What kind of flowers to choose for the wedding

Addition to the traditional congratulations happythe wedding is the bouquet. Fresh flowers, drawn up in an interesting composition - is not only a way to express their wishes for the young, but also a symbol that brings good luck married couple. Choosing a bouquet, which is beautiful in appearance, and has benefited from the newlyweds - true art. The choice of certain kinds of flowers as a gift is better to abstain.

What better to give flowers to the wedding

Strict rules of etiquette, indicating that the guestsYou should give flowers - no. Few come to the wedding without a bouquet. Many invited rely on a random composition, proposed by the seller, and, without knowing it, choose the colors of the adverse symbolism. Read the values ​​of selected colors to consider when choosing their bouquet. Traditionally, it is believed that it should be white or pale pink is associated with innocence and purity. But you can use other colors. The value of the basic colors:

  • Red - symbol of passion, love.
  • Green - hope, harmony.
  • Blue - constancy, loyalty.
  • Purple - elegance.
  • Orange - health wish, family comfort.
  • Gold - the joy, the sun.
  • Purple - greatness.

A good solution is to buy for a weddingcomposition in a basket. With such a design of a bouquet looks richer. Thanks to a special floral sponge it does not require water, so it is more stable, long retains its beauty. Any celebration decorate bouquet, decorated in the form of figures of animals and toys. This new direction of floristry to hit the newlyweds. For example, if you give the newlyweds a snow-white swan of chrysanthemums. Extraordinary bouquets cause unforgettable emotions and memories of them will last a lifetime.


The first on the popularity of flowers while creatingwedding bouquets are roses, ideally combined with verdure. They mean luxury, abundance prosperity, love ties. White - purity, wisdom, tenderness, and red and maroon - passion. Flowers in red and purple tones, guests do not have to give the bride and groom, flower lovers are portrayed each other. Some have doubts about the yellow roses. Some consider them a symbol of separation and betrayal, others - wish happiness, prosperity.

A bouquet of roses as a gift for the wedding

Honeymooners will win a bouquet of roses with inscriptions orphotos of young couples. This service is gaining in popularity in recent years. Decorate can not all, and one or more buds. They depict the word. drawings or photos. Roses decorated with pictures with bright moments of the life of young couples, will be the most unusual bouquet at the wedding.


Poppies, daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-or pansieseyes - a mandatory attribute in the British weddings. We again come in vogue violet, gerbera, spikelets. They emphasize ethnic motifs, signifying simplicity, purity, romance. These bouquets are reminiscent of the sun, give a sense of home, homeland, emphasize the freshness of a young, attractive bride.

Bouquet of wild flowers at a wedding

Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils

Spring flowers mean something new,revived or purity of feelings. If there is a bouquet of white lilac sprig sensual, it symbolizes innocence, and purple - first love. Tulip - brings happiness, is strong and pure feelings. Narcissus - a sign of nobility, respect and love, timid, white hyacinth - charm and persistence.

Tulips and hyacinths as a wedding gift

Exotic flowers anthurium

This tropical flower belonging to the genusevergreens. It is a thick stem, decorated with a petal. Bud anthurium is in the form of the heart and the core resembles an arrow (Cupid), so it is often called. The plant is considered to be true men, symbolizes love, wealth, passion. Anthuriums suitable "for women vamp", which is admirable.

Gift a bouquet of a wedding: the composition with Anthurium

Peonies in conjunction with hydrangea

Peonies in the symbolism - a flower ambiguous. In ancient Greece, he would bring longevity in Japan, embodies the wealth, fertility and joy. In China at the expense of the pions there are two versions, one of which is the plant symbolizes nobility and is presented at the wish of well-being, and on the other hand, is a symbol of love and beauty. Hydrangea - discreet, delicate blossoms, associated with modesty. The bouquet with peony they are a symbol of a long and loving care.

Peonies with hydrangea Honeymoon

Gerberas and chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower,meaning joy, friendship. White Chrysanthemum - a symbol of sincerity, yellow and red - a declaration of love. Bright, resembling a daisy, gerbera embody freshness and delight. These flowers are very durable, with proper care can stand up to a month, so that in some countries they are a symbol of longevity. Sending a bouquet of these flowers, the sender is recognized in the mystery of love and wants to light flirting.

The combination of gerberas and chrysanthemums in wedding bouquets

What kind of flowers to choose depending on the time of year?

Celebrations of the wedding, heldyear round. For them, there is no bad season. Regardless of the weather, the wedding - it's one of the happiest days for honeymooners that should not overshadow the wrongly chosen bouquet. When it is selected should be guided by the laws of etiquette, cultural traditions that have been formed over many centuries, and trends in floral fashion. Seasonality all kinds of different, and so the choice may change dramatically:

  • In the winter period is the smallesta variety of colors. When choosing their preferred crisp white shades. On the advice of florists, the ideal option would be white lilies or roses interspersed with greenery, large leaves, or an orchid.
  • Spring - the richest time of the year in terms offlower choice. Association with it - fresh grass, blue sky. Based on this, it is necessary to choose soft, pastel shades of colors and saturated colors can spoil impression. It will be appropriate choice of hyacinths or roses. Lilies, daisies look expressionless, they are best avoided.
  • In the summer, when nature is full of colors, choice is done in the direction of large, colorful flowers, using exotic plants.
  • Autumn enchants with its colors. Orange, brown, burgundy, golden tones will look harmoniously in a bouquet. A win-win option would be these colors rose, chrysanthemum, calla lilies.

What flowers can not be present at the wedding?

The wedding - an event crowdeddifferent traditions and superstitions. This could not affect colors. Selecting some of their species may negatively perceive the newlyweds. To avoid awkward moments, pick a bouquet, adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not give flowers with sharp flavors.
  • It is believed that the red and maroon roses covered with thorns, bring discord and strife, so from them, too, should be abandoned.
  • It is impossible to give flowers, if any of the Suite has an allergy to them.
  • Bad practice to a wedding gift - a flower in a pot.
  • Precautions should be taken to the studs and Cullen, as they symbolize sadness and grief in some cultures.
  • Bad tone - to give flowers fading. Do not choose a gentle, sensitive colors for a hot day.

Knowing the basic rules, you can easilypick for honeymooners stunning bouquet, with its help, without a word, wish love, wealth, prosperity, or to say about true friendship. Such knowledge of the symbolism of flowers may be useful in the future when choosing a florist or at the time of obtaining them from friends and acquaintances. You will immediately understand the true meaning of each flower.