Wedding gifts

Wedding - is a major event not only for thethe bride and groom, but also for their parents, close relatives, beloved friends. Each guest is well prepared for a celebration of young people, and one of the most important stages of preparation is to choose a present, and here it is crucial not to lose. If you are invited to the ceremony for the first time, it will be useful to know about wedding gifts more: the most popular options, original gifts, funny and amusing show. Several ideas discussed below will help you choose the perfect gift to the newlyweds.

Ideas for wedding gifts to newlyweds

Choosing a gift that is given to the couple, inIt depends largely on how well the guest knows the future spouses, as is often the lush wedding call old friends, co-workers, bosses, former classmates or distant relatives. In this case, pick something that most suit the groom with the bride, it is much more difficult. Once in such a situation, we should not be ashamed of the humble envelope of money, because this gift can do a good job is much more than an unnecessary tea set or the next set of silk bed linen.

When choosing a gift is important to consider lifestyleheroes of the occasion. If the bride and groom live alone or are going to move after the wedding, it would be appropriate to give all sorts of things that are useful on the farm: are sets of cookware, dishes, bath towels with a curtain in the bathroom, home appliances, audio, good coffee maker, TV, bed linens and other things. As a housewarming gift may come figurine or a souvenir symbolizing the future of the heat of the hearth. But do not rush immediately giving money for an expensive washing machine.

Classic Wedding prezenty

Preliminary negotiations with the otherinvited guests and find out what they are going to give, not to be repeated. If the perpetrators of the wedding party after the wedding will continue to live with their parents, the wedding gifts should be personal, easier to use and carry. It can be personal bath products, small household appliances. Provided that the young are going to move in the foreseeable future, will give excellent certificates from stores selling household goods, where the couple will buy everything you need yourself.

A gift certificate is a separate discussion. At the moment, most of the major stores and networks provide an opportunity to buy a special document which then purchased items for a certain amount. For the bride suit gift certificates perfume shop, cosmetics, jewelry and jewelry, the bride will be happy to receive such a gift in accordance with their hobbies (fishing, sports, tourism, extreme driving). Other possible types of wedding a present:

  • massage for two;
  • balloon flight;
  • excursions;
  • joint photo shoot or video;
  • weekend together in the country;
  • sightseeing tour in a helicopter;
  • a variety of workshops and classes;
  • dinner at your favorite restaurant dishes;
  • horse ride;
  • courses in English (or another language that the couple want to learn).

Wedding gift certificates

The certificate is a very realgift, the couple will choose only the time to use it. A good idea is a present for a wedding card holder, which will be collected by the card clothing stores, art, shoes, accessories, products, children's products, as well as discount cards of various bars, restaurants, clubs and fitness centers. Ideally, if we can get them all at once with a discount for those responsible for a wedding celebration - it will be a useful thing a future family.

If the bride and groom all in abundance, to givepreference to the original best wedding presents that will help future spouses exercise their hobby, decorate their house or just a great experience. Popular symbolic gifts to the wishes of the family castle, long life. Examples of original, unusual gifts:

  • Gifts for a hobby. If you have close contact with young people, you will find the right thing easy. The musicians donate any new or unusual instrument components, athletes - good clothes, adherents of extreme tourism or cruising - good thermos, a backpack or a quality sleeping bag. Better yet, ask the heroes of the occasion, a wedding to make them a present.
  • A box with butterflies. This symbolic gift, speaking about the connection of two hearts, just like newly made spouses and other guests to the celebration - it looks great.
  • Family portrait. Make a professional artist stylized antique or modern family portrait, many specialists make rubbings with beautiful photos.
  • Statuettes, figurines, icons, home decorations, symbolizing love, loyalty and devotion.
  • Personalized wedding decorations, such as gold chains or bracelets.

Gifts for the newlyweds hobby

Those guests who are close friends orrelatives of the future of the family, have great finances, can make a nice expensive gift that will surprise and please the newlyweds. Such wedding we launched will be a wonderful way to express your love and friendship. Examples of interesting expensive gifts for the wedding day:

  • Honeymoon or certificate for the tour. Perpetrators of celebration will certainly be happy to go on a trip to unwind and get new experience. When choosing a tour based on their preferences: this may be the mysterious east, sunny islands, exquisite European cities or circumnavigation cruise liner.
  • Night in an expensive hotel room with champagne, chocolate, fruit, dinner, rose petals scattered on the floor - this tale can bring your gift.
  • The star from the sky. To date, not come up with a magical gift than own star - trade market them thriving. Learn how to purchase a star turn in the planetarium, and after the purchase you get a photo with the certificate, which was handed to the newlyweds during the wedding day.
  • Invitation favorite band. This pleasure is very expensive at the popularity of artists, but if you are not part of the financial worries, believe me, this wedding will be remembered for a present exactly the groom with the bride.

