An unforgettable wedding and honeymoon in St. Petersburg

Wedding venue is defined asTypically, a few months before the celebration itself. If you think unconventionally, then most likely, you will want to hold a wedding in some romantic place far from home. What about a wedding ceremony in the beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg? Monkey bridges, fountains and romantic promenade will leave no one indifferent pair. City really captivates with its beauty. Apart from the fact that it is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage, it is also rich in beautiful parks and alleys, quiet streets and nooks. Here you can not only organize a wedding, and honeymoon that you will remember as the most romantic time.

Wedding in St. Petersburg

The charming embankments of the Neva

Every city, which stands on the River, in his own waybeautiful. Water refreshes and adds to city life. Neva embankment look very neat and well-groomed, there are a lot of green plants and flowers. Also they have a special beauty bridges that are illuminated with lights at night. Take a walk with your loved ones through the streets along the river, talk about plans for life and love. Frequently on the river there are ships and boats. You can arrange a wedding a walk along the river, which will be for you a kind of adventure, and the chance to charming photos. Website also recalls the famous lions - monuments that flank the embankment Peter. Beautiful monuments, sophisticated in design bridges and the famous author cruiser - all worthy of your attention. Evening Peter - this is a very gentle and romantic. You can look at the many cafes and restaurants to enjoy the cuisine of different countries, as well as traditional Russian cuisine.

Wedding on the waterfront in St. Petersburg

The cultural heritage of Peter

Peter is beautiful in both summer and winter. This city is full of stunning monuments that you can visit with a loved one during the honeymoon. Why not? Grand Peterhof, where many charming fountains! If you manage to organize a wedding in Peterhof, this event will really become very significant because this place is really very beautiful. Gorgeous architecture, fountains, bridges, alleys, parks - all this you can feel at your wedding.

Wedding in Peterhof

After the wedding celebration can visit againPeterhof, already a husband and wife. Be sure to also visit the Hermitage and enjoy the rich culture and aristocracy, which reigns in the beautiful St. Petersburg. St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and The Catherine Palace is also worth a visit during honeymoon in St. Petersburg. Website advises to organize the wedding in St. Petersburg during the White Nights to your celebration became even brighter.

Wedding near St. Isaac's Cathedral

Wedding near Ekaterininskogodvortsa

Wedding in St. Petersburg will be trulyRoyal since the city just full of feeling of the royal dynasty of the times. The most important thing is that you can combine the two happy events: wedding and honeymoon. You do not have to spend twice the time to move or fly. We played the wedding - and forward to a romantic adventure! Of course, Peter is full of entertainment venues, where you can spend your leisure time and relax from the culture of the day. However, from Peter difficult to get tired because it is very diverse. Walk in the park of Saint-Petersburg, St. Petersburg go to several shops, then take a walk along the river on a small boat. Your wedding and honeymoon you will remember for a long time, and most importantly, will be the opportunity for you to plunge into the history of this wonderful city!