What to give to a friend for a wedding

On the eve of the wedding, each invited guestHe is trying to prepare not only the original greeting, but also an unusual gift. If approaching the long-awaited celebration, and you do not know what to give a friend a wedding, consider the idea of ​​romantic, comic, original surprises. Properly selected gift will cause pleasant emotions, not only the newlyweds on their wedding day, but will bring joy for many years.

Gift for friends to a wedding

Gift Ideas for the wedding of friends

Having been invited to the wedding of friends,immediately proceed to the choice of gift. Carefully selected surprise surprise honeymoon and make the celebration memorable. Remember that presented to the presents should not cause embarrassment or offense to the newlyweds. Therefore, choosing the wedding a surprise for your friends, do not forget the sense of proportion.

Surprise friends for a wedding

Variants of inexpensive gifts

The wedding of friends - a long-awaited event,which gives you an opportunity to prove the sincerity of their feelings in the form of toasts, wishes and gift giving. If you are going to an event, pick surprises, commensurate with your budget. We offer to take advantage of inexpensive ideas of gifts:

  1. Appliances. Newlyweds at the wedding, decided to give practical things that will become indispensable in everyday life. Budget option would be a present in the form of a bread machine, Multivarki, blender, toaster, coffee maker, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, food processor. Gather together with other friends and get the necessary amount of young families a useful technique for the home. To an ordinary gift acquired a touch of originality, accompanied by the presentation of comic verse.
  2. Linens. Decorate the marriage bed newlyweds help sheets and duvet cover with a beautiful print. Choose quality linens to the bride and groom were able to use it for a long time. You can consider the option of a blanket, a blanket or warm blanket.
  3. A set of towels. This is the best budget option for friends to the wedding. To the surprise looked presentable, buy a set in a beautiful package. Towels, donated by the bride and groom in wedding day, symbolizing a strong and united family.
  4. Statuette. Memorable and low-Prezent the wedding is considered a porcelain or ceramic figurine in the form of an animal or human figure horseshoe. Such a thing would be a talisman in the apartment of a young family.
  5. Dishes. The traditional gift for a wedding is considered to be set, a vase or a set of dishes. These things are for the young mistress will be indispensable for preparing family meals or entertaining.

Inexpensive gifts for weddings

Unusual gifts

Surprise friends at the wedding you will be able to helpunusual surprises. If you plan to give a unique thing that will be special for newlyweds, you should carefully consider all of the ideas. Think, perhaps, friends told you about their dreams, desires. Then you will have a unique chance to bring them to life. But if you do not know what to give a friend a wedding, use the following ideas:

  1. A gift made with their own hands. If you are fond of handicrafts or can create their own unique things, give the young family a surprise, made his own. Such a gift will differ originality and surprises will not duplicate other guests.
  2. Photo collage. To give the newlyweds a surprise, create for them a collage of photos of the joint. You can make a small banner or a huge mural on the wall.
  3. Flash mob. Organize an interesting dance in a flash mob. For this action, engage all the friends invited to the wedding.
  4. Candy bar. The modern tradition of weddings suggest using the event special zones, where is a huge amount of sweets. Place the candy bar you can under the thin curtain, and at the right time to open, surprising the newlyweds. Pre-check with the young, would not have such a sweet table, so as not to duplicate the idea.

Unusual surprises from friends


The entire wedding day will be filled with positiveemotions, romantic feelings and affection. To this mood remained friends throughout their married life, give them a gift that will remind once more about their strong, true and eternal love. Choose a romantic surprise for your friends you will help these ideas:

  1. Fireworks. Romantic wedding day can be completed, giving a friend a wedding fantastic fireworks. To act passed fire safety compliance, do not forget to invite experienced pyrotechnics.
  2. Honeymoon trip. If friends are dreaming to spend their honeymoon on the beach, then give them a ticket to the resort. To the Present has not appeared much expensive for you, organize a joint purchase newlyweds parents.
  3. Wedding night in the hotel. The final stage of the wedding for the newlyweds is considered a romantic night. Her conduct will become the exclusive, if you book a room for friends in a luxury hotel.
  4. Wedding clip. Invite experienced video operator, who engraved the wedding of your friends. Some professionals will be at the end of the evening to show the video clip.
  5. Swimming with the dolphins. If your friends - romantic couple, they will appreciate the gift of a ticket for a fascinating show with dolphins. Do not forget to pre-book a date voyage.

Romantic gifts to friends for a wedding


Surprise gift can not only newlyweds, butand all the guests present. With original a present you get the sea of ​​applause from parents and friends. An additional decoration to the present will be an unusual wish or toast in the Armenian style. Pre rehearse his congratulations to all it was perfect. If you are looking for the original idea of ​​a present, these ideas will help you:

  1. Money Tree. If an ordinary gift to present in its original form, it is perceived in a special way. To donate money for the wedding, to issue them in the form of tree leaves. Construct your own original crown.
  2. Bouquet of sweets. Traditional fresh flowers can replace a bouquet that consists of sweets. The newlyweds will be delighted with such an original and a sweet gift.

Original gifts to friends for a wedding


Surprise, presented to the couple in the daywedding, will be remembered for years to come, if he provoked a storm of positive emotions and good humor. To create the upcoming celebration of a friendly and joyful atmosphere, give the newlyweds comic show. Before the presentation of the gift does not forget to rehearse it. Comic surprises should be awarded by a humorous toast. Decide on a wedding gift option for friends to help you the following ideas:

  1. Personalized T-shirts. Jolly Suite will surprise T-shirts inscribed with their names, pictures or funny phrase. In this dress the couple will appear on the second day of the wedding.
  2. Comic certificate. Накануне торжества приобретите в магазине свадебной атрибутики шуточный диплом, грамоту или удостоверение. If you have a way with graphic computer programs that make such a surprise, you will be able to. For example, the couple decided to hand over the right to operate a pram or diploma better husband. The alternative to such a certificate would be a medal engraved with the comic.
  3. Cake in comic design. Surprise of all present guests and cause laughter among honeymooners you can with the help of a gift in the form of a cake, which mastic lined amusing figures or inscriptions. Make a professional confectioner unique masterpiece or bake yourself.
  4. Pillows with inscriptions. Give the newlyweds cushion with an original print. Going to bed and waking up in the morning, your friends will remember with a smile for you.
  5. Cartoon. Pre-order a professional comic artist newlyweds picture. To do this, not necessarily personal presence of the bride and groom, skilled portraitist quickly draw a cartoon on the photos.

Humorous gifts for the wedding

Tips on choosing a wedding gift

Friends you have recently handed over an invitation towedding, and you're thinking about what to give them? Learn options for traditional and unusual gifts from the video below. The original collection of 24 tips will help you to determine the order, which we launched to give to friends upcoming wedding. Carefully selected surprise cause a lot of positive emotions among honeymooners.