Honeymoon for a modest budget

Of course, do not skimp on the honeymoon: it's probably the most magical, the most fantastic time of your life, which - alas! - Never again! However, the material possibilities of each pair of individual: someone can afford a luxury honeymoon, but someone has to settle for less. It is believed that the main thing in a honeymoon - spend time with your partner, but the country where you decide to go, and the hotel where you will have to live - is a secondary matter. However, in every sense worthy of a honeymoon can be and having a fairly modest budget. Therefore, wedding website articlewedding.com today will tell you where you can go on a honeymoon, a trip without spending a tidy sum in any time of the year.

Honeymoon in USA

  • In January, feel free to go to New York, San Francisco and Washington DC (USA).
  • In February visit to Ireland, the Netherlands and Dallas (USA).
  • In March, can be inexpensive to go to Los Angeles (USA), Spain or Italy.
  • In April, cheap cost Jamaica, Asheville (United States) and Charlotte (USA).
  • If you are planning a trip in May, consider Hawaii (USA).
  • In June, travel to Utah (USA), Albuquerque (USA) or Phoenix (USA).
  • In July it easy to visit Tuscany (Italy), Memphis (USA), El Paso (United States).
  • In August, the cheapest will cost US Las Vegas, Killington and Kansas.
  • September - an excellent time for a trip to New Orleans (USA) and Japan.
  • In October, plan a trip to St. Martin and Costa Rica.
  • In November, the cheapest way to visit the Dominican Republic and Lake Tahoe (United States).
  • In December, you can cheaply go to Greece and Germany.

Of course, the prospect of travel at first sighton honeymoon in another state, when it does not experience the tourist influx, it seems a bit strange and questionable. However, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the sights and lead measured leisurely life really be alone with each other, away from the noise and bustle of the companies.

Budget Honeymoon

In addition, for example, off the coast of Greeceair temperature in December is kept at 20 ° C, your service will be all the beaches and all excursions. At the same time you can take advantage of a unique opportunity to meet in Greece Christmas - a favorite holiday of the country.

In addition to the above options weddingarticlewedding.com portal offers you a blazing tours and greatly save (you can save about 50% of the tour price). Very often in almost any season, last minute tours are offered in Turkey and Egypt, and the passionate and romantic country is really quite suitable for them honeymoon.

Honeymoon latest offerings

Going on a trip, remember that no country and no five-star hotel does not decorate it a magical time, if your new family will not be peace, understanding and love!