What to give for engagement

Not only wedding, but also the engagement - meaningfulthe time for lovers, because on this day the pair announcing all the relatives that they decided to tie the knot Hymen and live life together. We'll have to make an effort so that this event took place according to the rules, and was no less solemn than marriage. What should be a gift from the groom to the engagement, we launched from parents, relatives or friends? After all, there is still a wedding, but this time - no less significant.

Ideas original gifts for engagement

Modern engagement is not like that, as it wasbefore, and almost like a magnificent celebration, held a hundred years ago. Most recently, on such a joyous occasion arranged these feasts, colorful balls with a large number of invited guests. But in our time the engagement was just a small festive lunch or dinner with the family, which may be invited even close friends.

The most important gift for the bride on that day -ring. The groom must be remembered that such decoration must be still and brilliant, though small. Except for the traditional gift, which will tell about the serious intentions of the young, should take care of the unique gifts that can make engagement more vivid, unusual and interesting.

Ideas original gifts Engagement

Gift Options from the groom's bride

If you are the bride, if you choose intended forbetrothal gifts to the bride may prefer the traditional version. Jewelry stores offer a wide range of rings with diamonds. But everyone has different tastes, and not every girl wants to get this romantic day decoration. It is better to make a joint campaign to the shops and unobtrusively check with its second half, so she wanted to get the most.

You can give to his fiancee and familyrelic, for example, an old ring that is passed from generation to generation. However, in this case, it may be large or small. Find out in advance the size of the fingers of his beloved. Before you make gifts to the bride after the engagement, you need to be 100% sure of their feelings, because when the severance of relations, a valuable ring, you can see more and do not.

A gift from the bride to the groom's engagement

Unusual we launched the bride from the groom

If you do not want to do trivial gifts for your favorite on the engagement, you should consider some unusual and interesting options:

  • , Give the book, but not just to long to choose a present. It is your love, from the first day of love is to be described.
  • You can sing the beloved song touching. If a gorgeous voice, you do not have pre-record his gift in the studio, where you will "tighten" the voice, or perform song to the soundtrack, but so that it was not noticeable.
  • A touching, unusual and beautiful gift for your favorite on the engagement - a video confession of love.
  • This celebration is an engagement, should passfun and bright, gave the favorite video clip, which will present you both. In this case it is necessary to hire a professional operator, and he will be able to mount a gift.
  • As an alternative to the song, you can find a quiet melody of romantic poems about your acquaintance. Such a gift will please not only the beloved, but also all the guests present.
  • To engagement has not gone unnoticed inAs a present you can give a van filled with helium inflated balloons. You will need to prepare in advance and ask a friend to release the balls, when you feed the signal to the gift was really unexpected.
  • Prove your love by giving an engagement gift, which a bride dreams of, but due to certain circumstances can not afford.
  • The ideal romantic Prezent become a big banner, which will depict the two of you. The main thing is that it was placed near the bride's home.
  • Presented an engagement expensive female huge bouquet of flowers. A little place inside a romantic note, which promise to make such gifts without cause.
  • If your girlfriend athlete, and loves to compete, give her an engagement cup with the inscription. "In the first place in my life"
  • If a girl wants to go to the sea or relax in some exotic country, buy a ticket in advance and presented it to the engagement. This will be the best gift for your favorite.
  • Gave the bride a beautiful handmade box, which put more than 100 notes with gentle words.
  • You want to prove cute that you will always love her? Give her a power of attorney to own his own heart.
  • If you want to make the engagement remains in the memory forever, presented as a gift to a photo-collage with pictures of your joint.

What is accepted to give to the engagement of a young couple?

Gifts, which are presented on the loving coupleengagement must be practical, that is used in the future young family in the home. For example, a wonderful Prezent can become a beautiful tableware, bath accessories, bedding. If you have a close friend in love and have a good imagination, presented an unusual gift - for example, a couple of T-shirts with funky slogans.

