What to give for a wedding linen

Linen (wax) Wedding - this is the fourthwedding anniversary. These names come from ancient times, describing the family as a young, but gaining of merit, because these materials since ancient times considered a symbol of well-being. And in our time on the 4th anniversary of the tradition presented linen and wax thing, but because many are wondering what to give for a wedding linen that was a special gift. The choice is wide, because of these materials easy to create a variety of useful things. How to make a gift to relevant, original and popular, read on.

Medal of the fourth anniversary

Ideas original gifts 4 Wedding Anniversary

Choosing gifts for the fourth anniversary of the wedding does notIt is complex: there are a lot of useful things linen, which will be useful in everyday life, and will be a good, practical and beautiful present for the young couple. In addition, a variety of napkins, tablecloths, which can be presented, in addition to easily decorated, becoming souvenirs, reminds us of this important event.

It is more difficult to choose gifts original, unusual,but appropriate to the subject of the anniversary. Guests who decide to stand out from the crowd invited his gift, should think carefully to find an interesting option. In addition, the specificity of linen items more suited to women than men, which means that if you want to give gifts differentiated (husband and wife separately), should take into account this aspect.

Individual gifts for wedding linen

Wife and husband often give gifts to eachother, more requires an individual approach, originality and sexual orientation when choosing a present. Below, we have identified the main trends and nuances that are useful to consider when choosing a memorable thing for each spouse separately. They can take advantage of both spouses do when choosing a gift, as well as invited guests.

Possible gifts for husband

When choosing a gift for my husband is the first thingpay attention to his passion, character and capabilities of the giver. There are many options, the main approach to the selection and creative person with knowledge that it will be presented. So, if the husband:

  • He is fond of painting - give him a linen canvas, it's a great value in the art world, they are written in the present picture.
  • She loves extreme sports - prepare him tickets for skydiving, balloon ascension, a trip to a ski resort, wrapped it in a cover made of linen with his own hands.
  • He loves gadgets - for him to fabricate a mobile phone Case for tablet, e-book, for flash drives, reel stands and adapters.
  • He wears glasses (sun or view) - can make a convenient carrying case for glasses.
  • A lot of work and appreciates the "lazy" holiday - orderor sew for him nightgown and pajama pants to sleep, which can embroider patterns in ethnic style or decorate initials. This gift of old wives give their husbands on the wedding linen.

Linen embroidered shirt

Unusual gifts wife

Women can use any of the classic giftsadopted on linen wedding, but if you want to present a gift to her directly, rather than the family as a whole, it is better to refrain from economic subjects (if you do not ask them myself). In the case where the husband gives his wife a gift, it is particularly important that the subject was personal, but reflect the beauty and sensuality of joint relations. There may come:

  • Linen beauticians, filled with cosmetics;
  • good spirits in a linen pouch;
  • large linen toys;
  • clothing;
  • photo album, or diary, leather linen cloth.

Linen sets on the anniversary

Original gifts will and organizationlinseed goodbye, which is a candlelight dinner (mandatory attribute, because the wedding is also a wax), scheduled to be held in lightweight linen tent in a beautiful location. During the dinner, it can be presented a valuable gift, tied with a bow of linen fabric. The main thing that the whole event was permeated with romanticism, nobility and love - are women value most.

What is accepted to give to the linen or wax wedding?

What may be present at the wedding linen - itnot just a matter of personal preference heroes of the occasion, but also appropriate, depending on the person, giving a gift. So, friends and relatives, who are often invited to such events must be prepared for a present spouse. But these gifts are often a different character - serious and practical, from family, playful, decorative and original - from friends.


Gifts from friends can be varied - fromfunny trinkets to expensive, useful things. The only requirement - they must be of wax or flax. If you want to give as much heroes of the occasion something special, but not from the fabric, make a package, wrapped gift in the linen cloth and tied with a bow of twine, lace or ribbons.

Decorative napkin on 4th anniversary

Another feature of gifts from friends - theydecorative and playful character. If the family is required to give useful, sacred for a young family items such as tablecloths, bed linen, the friends may move away from the semantic load and give something less serious:

  • beautiful tapestry,
  • linen bags for herbs and memorabilia,
  • toys in the form of the bride and groom,
  • funny linen pillowcases and much more.

Lovely linen pillowcases on wedding anniversary

Wax Present - it is usually a candle, but you cangive something more original, such as a wax seal with the coat of arms of the family, or the initials of the couple, which is available to order in specialized stores or the Internet. Generally wedding anniversary gifts are welcome with the symbols of the newlyweds, and if the candle is improperly beat initials pair, make a thread on the metal Candlesticks - easily and affordably.


If the heroes of the day you fallrelatives, you should think about the gifts with a deep traditional sense. They should serve as a kind of keeping the fortress and its well-being, and therefore presents from relatives - it is certainly useful linen things will find their place in the economy or the wardrobe of the spouses. Classic versions of gifts from relatives - a set of bed linen, tablecloths, towels, napkins with embroidered initials on them, a set of clothes for sleeping linen.

Flax linen

They are believed to bring harmony in the family,intimate life, prosperity in the house. Through these gifts manifested concern about a particular kind of family, create a cozy and vibrant atmosphere in a young but already held, family. Even if various relatives will give the same gifts - this is not a problem, because such items in the home are not superfluous.

Master-class on making a gift with their own hands

There are many options for gifts for linenwedding that are easy to make or decorate their own hands. It is tied with lace linen napkins with the initials of the couple sets of tablecloths or bed linen, linen decorated with bows, postcards with applique linen and much more. We'll show you how to make decorative linen bags. Spouses can use them for storing small items with joint commemorative days, that would be nice from time to time to review with your family, remembering the happy moments spent together.

  1. Take everything you need: linen fabric, cotton fabric with a print (to be inner lining), lace braid, thread the right color, the twine.
  2. Cut the details - a rectangle measuring 15 by 18 cm (may be different proportions), 2 rectangles using flax, even for 2 - cotton.
  3. Fold right sides piece of linen with cotton piece. Received two such sets.
  4. Note allowance of 1 cm, narrow edge pins Loosely stacked rectangles with each other.
  5. Stitch through the sewing machine.
  6. While two separate halves of the future bag.
  7. Unfold the fabric and seams from the center, proutyuzhte.
  8. Apply to the face of the linen lace braid (at a distance of 1 cm from the seam). Loosely.
  9. Braid stitched to the fabric. Do the same with the other half sack.
  10. Put the two halves together ready (apply the front side and on a gross basis).
  11. Loosely pin on the perimeter.
  12. Stitched on the sewing machine.
  13. Leave neproshitymi cm 3 (product to unscrew) the site should be on the side, which connects between a cotton cloth.
  14. Cut the corners.
  15. Remove the product through neproshitoe space.
  16. Sew allowance manually.
  17. Put the wrong denim pocket inside the front linen bag.
  18. Then iron the place of the upper fold.
  19. Make decorative stitch along the upper fold thread linen color.
  20. Put a present inside the bag, tighten twine - a linen bag ready!

Do not forget that the second title of the 4th anniversary -wax wedding, and therefore would be appropriate, and a present, made by hand with the use of wax. Perfect gift from friends for 'linen' spouses are aphrodisiacs candles that exactly will be the most useful and original gift. They are easy to make at home, and the time and money costs would be minimal.

Choosing a gift for wedding anniversary - it is alwaysway to attend to the young family to express their feelings, good attitude, so give to the young what they really need that truly appreciate them. Even if the gift is completely linseed, flax packing always will be the bridge that will make a gift thematically appropriate.