The original wedding gift

Wedding - is a special celebration, sosurprise prepared for this event, too, must have features that provide a unique, but not banal, unnecessary. It is intended as the groom and the bride equally. Ideally, presentation is good, when it is useful, if the young are to use it, remember who gave it. How to choose an original gift for your wedding?

Among the gifts are presented to the wedding,popular household appliances, dishes, linens, some home furnishings. Good to know in advance the wishes of the young, not to give them senseless, unnecessary thing, then the original gift to the wedding will have to court.

Top 10 gifts

If you want your idea congratulationsremembered for a long time, it must be different personality. Select the original unforgettable wedding gift will help the top 10 in demand of gifts.

  • Wedding romantic journey - one ofthe best gifts for the wedding. Such an option for those guests who have a good income, he will definitely be remembered for a pair and will present them an unforgettable experience.
  • Always an original gift for a wedding - the choicehousehold appliances, but such an idea will be claimed only if the young family has their own housing. Otherwise, the bread maker with a food processor can not be useful.
  • Excellent genuine thoughtful gift for a wedding - certificate. And what services it will - will depend on your imagination, good proposals on the subject abound.
  • If the joint housing already established, it is appropriate to give a picture of antiques, but you need to be familiar with the tastes of the young.
  • The original unforgettable wedding gift - a joint photograph, mugs, T-shirts with the image of a young couple or a photo collage.

Shirts - Original Wedding Present
  • Not a bad idea - buying jewelry for the bride and groom made in the same style. For example, an original gift for a wedding - this brooch and cufflinks.
  • An interesting gift for the wedding - Separate Present for the bride and groom. However, it is required to give small symbolic joint surprise that there were no omissions.
  • Original extraordinary gift to the wedding will be a salute straight during celebrations or magical show-ballet, a former secret until recently.
  • Tableware - an original gift for a wedding,traditionally suitable for such an event. But it is necessary to pick up an interesting, beautiful set to please the young. Beautifully will look handmade glasses.

Glasses handmade - a gift for the wedding
  • Practical Present - is money. But they should give only when you have no idea at all, and do not have time to choose a gift.

The original wedding gift with their own hands

Things made with their own hands, have a goodenergy and cause the most excitement. Take as an original gift for a memorable wedding or a congratulatory card slideshow. Milo will be present with your hand a bouquet of artificial fruit or candy. It looks beautiful, elegant, and enhance any holiday table.

Create a bouquet of sweets is easy enough andavailable even to a child. Do you need an idea, a pinch of creativity and a little imagination. How to make beautiful candy bouquets of roses, step by step instructions, see:

needed for the manufacture of:

  • candies;
  • long stick with a sharp tip (suitable culinary sticks for barbecue);
  • corrugated colored paper;
  • basket;
  • Styrofoam;
  • other elements ornaments - beads, bows, rhinestones;
  • scissors, glue, adhesive tape (double-sided).

Getting Started:

  1. Take candy, wooden sticks and tape. Candy wrapper fastened to a stick-tail down, cheat wrap around the stick, roll of adhesive tape to the middle of the candy.

  1. With red, pink paper cut petals of our bud. petals size may be different, but to form a harmonious turned bud, cut one lobe, using a layout for the rest.

  1. For the main bud is necessary to take a rectangular piece of paper of the same color, about 10x18 cm.

  1. The middle of a stretch of the sheet, leaving the edges straight.

  1. Wrap a piece of paper attached to a stick of candy, secure with tape around the base.

  1. Glue the base of the bud petals using double-sided tape or glue.

  1. Leaflets spread with increasing, forming a real rose petals.

  1. Spreads middle of a bud, that it was clear candy.
  2. Wooden sticks wrapped with green paper, adhesive tape fix, to get a rose branch.

  1. When the future bouquet flowers are ready, we put them in the basket, at the bottom of which is pre-fasten a piece of foam.
  2. Bouquet is ready. You may want to diversify sweet crafts other flowers, green leaves of paper, tulle - all that tells you fantasy.


This can create an edible flavor with a candy or a fruit. After reviewing the master class, you can create your own original fruity bouquet - the perfect gift for the wedding:

Wedding gifts of money (photo)

The original cash as a wedding giftIt is popular because the money is also necessary to be able to present as a gift. To present an envelope, which is even impressive amount - is banal and uninteresting. Approach the issue creatively: the easiest way to make money tablecloth, which are sewn on top of the usual bills fabric tablecloths or inserted in special pockets. In the center of the tablecloth, place an interesting wish, then read on return.

