What is presented on pearl wedding 30 years

After many years spent together ashusband and wife, there comes a third big round number - thirty years of marriage, or pearl wedding. For a long time the couple spent in the same house, probably in the family grew up a child or even a few, all the small troubles subsided. At this stage, the husband and wife have to understand each other perfectly, have learned to solve issues without conflict, and to appreciate the presence of the partner side. Do friends and children the obvious question: what to give to a pearl wedding? After a serious anniversary, as a rule, always celebrated the spouses.

What to give for 30 years of marriage?

There are many options of gifts thatare presented on the heroes of the occasion pearl wedding. Does it matter who the donor - are the children of the spouses, their grandchildren or close relatives and friends. Traditionally, at each anniversary, including the thirtieth, the partners presented themselves to each other gifts - usually they start their day. If there is a river nearby, heroes of the occasion can give to each other in the pearl and go to make a ritual: two natural beads to throw into the water, reciting the oath of loyalty, love, and respect.

Pearls - a symbol of the Thirty Years' Anniversary

Respect for traditions in pearl wedding day yetfurther strengthen the family spouses to help them to re-look at each other, because in our everyday life is easy to forget what a wonderful person is nearby. Believers heroes of the occasion is recommended to put a candle in the church - in the Crucifixion, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. Each candle during a Pearl wedding has a special meaning:

  • The first - thanks to each other,
  • the second - a request for health,
  • third - happy common future.


The man has a gift to his hundreds of optionsbeloved on pearl wedding. The first hero of the occasion can see objects that are directly associated with the symbolism of this day - the product with pearls. Great idea - elegant necklace of thirty polished pearls, which will adorn the neck culprits celebrations. Also suitable with these beads pendant, ring, brooch, bracelet, earrings. If the spouse does not have enough money, he can buy a good favorite jewelry or a gift certificate.

Gifts wife on pearl wedding

Conversely, in the case where the financialcapabilities allow, hero of the occasion can make a choice in favor of an expensive gift and give an elegant box adorned with pearls, and in it - a set of accessories (earrings with a bracelet, a necklace with a ring, earrings, a necklace, etc.). Such a gift to the pearl wedding exactly please the heroine holiday. If the wife does not like this kind of decoration, man do not worry: having lived so many years together, he will certainly be able to find a suitable gift, even without a reminder of the date of pearl.


If you follow the symbolism of pearl wedding,hero of the occasion can give her husband the original accessory which will be good fit his image - it can be elegant cufflinks, pearl coated, elegant tie clip, if a spouse is. It is believed that in a pair on the anniversary is not accepted to give the clock, but on condition that the hero for the day they are not. The wife can give the partner the gift - a silver watch, or even gold, with mother of pearl dial.

Watch with mother of pearl dial for wedding anniversary

Giving gifts pearl traditionally, but not necessarily. In the end, the wife can give your beloved something of what he had long dreamed of:

  • fishing lover - New baubles,
  • "Fresh" set of tools - if the husband golden hands,
  • expensive hunting knife with carving and engraving.

It is important not to be mistaken with the model functionality to the Pearl wedding not teach that something is not right.

Gift ideas for parents on pearl wedding

Usually, by the time of the thirtieth anniversary of the childrenI have grown up. Maybe they already got a family, find a job, so it is ways to make your parents a good gift. But the question of what to give for a wedding pearl remains open. If the heroes of the day give each other expensive gifts, or symbolic, children may prefer sincere, useful things that will remind you of this day. For example:

  • Photo and video presentation - from the category of giftsemotional, touching. Children can look into the family archive, find vintage photo from the wedding, find a video that will surely recorded on the tape, then copy them to DVD format. In pearl wedding they can bring the projector, hang a sheet or sheet and in the midst of the holiday show guests a beautiful presentation with scraps of past heroes of the occasion - that's for sure will appeal to all, including spouses, and they will certainly help ignite the old feelings. What it looks like, look at the video:
  • Photo frame with a memory stick. Now there are specific digital frames for photos with a screen where using flash broadcast frames are replaced by each other. The couple is already at or over fifty, so the innovation they seem interesting. Previously, children can upload to a photo from the wedding, when the heroes of the day were still newlyweds, as well as the subsequent anniversaries.
  • banquet facilities. The couple already aged people, so the anniversary of the organization may seem to them tedious, if not a couple will want to abandon it. Therefore, the perfect gift from the children - to take responsibility for the conduct of pearl wedding. Sons or daughters can come up with a script to call guests to a celebration, prepare a festive menu, remove the restaurant or have a holiday home - the main thing that the wedding was cozy for the couple.
  • Great cake. If the spouses organize their own party, but do not provide a chic cake, children can give jubilee this confection, prepared specifically for pearl wedding. This may be a multi-tiered cake decorated with edible pearls or confectionery treats, made as a shell with a pearl. Better to choose a cake with a light, not too greasy stuffing.

