for those who love fun, leisure. You can go high in the mountains to go skiing. Among other interesting places worth mentioning the University of Vienna, Opera, St. Stephen's Cathedral. For the sake of enjoying the outdoors during the honeymoon to visit Vienna Woods, where you can lie on the lawns and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Masterpiece building at the edge of the forest, Castle Lichtenstein, Suite enchant its uniqueness, greatness.

Austrian adventure honeymooners


Excellent choice honeymoon -Egypt. April brings the wonderful beauty of the Red Sea, the charming nature. Egyptian hotels offer to plunge into the atmosphere of oriental tales. The mysterious world of archaeological treasures, historical monuments will open a young couple that country. The first step is to visit the pyramids of Cheops, who admires his appearance, dimensions. A large cluster of attractions offers Cairo: medieval Fostat, amazing East Gate, the Egyptian Museum, the famous Saladin Citadel.

Honeymoon among the Egyptian pyramids


Thailand is a leader amongexotic destinations for Russian travelers excellent service, reasonable prices, wonderful nature, a variety of possibilities. Pagodas, palaces, many ancient temples, beaches, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket - it attracts many newlyweds on their honeymoon. People of this country are cheerful, friendly, always happy to help travelers.

Thailand Beaches Suite

Bali Island

Bali Island - a perfect place for honeymoonmonths. It is famous for its traditions, culture and hospitality. This created an upscale environment for relaxation and comfort. In Bali, you will find beautiful beaches with fine sand. Bathe immediately allowed in any season, but April may be overshadowed by the rainy season. A popular pastime on the island is considered to be surfing, scuba diving, fishing. The bride and groom will be able to explore the old town, numerous churches, stunning architecture, to participate in a safari, get healthier in the thermal springs.

Honeymoon in Bali

Where to spend the honeymoon is not expensive

The material possibilities of each pairindividual: some couples want to spend a luxury honeymoon, and someone is content with less. However, worthy to be held in April, the couple can rest on a budget. It is necessary to go to another state, when it is not experiencing an influx of tourists. So you will have the opportunity to slowly get acquainted with the sights, to really enjoy socializing with each other, away from the noisy companies.

Budget Honeymoon

Budget your honeymoon you can inTurkey - entertainment, beaches, excursions, delicious food will give an unforgettable experience. Another place is Cyprus, where there is always an excellent weather, Côte d'Azur, clean sand, the sea, entertainment. Inexpensive enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the silence of the pair will be able to Montenegro, where you will spend a romantic holiday. The terms of budget places for honeymoon includes Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand.

Things to do honeymoon newlyweds

When the honeymoon is laid out, boughttickets, the time comes to think about how to spend time together, to get a lot of fun and excitement. In another country, you can visit interesting places, but other than that you can fill your free time such interesting activities:

  • Ride on a tandem bicycle - the honeymoon is perfect to try this thing. Combine business with pleasure: explore the neighborhood and learn to manage transport alone.
    Walking on a tandem bike
  • Massage for couples - a romantic, fairy pleasant procedure. This holiday is suitable after a tiring walk.
    Massage Suite
  • Curtain crossing - span in the saddle on the ropeway. Such entertainment satisfied over the forests, ravines, beautiful valleys. You get a lot of impressions, new emotions.
    Curtain crossing
  • Hiking - very romantic activity for honeymoon. You will spend a great time with each other, which perfectly complete the delicious picnic at sunset.
  • Individual room service - a relaxing bath, warm slippers, fluffy bathrobe, a romantic movie, a sumptuous dinner in the room.
  • It is recommended to do something you would not do in real life. Turn imagination, think of something extravagant and crazy for a honeymoon.

What good honeymoon in April

Spring is considered the best time of year for weddingsand honeymoon. The risk to get under the torrential rain in April is small, there is no stifling heat. In addition, in April - a great time to travel to many countries, so the couple can go wherever they want. This beautiful season offers low prices on hotels, flights, and in tourist areas will not be such a rush, as in the most popular months. Also honeymoon in April, it will cost much cheaper.