Presents for engagement by friends

From parents

Future family as a present to the engagement of the parents can receive such gifts as:

  • comfortable bags or travel bags, which come in handy when traveling on their honeymoon;
  • large bath towels with the initials of the young;
  • linen white;
  • table linen, hand-embroidered;
  • jewelry bride are presented (for example, necklace, tiara, bracelets, earrings, rings);
  • small porcelain figurines;
  • china set of towels;
  • great quality carpets, if you already have apartments where the couple will live;
  • decorations for weddings - pillows for rings, glasses, etc. for young

Presents in honor of the engagement of parents

From friends and relatives

Sisters, friends, relatives can choose a gift from the following list:

  • a bottle of champagne or wine, instead of the label which should be a photo of the intending spouses, is a great gift;
  • table for breakfast in bed;
  • paired t-shirts, which should be written "bride, groom";
  • Umbrella for Two;
  • photo panels depicting lovers, which will look great in almost any interior;
  • certificate for a romantic getaway;
  • make a restaurant, a romantic dinner will be sponsored;
  • magnetic board in the shape of a heart on the fridge with a picture of a loving couple - the best gift for the young.

The magnetic board on the fridge for lovers

What gifts can be made with your own hands?

You do not have to buy presents in shops. It is not always you can find the right gift, which will be not only memorable, but also useful for a young family. Try to make a gift for lovers on the engagement with his own hands. Here are some instructions on creating original present for this event. You will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option. For example, make a collage with photos of the newlyweds or a bouquet of chocolate.

Bouquet of sweets

Celebrating engagement - an ancient and verybeautiful tradition which helps tell the young family that they decided to marry. Engagement period can decorate a delicious bouquet of chocolate, which is easy to do yourself. To create such a gift should prepare the following materials:

  • container into which you place the finished bouquet;
  • foam or foam, floral foam;
  • wooden skewers, toothpicks;
  • plastic wrap or teip feed;
  • packing tape, paper;
  • double-sided adhesive tape and a normal (wide, narrow);
  • chocolate candy in a wrapper.

Gather a bouquet of chocolate will be as follows:

  • Flower. From wrapping paper cut out a rectangle, wrap them candy (it is desirable that the wrapper had a golden color). Round wooden sticks (skewers) zamatyvaem lower part of the paper-tape fix teip until mid sticks. Packing tape tying the top of the paper.
  • Bud. Around skewers tail wrap candy fix with cling film (pulls it to mid-skewers).
  • Bud cone. Cut from paper packaging box, turn it from a small bag, put the candy back (tip up), wrapped around skewers edge and fix with the help of teip feeds.

Finished chocolate flowers in a bouquet forming:

  • From the floral foam cut a piece slightly wider than the container in which the bouquet will stand.
  • Place the foam in our "vase".
  • The foam insert neatly finished flowers.
  • To gift "delicious" bouquet had an attractive appearance, nice pack stand.
  • In the center of a sheet of colored paper flowers set, gently wrap.
  • Bouquet of chocolates would be the best present for the future of young people.

Bouquet of sweets for the engagement party

Collage with pictures of young

Money - Present on good engagement, but it is better to make a souvenir with his own hands. For example, a perfect gift would be a collage with photos of the intending spouses. Prepare the necessary materials:

  • matte adhesive that will be used to decoupage;
  • Scotch double-sided;
  • foam brush;
  • Bilateral hangers Velcro;
  • polyurethane substrate 20x30 mm (2 pcs.);
  • photos to be used for a collage.

Then you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Please think over the photo layout, spread out around them in the layout.
  • We select the appropriate size image young.
  • Selected photos are attached to the web by means of double-sided tape. We must work very carefully so as not to accidentally make a mistake and does not spoil the future collage.
  • Apply glue to the top varnish for decoupage and leave for a while, until it is completely dry. Your gift is ready.

Collage with photos of young

Video: how to give an engagement ring?

Ring - is the main and most desired gift,intended bride in honor of the engagement. But you can not just give it away, you need to take care of the beautiful and romantic receipt. If you do not have a good imagination and can not independently come up with an original marriage proposal, watch the following video, and choose a suitable option declarations of love.