Great cake for thirty years anniversary
  • Special medals, certificates, jewelery,which will be signed as "Best for couples", "The most wonderful parents," "Hardy Mom and Dad." Then, a funny gift heroes of the occasion can be stored anywhere in plain sight, surprising and amusing the guests who came.
  • kind of book. This special gift will be a great reminder of the triumph of the perpetrators of the roots, and then descended get grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Study pedigree - it is difficult, often track on the fourth, the fifth generation is almost impossible, but if children are firmly set out for this purpose, then pearl wedding parents will receive a wonderful, original gift.
  • Pet. Many feel that give pet parents - is crazy, but if the heroes of the festivities love animals, a lot of time at home, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary: after leaving the children's wife probably bored in the house was not as much fun alone. Living Present, presented on pearl wedding will be a real joy for the parents. However, children should be prepared that the first such surprise will be perceived strange. To avoid too violent reaction, should discuss this beforehand with at least one of the parents.

Present for pearl wedding

What can you teach a friend, except for pearls?

Pearl Gifts - popular choice of giftsto the thirtieth wedding anniversary, but friends may want to present something different, in their opinion, more useful and interesting, besides, the wife probably already give each other pearls. A suitable gift for this important event can be:

  • Appliances. This type of gift is no less relevant over the years, a present suitable for almost any holiday. Things that facilitate life - ideal for people who have already reached the milestone of fifty. Friends can give perpetrators celebration food processor, multivarku, modern microwave, steamer, helping to cook quickly and without fat, kettle - you need to choose something that really is not enough to spouses.
  • Portrait. Now to find the artist and commission a portrait from a photograph of a certain amount of easy internet is full of thousands of these ads, you only need to find the right service for the price. Pre is available from the portfolio of artist, to be sure as a gift for a beautiful pearl wedding. More expensive gift option - buy a certificate from the artist, who will give heroes of the occasion to come to his studio, so he painted a portrait of their oil or pencil.
  • Textile. Perhaps textile gifts may seem trite, but they always come in handy on the farm, so do not neglect this option for pearl wedding. Perpetrators of celebration may be happy to get a new silk underwear, warm woolen blanket, bamboo towels, bathrobes, etc. To match the theme of pearl wedding, guests can find textiles with the image of pearls or pearl sheen.

A good gift to a pearl anniversary
  • Dishes. New beautiful wine glasses, full set of faceted glasses, crystal bowls, vases unusual - a wonderful gift for friends. Such we launched will take pride of place among serviznyh sets pearl wedding anniversaries and can also beautify the next celebration.
  • Souvenir jewelry and products for home -a wonderful gift. All sorts of figurines depicting couples, pigeons, and even - candlesticks, beautiful jewelry boxes, wall plates and much more. This is just part of a huge number of things that will present the heroes of the occasion in pearl wedding day.

Unusual gifts with their hands on the pearl wedding

There is nothing better than a gift, which will bemade independently. Options such pearl wedding gifts for many - guests can come up with something on their own or use ready-made ideas and find the corresponding master class. Several original gifts that are easy to make your own hands, to please anniversaries:

  • Children's drawings, congratulations. Surely anniversaries friends already have grandchildren who are under a lot of years - Kids draw always sincere and funny. Guests will need to ask the celebration of a small child to draw something like a gift to the pearl wedding, talk about the symbolism of the anniversary - may have something touching and cute.
  • Postcards. Using a master class on scrapbooking, guests can create a unique gift - a card made entirely independently. Perpetrators of celebration will certainly appreciate the works of friends or children.

Photo original gifts of pearls

Unique gifts, made with the help ofpearls, include a variety of things: a. it is all kinds of brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces for women, beautiful photo frame decorated with pearl beads, mirror, etc. Pearl gifts look beautiful, durable, will be pleasing to the eye beauty delicate beads. See photos of examples of gifts with pearls:

Variants of original gifts

Pearl wedding - it's a special event, like afor the heroes of the occasion and for all those who personally know them, because to live together for thirty years - it is a great happiness and achievement. I'm sure the family had difficult moments that the couple have overcome together the duration of their life deserves respect, so guests have to come celebrate their anniversary - this round date - a good gift. Present please spouse, give them fond memories of this festive day.