Tablecloth - a great wedding gift

You can make money vase or bottle, laying it all bills or coins. Such a monetary surprise is sure to be appreciated by the newlyweds.

Vase of money for the newlyweds to the wedding

Money Tree is a great gift for the wedding. The leaves, twigs ordinary houseplant wrap banknotes or attach them with tape. For best results, take the green notes, for example, dollars. It is interesting to be looked rattled tree with coins, but this is impractical, because each coin drilled hole.

Money Tree - a wedding gift with a hint

Effectively will look like piggy-chestdonated to the wedding. It must be interesting to draw, adorned inside and out coins, crystals and other interesting accessories. Chest should be filled with money. An original extravagant gift for a wedding would banknotes, presented in an ordinary glass jar, for example, out of honey. Her beautifully decorated with neatly folded back bills, tied with ribbon.

The original gift made with their own hands for the wedding

Wedding gift from her parents

Especially valuable original wedding gift fromparents. All newlyweds dream as a gift to get the keys to their own homes, but it depends on the parents' income. Parents give money for the wedding, but will look impressive surprise made with his own hands. For example, a box pasted banknotes, interior, cash machine or a boat, which presented photos below.

A gift from the young parents to the wedding

Video greetings

Especially mentally it looks so originalmodern gift for the wedding, as a video greeting. It will be a real and unexpected surprise for the bride and groom and take their rightful place in the family archive. It is possible to remove a video yourself or take the help of a professional. An example of such congratulations for a wedding, see the video:

Wedding flash mob of friends

The original gift for a wedding, you can alwaysmake your own hands, but will receive an incredible response from the flash mob friends. Incendiary dance friends, which gradually drawn all the guests, give the newlyweds a good mood, guests will cause their explosion of positive emotions. In such a gift from a friend can join and bride or groom.

Flash mob - an interesting solution for a gift for the wedding

Laser show

The real surprise will be a laser show at the end or the middle of the holiday. This original wedding gift will delight and fill the festive atmosphere of good emotions.

A gift for the wedding - a laser show

Gift certificates

If married - conservative people, theoriginal unusual gift for a wedding is not for them. In this case, the best alternative would be gift certificates. Now a lot of them, so you can choose any - the certificate for the purchase of household appliances, a joint photo session, a weekend-trip.

A great wedding gift - certificate

Wedding clip

Wedding video - an integral part of the celebration,including his best moments. Videographer skillfully mount video, select music. This clip is a perfect unique gift for a wedding, a surprise for the newlyweds. However, they will get it a little later.

Clip - fancy gift to the newlyweds

Photobooks and fotoholsty

The original gift for a wedding - photobook. E will make a book of fairy tales, there is also the opportunity to choose fotoholst - it all depends on your imagination. Ideas are supporting manufacturers, you only need to send them a photo with a picture of the future newlyweds - a unique and original gift for a wedding would be ready as soon as possible.

Wedding gift - a photo book

The cost of this book is a little more than 3000rub. If your financial capabilities allow to present a gift, select it, you will not regret it. This original gift for a wedding would be enthusiastically received by the young, and will long continue to remind them of the wedding.

Extreme gifts

If the bride and groom - people are adventurous and do notimagine my life without adventure is suitable exciting extreme option for them. Pick a specific gift certificate for payment of entertainment. For example:

  • Skydiving
  • Sport karting
  • diving
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • shooting Lessons

Extreme gifts for the wedding the newlyweds

What not to give

The real puzzle is the choice of unusualgift. This all depends on your taste, imagination, but there is something that you should not give. The original gift for a wedding - it may in no case clocks, mirrors - this is a bad omen, we should not choose a home decoration or painting. But exceptions are possible in those cases, if you are intimately familiar with the young, or they have been asked.

Also, do not give young too expensiveoriginal gifts for the wedding. If you do decide to, then make sure in advance that you will be properly understood. Do not give in as original gifts for wedding and home appliances are models that have become obsolete, even though you can get them at a good price.

We wish you a successful choice of original giftthe wedding. We hope that our information is helpful to you. Do you have other ideas on how to present an impressive original gift for a wedding? Leave your comment after the article.