As in Russia celebrated their wedding night

Finishing the completion of each weddingIt is the wedding night. It would seem that everything is clear, and what tradition is all about? ! But, nevertheless, everything about the wedding from its inception to completion, including the wedding night, enveloped and steeped in wedding traditions, superstitions. Let's take a look at the pages of history, tradition, the section of the wedding night.

In those days, perhaps as nowpracticed premarital relations (the meet, live together). Prior to the twentieth century in some villages actively practiced since the title of "trial marriage" (the current civil marriage), when the bride and groom begin a life together. Wedding as well, and the wedding, consulted only after the couple appeared firstborn. The clergy and the Church tried to eradicate such immoral traditions, but, nevertheless, without much success. Because some of the priests of the villages of the deaf themselves have practiced such a relationship.

The tradition of "trial marriage" appeared very simple and quite justified, because the purpose of marriage is procreation. Therefore, the groom was tested for viability.

In those days met rather amusing tradition of the wedding night. Once it was taken at a wedding, everyonepeasant "cuddle" the bride, so much so that it looked like a simulation of sexual intercourse, the bride knew what to prepare. Also at the wedding were to strip the bride to the bottom shirt, traditionally did his father, an older brother or a witness. At the end of the wedding and the beginning of the wedding night the young locked in a separate room. Relatives are in that night in the house were constantly behind the doors, eavesdropping and peeping through the cracks, making sure not to fall asleep if there are young? ! If outside the door was quiet family made noise every way: gatili on the door, shouting under the windows ditties sexual themes.

Of course, such traditions wedding nightcould arousing and inexperienced wife. The next morning the couple were required to provide proof that the husband did it with the case and deprived his neck innocence. If the faithful failed, he was given two more attempts. Those who really "disgraced", found a suitable replacement pilot - older relative, godfather, sometimes wedding musician or most experienced in this business guest.

In some regions, primarily in the first traditionthe wedding night is to carry out this very night is not a tete-a-tete, and with one of the older brothers of the groom. If the youngest could not cope with the bride, then over take over the business.

As you know this is all new long-forgotten past,and such that's Wedding "naughty" tradition carried out long before today's "ugliness", known as porn and grupovuha. According to the ancestors in this there was nothing that would have been considered shameful, to say nothing of impropriety.

No matter how trying the foundations of Christianity and the doctrine to inculcate purity and sanctity of the marriage bed, the people of Russia and were by nature Gentiles with their views and traditions.

In the world there are also many traditions firstwedding night, in every nation and culture are different. practiced abstinence on their wedding night in some countries. On some continents practiced nightly slaughter Suite, young literally bludgeoning each other until then, until you are sure that in the near future they have no more anger, which can manifest itself in the married life.

Whatever it was, in all cultures and peoples of the wedding ceremony is to some extent confessional, from the moment that begins sinless family life.