Magnets for guests at a wedding

Often part of wedding accessories areall kinds of magnets. They can be a gift for guests who won the prize for the contest, part of the invitation sheet. For each wedding can be personalized magnet, which will be pleasing to the eye than a day or a month. There are many kinds of accessories, each with its own advantages.

When used at the wedding magnets

If the couple create their invitationhands or bought them in specialized agencies, it is done to surprise the guests and inform them about the upcoming event. Invitees should not forget about the appointed date. And that is always in front of everyone? Yes, it's a refrigerator. Therefore, a magnet with an interesting invitation will be a very good reminder. With it, the couple can just say that the wedding will be special, if the product is made into a certain style, taking into account the celebration theme.
Bonbonnière - a small gift for allinvitees who will get to everyone and to be reminded of the beautiful celebration. As of gifts such magnets are sometimes used, they are able to maintain a good impression of a wedding for many years. It will be good if in addition to these accessories you put in a present bonbonniere sweet - candy, cookies or cones. The magnets can be combined with anything.
Perfect gift for your participation in the weddingcompetitions - it is a picture with a magnet. It can symbolize a wedding, it is often placed on the newlyweds photos or cartoons on them. In the design of the magnets encouraged creativity. You can even stick to them photographs of the guests and give such gifts as prizes.
Very original is considered latelyidea of ​​creating a planting plan with the help of magnets. The names of all guests with or without photographs printed on them and are placed on a special metallic board. Plus, such a planting plan that the couple or the organizers can adjust it at any time simply by moving the magnet to another place.

Types of wedding magnets

There are several types of accessories,which are used in the wedding celebrations. They differ in the way of production, price, durability. Some magnets can easily turn into a masterpiece of its own, as there is inserted into any picture. But most of the accessories are made to the finished sketch, they can not be modified, except to supplement a small bow or floral decoration. Wedding magnets are sunsets, acrylic, flexible vinyl.


Such magnets are not very large - up7cm, often - 6.5 cm, their thickness may be around 4 - 6 mm. Manufacturing technology of such products similar to the capping cover, so they have an appropriate name. At the base of the accessory is put on the design of the printed film and "rolled up" into place spikes glued round magnet with a diameter of about 2 - 4 cm. This gift is often the subject of a round, very good clean, not scratched, does not break, it does not break.

Sunset magnets Wedding


Such a magnet is produced using a transparentplastic (acrylic), into which is set the desired image. On the one hand such a box perfectly smooth, on the other - fixed magnetic tape. Often this type of gift accessories made in the form of a square, a little less - of the rectangle. Round acrylic magnets are too, but these products are found occasionally.

A big plus of accessories - thatsome species are modifiable - they put in any photo or image. If the couple wants to save money, a good solution would be the acquisition of empty acrylic magnets. They will be inserted beautiful invitation or pictures, such an accessory would be the perfect candy boxes, invitations or prizes.

Acrylic magnets for wedding guests

Flexible vinyl magnets

This type of product is well suited for couples,wanting to make a great picture, poster. Vinyl magnet is about 1-2 mm thick very well bent, twisted, and lends itself to any deformations. It is produced via the attracting sheet and special sputtering. size of the product can be very different - from a few centimeters to meters. The image is printed on this accessory does not lose its qualities.

Flexible vinyl magnets for weddings

Skins magnets for wedding

There are many styles suitable for magnetsweddings, offering manufacturers. Each newlywed couple should determine their wishes for such souvenirs and to create the desired layout. It is necessary to consider all the details, to join the celebration with the theme style accessories. For example, if the wedding is done in the style of jazz, the magnet on background with notes and treble clef is the perfect complement.

With a photo of bride and groom

If you want to select the original lookinvitations, place your photo on the magnet, can supplement their dates of celebration and a spade. Often, the couple bought the product with your own images and wishes. Guests who receive such a gift, will long be remembered about the wedding and the main culprits of the bright, original and stylish celebration.

Souvenir photo of bride and groom

With the image of angels and doves

This classic version of the magnets canuseful for any wedding contest. Give small accessories at a wedding is very appropriate, as they will not burden the people. The most popular color for these magnets - white, it blends perfectly with the traditional view of weddings. In the selection of gifts is important to pay attention to quality, to the angels and doves "are not scattered" in different directions.

Magnets with angels and doves for weddings

In the shape of a heart

Wedding - a celebration that is connectedheart. Great shape for the magnets are of the heart. They themselves symbolize the creation of a new family and love are, so it is advisable to place such products on the pictures, beautiful pictures and wishes. If the product is a heart-shaped candy boxes will be at the wedding, it will be a symbol of love and respect for the newlyweds to the guests.

Heart magnets for weddings

With comic pictures

At the wedding ceremony have to befun and what it more - the better. That's why some young couples choose magnets with comic pictures, cartoons, jokes. You can make fun of guests and create unusual souvenirs for them, the assessment of such a move would be very high. The subject of jokes can affect not only the wedding, but also its participants - tёsch, in-law, test, uncles, grandparents.

Humorous wedding magnets for visitors

With labels, wedding date or initials of the newlyweds

When you choose a layout design for magnets,pay attention to the labels that are placed on it. It can be an invitation, wishes or directions, who designed a souvenir. It is advisable to write the date of the event, to remember every guest of a wedding for many years. As the inscriptions can print their names and the names, this is especially popular, if the bride at marriage is changing its name.

The initials of the newlyweds on a magnet for visitors

Photo wedding magnets for visitors

When choosing a gift accessories and giftsbe sure to pay attention to the various photos of ready-made products. They are sure to inspire you to think that you need for your wedding celebration. There are some very interesting ideas that should be implemented in its own style and theme of the wedding:

Various photos in interesting ways. If each guest will receive a personalized magnet with a photo, it will be nice to feel respect for his person.
Thanks invited because they had the best day of your life only with you. This is also a sign of respect and honor by the newlyweds.
Magnet with the family seal. If the invitations you have already developed a sketch for souvenirs it can also be used. Let this family seal is fully visible and in part - to sign a certificate of the event.
Magnetic handicrafts made theirhands. Such we launched not only look good, but bear the heat of the new family. Let the piece will be donated to the newlyweds and guests for long and good memory of some events. Manual operation can be an excellent tradition of performing their own characters.
Souvenirs can look very interesting,made with his own hands made of cloth or textile. For their production requires a magnetic stripe of a small size, any fabric (felt - the perfect view), glue and various ornaments (beads, buttons, thread). This accessory will well complement the celebration and will not spoil the theme.
If the wedding is made in certainstyle with specific colors - this range is transferred to the magnets. Select the same palette and the characters that are supported in the design of the whole holiday.

Souvenirs, thanks to gift guests