A special place for the wedding night - room for newlyweds

Today, almost every hotel canboasts Bridal Suite. For representatives of the hotel business - a kind of important "extra service" which enjoys consistently high demand, and brings considerable profit. But what is special about the apartments for the young?

In any hotel room for the newlywedsdifferent special characteristics as compared with the standard offerings. He has a specific design and has a set of special services. For newly married developed unique conditions that are easily changed and supplemented depending on the desires of the client.

Despite the fact that the hotels are different in style,the planning, the organization, recruitment services, etc. Portal articlewedding.com noticed that all of the proposed rooms Suite peculiar same "skeleton".


Romantic decoration

As a rule, the apartments for newlywedsThey are made in a very gentle and pleasant colors: cream, ivory, rose, purple, etc. Furniture also chosen not to scream, but unusual, for example, a bed in the shape of heart, a lot of soft poufs and seats, velor-coated tables, etc. Also required is the presence of "love" accessories, intimate lighting and candles.

Romantic room decoration

Jacuzzi for lovers

Often, an important attribute of room for younga hot tub, because what could be more romantic than to take a bubble bath for two by candlelight and with a glass of champagne. You can take advantage of an attractive offer - the addition of aromatic oils and rose petals in the water. Or, as the economy to seize everything you need with you.

Jacuzzi by candlelight

Elevated levels of service

Unlike regular customers to newlywedsspecial treatment. In their room before settling definitely put fruit and chilled champagne (you can negotiate with the manager if other preferences). Also, customers are prepared with fresh bed linen, towels and a variety of cosmetic and hygienic means. Some hotels pleasing bridal surprises and bonuses. Options can be a variety of complimentary romantic dinner, a night in the hotel as a gift for the fifth anniversary of the discount for the next races, etc.

Decorated room for honeymooners

Food schedule newlyweds

After checking the newlyweds are offered breakfastwith dishes decorated in a whimsical forms. Delivery will take to the room. Young can pre-schedule leave when bringing food to them once again not to be disturbed.

Special offers

Portal articlewedding.com also recalls that in addition to all of the above at the request of customers can apply for a room with balloons, ribbons, flowers, etc. This will give an additional romanticism and solemnity of the situation.

Decorated Room Suite

Night in the room for the newlyweds would be magic. This is a wonderful place that is the best fit for the start of their life together. Here nobody will prevent the full enjoyment of each other, and the whole atmosphere will only encourage this. This final stage of the triumph magnify the emotions of the wedding experience and make a truly memorable. And as a "bonus" you will have a place where you can come to "renew" the memories.