Music wedding present from guests

When choosing a wedding gift, remember that the giftIt must be designed to both spouses, because they come in family life together. But if you are familiar with only one of the pair and be sure to want to make a personalized gift, make sure that the second was not too offended - hand the money or ask friends about his hobbies.

Gifts from parents

Gifts from parents are generally useful,ensure the welfare and prosperity of the family. Often the older generation gives their children an apartment, car, the most necessary household items for a happy family life. In most cases, the efforts of mothers and fathers fully paid wedding and the preparations for it. But the most popular gift are money - who, like any parents, understands that young families want to start to dispose of their own funds and to buy what they needed most?

Funny gifts from friends

Funny, funny wedding gifts madefriends, certainly will cause a lot of pleasant emotions, but most is not suitable to give as an independent wedding gift, but they can be an excellent supplement to the main gift. Examples of humorous gifts for the wedding, which amuse both newlyweds and guests present, create an atmosphere of fun:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a "guarantee". If you are giving home appliances, buy her a guarantee that it will work forever, for example, a vacuum cleaner is a broom, dishwasher machine - box sponges for washing - a special basin, where the cleaned things even our grandmothers.
  • Wedding Certificates better husband, the perfect wife, as well as a medal with a similar motive, identity and others.
  • The original bedding.
  • Independently developed a board game about the relationship of the groom with the bride.
  • Wedding T-shirts with pictures, humorous slogans.

Funny funny gifts for the wedding

Master Class: original gifts of money from his hands

Money - this is probably the most popular weddinggift. Many believe the presentation of this universal gift boring, but, showing imagination, will make a real fun idea from a simple cash gift. Here are some original ideas for giving a wedding gift, which definitely will not leave anyone indifferent:

  • Umbrella with money. Hand groom with the bride wedding umbrella that will protect them from any bad weather as the street and the family. Ask reveal. Inside on the ribbons should be tied banknotes.
  • Plaid made by means of money, give tothe following words: "I want you to always be warm, so take my wedding gift to the wishes of happiness - a warming blanket soul!" Then he shall carry the newlyweds.
  • Unusual packaging. You can create a package for the money in the form of a camera silhouette, iron or other object as a present during the opening of the wedding the bride and groom will see the main gift. An example of an interesting package of money, look at the video:

Fun gift "Contribution to the 3 liter jar"

Not all trust money deposited with clearingbank account, so arrange a fun idea: holiday gift for a wedding "Contribution to the 3-liter jar." Decorate it with ribbons, lace, twirl straws bills, put into the container and place on the table, addressing the guests: "In order to reliably keep the cash roll up the bank! But first offer to fill it to the brim with money! "All guests have to chip in for 100-200 rubles or more, then a bank and rolled solemnly handed over to the joy of the newlyweds.

A gift from the bride to the groom in the form of dance or song

Beautiful, romantic wedding in the Presentholiday can make the bride to her lover. As a gift a girl can sing a song or dance - depending on their abilities and preferences. Before you sell wedding presentation should be well rehearsed room, think about all the moves, learn the text. The bride herself can write lyrics, enjoy music composer - this gift will surely be appreciated.

Make such a gift is simple - there is a studio,who specialize in these wedding presents, help text to learn, learn to hit the notes. As a rule, during the day of the wedding the bride much worried, and that did not happen unpleasant embarrassment, she just move to the music and the speakers playing the soundtrack with her voice. If the girl is determined to make a gift of song performed live, spend a lot of time to practice, especially if the culprit wedding never studied singing before.

Wedding gifts for guests with photos

Small gifts to the guests during the wedding day- Is, first of all, a manifestation of love and respect for everyone present. They can be very inexpensive, but certainly most of all delight. What is suitable as a gift: a small pot with flowers, jars of jam, chocolate, candy boxes, wedding bells, cookies, candles. Gifts can be thematic, if there is a certain style of wedding, symbolic, contain the initials of the family.

Beautiful gifts for wedding guests

It is recommended to give a present to guests at a weddingspecial decorated boxes - Bonbonniere (candy). Usually there put sweets, but the couple can show imagination to create a unique gift. Plant seeds, symbolizing birth, sprouting new family, bubbles, talking about carelessness, ease the couple's relationship, aromatic oils of the fruits of plants, which are places where you want to go to travel - a present options for wedding guests hundreds.

Video: the song as a present from her father's daughter

Wedding gifts and presents from parentsalways the most touching and valuable, in fact to all the mothers and fathers, it is difficult to part with their flesh and blood, to let in a new family. Love for children often helps to express the song. In the video below you will see a wonderful wedding present from his father's favorite daughter - he performs the song as a present, "I love you, my daughter":