What to give children to the wedding of the parents

Choosing a gift for such an important event depends onbudget, which offer parents the newlyweds. Assess their capabilities, you will find the most viable option. The main thing here is that there is: thinking about what to give to children at a wedding, keep in mind their need for this thing. Sometimes the parents of the bride and groom come together to give the newlyweds a powerful and expensive gift - a car, travel, apartment, finally!

Possible gifts to children at a wedding from parents

If the couple start a life together from scratch,they need all the home appliances, kitchenware, home decoration. Children who live in a private home or cottage, can present things that they can use in the garden, such as swings or hammocks. Parents can give the newlyweds a ticket to the resort for a few days or pay for a luxury hotel room, where they will spend a romantic weekend. It is more difficult to have a choice gift for newlyweds, who have everything, especially if the marriage is contracted independent mature couple.

The traditional gift - money

Money - it is one of the most often give giftschildren to the wedding, there is nothing wrong with such an embodiment, congratulations to the newlyweds. With the help of the young themselves can choose and buy what they need. If parents can not decide to give money or do another gift, you should consider buying a gift certificate for children. He will give them the right to come to the shop (equipment, furniture or jewelry store) and choose a certain amount of products from the catalog.

If you decide to give children money,It is this beautiful moment and loses possession. For example, make a small cardboard house and carefully obkleyte his bills (prihvatyvaya for tips), and can give it with the words. "This is for you to buy villas" The same thing parents can do with the car and pieces of furniture. Fun and unexpected wedding gift for children will foam brick, pasted notes, as a symbol of the foundation of family life newlyweds. Note that an unspoken rule is that parents should give to the wedding more money than anyone else.

Money as a wedding gift to newlyweds

Honeymoon trip

An alternative for the other wedding presentschildren will be traveling. Happy, romantic time spent newlyweds alone with each other, it will be remembered for a lifetime. In European countries, the bride and groom traditionally go to the honeymoon immediately after painting and only invited guests remain until the end of the banquet. In Russia, this practice is gaining momentum, but many families are already practicing it. If you decide to give such a gift, the choice of location should remain for the bride and groom.

Wedding trip as a present parent


Various equipment to facilitate daily life, takesone of the top lines in the hit parade of wedding gifts from her parents. Increasingly, children are presented all kinds of electrical appliances: Multivarki, vacuum cleaners, food processors, coffee makers and other useful things on the farm. Ask the needs of children, perhaps they need a microwave oven, refrigerator or dishwasher?

Or maybe you will like the idea to give the newlywedsTwo laptop or tablet? Computers have long been moved from the category of rarity in daily used items, because here you will not regret it. Good choose stylish models, pleased the female half of a pair of color or the original device. And when parents will congratulate the newlyweds, they can make a joke that happy is the one family in which everyone has their own computer.

Household Appliances - good wedding Present


Sets of furniture for the kitchen or bedroom, softkits difficult to bring to the wedding and give children, especially their taste may be different from yours. Therefore it is necessary to use a gift certificate, which will buy almost any furniture showroom. So you make a good gift for newlyweds, who will be happy on their own to find the right interior. The second option - pre-talk with the children so that they have chosen the furniture in the budget limits, and you pay your purchase.

Should I donate furniture to the wedding?


If desired, and can present opportunitiesnewlyweds car - so their wedding a present exactly will please and surprise. However, to decide on acquisition of such expensive things are only those parents who believe in the newlyweds' preferences. Giving a wedding car keys, you will see the happy eyes of newlyweds and surprise the guests.

The car - a wedding present from parents

The keys to his apartment

For most young couples most welcomewedding gift is an apartment or house. Get the keys to your own dream living space the vast majority of the newlyweds, but not all parents can afford such a gift. The high price of real estate makes the purchase of this wedding a present difficult and problematic. However, if the parents can teach the young the keys to the apartment, the newlyweds will appreciate your efforts and will be happy to receive your accommodations.

Apartment for children at the wedding for free

Other gift options

From time immemorial, the young gave utensils, pots,pans, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. These things are essential in everyday life, so parents will not lose, if they decide to give their children to the wedding. Another popular present for the newlyweds is considered to be bed linen: it could be a set of calico, satin or silk. This category should include modern pillows with quality fillings, rugs, blankets and even mattresses.

If you already have a young cottage or country house,you can give them to the wedding of a small bath-barrel, which is going on the principle designer, or a fireplace for the garden, which functions as the Barbecue grill and oven. Urban couple will appeal to a wedding gift in the form of a small apartment fountain, which moistens the air and brings to the interior zest. Lovers of fireplaces for the wedding, you can give a mini device that runs on biofuel. The range of original gifts is great, so you can easily will discover a present suitable for children.

What to give for a wedding the young

What it is not necessary to give children to the wedding?

Superstitious people believe that the sets of cutting andsharps can not give, because they symbolize the possible quarrels and disagreements in the family. Bad Taste - present the newlyweds mirrors and clocks (whatever they were luxurious and expensive). Many believe that the donated clocks reduce the time that a couple live together - their mechanisms at any time can stop, and then there is a risk that the couple will disperse. Should we believe these signs - you decide, the main thing - choosing what to give to children at a wedding, do it with all my heart.