What is presented to the wedding the groom's parents

Wedding - unforgettable holiday of two lovershearts, make a responsible decision to take their relationship to a new level of family. Gifts, which teaches young guests and relatives on the occasion of this solemn event, remain in the family, serving as a memorable symbol of love and family well-being for many years. Offerings from the parents of the groom and bride are endowed with special meaning, so caring mothers and fathers should think carefully about what to give to children at a wedding.

What is accepted to give to the suit?

In courtship, decided to give flowers and treats

Ancient tradition of wooing a bride in somefamily remains to this day. Modern society where cohabitation without marriage and open relationship recognized norm, yet has managed to save so important for our ancestors' traditions. It is likely that such an interest in the rite is associated with its undeniable beauty, romance. The tradition of the bride gives the opportunity to woo his future wife feel like a fairy princess.

Before you go into the house favorite, the bridegroomand his parents should think about the fact that usually give future family before the wedding. The girl, in turn, should be prepared for the upcoming event. According to tradition, the two men come to the bride's house with a bouquet of flowers for her and her family. One should present a bouquet beloved fiance, second - her mother, and the third - his sister, if there is one in the family. Groom Parents should bring a gift of candy or cake, a good bottle of alcohol, maybe a basket of fruit or other snacks.

In accordance with ancient custom, the groomgives his beloved a beautiful ring with a stone. Ceremonial offerings jewelery is asking the groom to marry him. If she accepts the ring, so she agreed to become the wife of a young man to get married. Since then, the beloved bride gets official status. Decoration should be worn until the day of the wedding. In the course of the solemn wedding future wife adds symbolic accessory wedding ring.

Matchmaking allows young parents to become better acquainted

As a rule, the future mother in law makesdaughter symbolic offering, traditionally gives her a gold or silver chain. Nowadays, instead of decorating the groom's parents give the beloved son of a modest gift. In many ways, the choice depends on the offerings of the material condition of the groom's family, as well as the desires of his parents. Relatives of the bride groom's parents give nice souvenirs. Sometimes among matchmakers come to the other members of the family of her future husband. They should show a sign of attention to the family of the bride. Usually presented with sweet treats or a bottle of good wine.

In the old days women were often not aware of theimpending courtship. Moreover, they are not always present at such an event. For this reason, to engage in the preparation of gifts for the groom's parents were simply not accepted. To date, the potential wife of one of the first to know about the upcoming visit of the beloved parents, therefore, to appeal to future family, it is also worth thinking about the fact that her father give. Suitable beautiful bouquet or a small gift in the form of, for example, a set of dishes.

What to give the bride and groom to the wedding of the parents?

The presence of the parents at the wedding - is a gift

Wedding couple in love - is incredibly importantthe event is not only for them the most, but also for their parents. Caring mothers and fathers often speculated that usually give children, decided to create a family. If after the wedding celebration is planned that the young will live with the groom or the bride's parents, relatives should give newly-family something like that that will benefit not only the young, but also fun. Excellent choice - Stay in a romantic honeymoon.

If the couple after the wedding planning to live inseparate apartment, a young family is necessarily useful good quality utensils, appliances, linens, and furniture. Newly formed unit of society at this stage will need in setting up its nest, so parents, if desired, can provide invaluable assistance to the young, making children a useful and desired gift.

The keys to his apartment

Apartment - the best option for a young family,if the couple do not have their own homes. On the other hand, buying a separate apartment - a major financial investment, to realize that, unfortunately, in the state, not all parents. The high cost of property makes the purchase of such a present to the wedding is very difficult, but extremely necessary and useful. If your financial situation allows you to give children a separate apartment, the young will appreciate your efforts.

Vouchers for honeymoon

Another great version of a pleasant surprise towedding - the purchase of permits in a romantic journey. In Russia, this tradition is gaining in popularity, but many modern family she has long followed. Wedding - a wonderful occasion, on the occasion of which the newly-presented family trip, for example, to warm the island, or a trip to Europe. This route selection is better left to the young.

Universal gift - money

Money - the best gift for a young family

Money is the best universaloffering newlyweds from their parents. Bride and groom, future husband and wife are coming a lot of investments in the improvement of family life, so it is best to provide them with an independent choice of how to dispose of donated money. The amount primarily depends on family income, it can vary from a few thousand to several tens of thousands, both rubles and foreign currency.

Other gift options

In loving parents have a lot of options onwhat to give to children at a wedding. An ideal present would be furnished. However, this option conceals a certain danger. Invited guests often give a wedding similar appliances. A set of good quality dishes - a great alternative that will always be relevant, useful and important for a young family. When you select a set should take into account the taste preferences of the bride and groom.

The car - ideal present for the wedding of the parents

Furniture - relevant gift, if a young familyHe is planning to make repairs in their nest. Choosing furniture set worth keeping for the young, and for its part, offered to pay. Car - priceless nowadays vehicle that is sure to come in handy for couples, planning to have children. If the family is already in anticipation of the baby, boldly giving the bride and groom children's clothes, strollers, cribs and toys.

Wealthy couple had time to acquire allnecessary, it is difficult to make an interesting surprise. It is necessary to choose something original, and even better - symbolic. Dear souvenir or a painting - the best option for such a case. Star, or, for example, part of the moon, called the newlyweds names will be non-trivial gift to the wedding. Do not forget to give due attention to the package a present.

Ideas memorable gifts for parents of the newlyweds

Parents at the wedding

The bride and groom - the key figures at the celebrationcelebrations on the occasion of their marriage. Nevertheless, the couple should not forget those who gave them to each other, that is, the precious parents. The tradition to give gifts to parents at the wedding exists in many nations of the world. It symbolizes the immense gratitude to honeymooners because mother and father raised them to the second half.

Optimally, a fair option - to givewe launched the same parents of the bride and groom. On sale are original souvenirs - a medal with the words "Best Dad" or "Best Mom". If you would like to present a souvenir, look at the clock with engraving or, for example, electronic photo frame, which will be flickering footage from the wedding celebration. To relatives quickly found a common language, some newlyweds give parents four tickets to a concert or the theater.

presents options for the father-in-law

Symbolic souvenir for her father

Bride before officially join the familygroom, is to prepare an offering for his parents. It is not necessary to buy expensive things. Presents should be pleasant, symbolic, for useful features. An excellent option is to modern appliances, such as bakery, multivarka or blender. Future in-law give warm duvets, blankets, dining sets, sets of pots and pans. A good sign of attention will be a set of bath towels, painted a portrait of the artist to order parents of the groom with his son.

If the financial position providesopportunity-in-law presented with a beautiful piece of jewelry, and in-law - silver cuff links or a teaspoon, an expensive book. If you do not have enough finance to buy a present, do it with your hands. Presented his own relatives made candles, embroidered picture or, for example, a braided rug.

And mother-in-law to

Useful gifts

The bridegroom, taking the young wife of the parenthome, gives parents a memorable gift to his beloved. As is the case with present for her father-in-law, his wife's parents give any piece of household equipment, which will help ease the housekeeping. Such a present is not just useful, but also symbolic. For example, presenting the beloved relatives multifunctional vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, the groom as it compensates for help his daughter, who supported the mother housekeeping.

To a surprise, which willappreciated by parents future wife, the groom should ask beloved about their preferences, interests. Perhaps mom and dad do not have a digital camera, wireless home phone, humidifier, air conditioner, microwave oven, or a good quality heater. If the young husband has the opportunity to present the family of his wife expensive gift, he should think about buying vouchers for holidays for parents loved.