Ideas for candy boxes

Wedding, thought to detail, leavesfond memories not only for honeymooners but also among the guests. No matter what type of celebration you choose - a small buffet or banquet, decorate the hall for the ceremony is still needed. In this case, you will be very useful ideas for sweet dishes. This tradition of greeting guests after the celebration in gratitude for sharing happy moments come to us from the West. These mini-we launched, you can prepare yourself by investing in them a piece of his soul. What can they be?

Interesting design ideas candy boxes for wedding

The name comes from the French of giftsthe words «Bon-bon» - which means "sweet." The first versions were of two types: cardboard boxes with chocolate treats, candy jars with metal loose type. Each year, professional decorators come up with new solutions for sweet dishes based on display of wedding themes. But it happens that the couple themselves are the organizers of the original decor gift ideas.

Time for delivery of candy boxes to choose the groombride along with the wedding organizer. You can give the miracle boxes at the end of the celebration with other goodies or give them as close people give you their gifts. Get great bartering. If a large number of wedding guests, the bonbonnieres daryatsya one for each family.

Such gifts - the face of your future family. Decorate them not only bright materials, but also add a note of thanks, a card with the names of the newlyweds, the wedding date. Walk away from the standard "sweet" version, create something creative, for example, candy boxes with custard tea in tin cans, boxes dense with coffee beans, packaging fabric with multi-colored spoons. What other candy boxes are used in the design of the wedding?

Flowers and decorative plants in pots

If you enjoy gardening or justknow how to behave with flowers, the idea is not for the need to go! Do you have a home houseplants that bring you joy? Preparing for a wedding takes a few months, so the option candy boxes with plants in pots is quite possible to implement, on seedling leaf. If you find this difficult, pre-order in a flower shop, a mini-plant for a specific wedding date. Such a gift will stand the guests for a long time, recalling the great event.

If you are not indifferent to the living colors, liketo share this feeling with everyone, prepare candy boxes with a small oasis inside. These beautiful, delicate little things will be a wonderful element of decoration at the wedding. Bonbonniere with flowers can be combined with a bright arch, bridal bouquet, decoration of the banquet hall. Consider another option - closed box surprise with an artificial flower arrangement made using polymer clay. You can make their own hands, if time permits, or ordered from the professionals.

Bonbonniere with flowers or plants in pots

Jelly beans in glass bottles

In order to please the true sweet tooth, giveGuests candy boxes with confectionery pellets. Polished, smooth round shape candy body have layers of powdered sugar. Choose a variety of fillings - liquor, jelly, chocolate, marzipan, pralines, preserved in alcohol with berries, nuts, peanut, candied fruits or complex fillers. If you do not want to go all alone, buy a package of chocolates "M & M's", spilling them on the glass bottle.

Bonbonniere in the form of glass bottles filled with pills

Candy and cookies in metal box

If you want to have bonbonnieresdecent, presentable, they must be beautifully packaged, using metal, stylish, bright boxes. Prepare them in advance by referring to the decorators chosen studio. Metal boxes must fully reflect the theme of the wedding, to be practical, so they can be used after the celebration on individual needs (for example, for storing jewelery). Having forecast the ceremony date, make the right choice - to place a cookie or candy boxes candy that can easily melt in the summer.

Bonbonniere in the form of metal boxes with sweets

Boxes or bags of berries or nuts

Have you planned a summer, bright, juicy wedding? Then berry theme must be present in all the accessories, decor and candy boxes. Having defined the season of ripening juicy fruits, put in boxes of delicious berries, such as strawberries, cherries, raspberries. If you have a rustic wedding, candy boxes, fill in the form pouches useful nuts. Guests will appreciate this.

Bonbonniere-boxes of berries or nuts

Magnets with newlyweds names and wedding date

If you want to leave an indelible mark in thethe memory of loved ones about your wedding, then design candy boxes in the form of magnets - great idea. They can be created using a decorative clay, glass ceramic, wood, have the shape of a circle, a square, a ship, hearts. On bonbonnieres-magnets honeymooners place names, wedding date, a small photo of spouses, wishes and gratitude to the guests.

Wedding candy boxes, magnets

Bonbonniere cakes in the form of hearts

If you are crazy about culinary matters, canspend hours in the kitchen to create another delicious masterpiece, the gingerbread candy boxes will be for you a simple, fun challenge. Prepare the dough, put it in the shape of a heart, decorate the top glaze, chocolate, sugar, edible beads or protein cream. With culinary syringe to draw gingerbread designs, simulate the groom's suit, bridal dress, white doves, post wedding date, names of the newlyweds. Guests will be delighted with such a delicious surprise, made with soul.

Bonbonniere Gingerbread Heart

Small bucket filled with candy

Another non-standard version of sweet dishes -small, decorative bucket filled with candy. Make them in the studio decor and fill the can, what heart desires. In the role of sweets are the jelly beans or candy, the color of which is combined with a themed celebration shades. For example, if you have a delicate, airy, white ceremony, the candy "Rafaello" in candy boxes will be a great end of the evening.

Bonbonniere - buckets with sweets

Bonbonniere in the form of jars of honey or jam

Good, tasty guests gifts - candy boxes inas jars of honey or jam. If your wedding will be held in the winter, then prepare a feast in the summer, using your favorite berries. Collect honey bee on farms is not necessary, but they stock up in advance for the winter is quite real. After the presentation of delicious candy boxes in the winter, guests can drink tea with jam or honey. And the cold night close people are warm, remembering your last holiday!

Bonbonniere - jars filled with honey or jam

Options for sweet dishes made with their own hands

Whatever stuffing gifts for guests to choose,and you have the right to issue their own packaging. Given the theme of the wedding, pick up a heavy paper or cardboard for scrapbooking. Floral motifs are suitable for a celebration in the style of vintage, rustic, retro. If you have a light, airy, delicate wedding, take the paper for the production of candy boxes in the main shade. Decorate the boxes with ribbons, bows, were used in the decoration of the table, chairs, hall, arch.

Wedding candy boxes with their own hands

Bath salt

Originality - your forte? Then bonbonnieres with bath salts not only conquer all those present, but also bestow you with compliments from the guests. To make take a glass jar or bottle, covered with matte paint color of the main wedding. Warn your guests to bonbonnieres opened only at home, then they will wait for a real surprise.

Bonbonniere with salt bath

Candles and handmade soap

A pleasant surprise for guests will becandy boxes in the form of candles or handmade soaps. The box should be ready to put trinkets standard shapes (oval, round) or make them yourself by blanks in the form of hearts with the words newlyweds names, wedding date. If you want to take part in the production, you will need to cut the appropriate size candy boxes made of cardboard. You can use ready-made of wood, plastic, iron boxes.

Wedding candy boxes candles or soap

Bonbonniere dough

If none of the ideas does not suit you, please contactassistance from the owners of the most vibrant, colorful, extraordinary imagination - children. They love to do crafts using salt dough, let it become a unique recipe for candy boxes! Connect the child's imagination and their skills, blind beautiful souvenirs. You can use the standard, yeast dough, if you like to create a decorative cakes. Bonbonniere with small scones with raisins or poppy seeds - tasty, unusual gratitude loved ones.

Wedding candy boxes of dough


Time to prepare sweet dishes leftLittle? Use ready-made lollipops, wrapped them in plastic wrap. They may be in the form of heart, swirling spirals, bow, ball. Do not forget the popular lollipops "Chupa Chups". Arrange them in a special box with holes, to calculate the exact number of guests, or for each piece of candy, use a bucket as a bonbonniere.

Wedding candy boxes of lollipops