How to choose a wedding gift

Many had to deal with in lifereceive an invitation to the wedding. Just mind the question arises, how to choose a good gift for a wedding. Well, if tastes and preferences known to the newlyweds. But it happens that the couple themselves can not decide what they want to receive as a gift in such a memorable day. Money - the universal gift. But how to teach them, that it was originally? If the bill is not, then what to give newlyweds? Like any guest, you want to remember your gift the bride and groom? Let's try to solve the problem together.

How to make an original gift for the wedding?

Personal impressions of the newlyweds at the timereceiving a gift - it is a big plus. Maybe donated money is sometimes more important, but it will take a little time, they will be spent, and the couple did not remember who and how much money they gave. If presented with a gift at the wedding, which proved to be useful, and sometimes even necessary, it is doubly has a "weight".

Many newlyweds adopt experience of other countries andmake lists for the guests, that they would like to see as gifts. This would facilitate the selection of gifts and saved a young family from the rubbish, which over the years will be on the mezzanine. If such a list is not expected, it is better to analyze what type of future family, and then start from the newlyweds category.

Married, living with parents

The couple, who after the wedding will be living inone apartment with their parents, there are advantages. Thus it is not necessary to give the newlyweds household utensils, appliances - it is all there. Unique gifts for the wedding will be privacy, for example, a ticket to a wedding cruise. If the amount of a present would be greater than the financial resources, there is always the option of the total purchase. Relatives or friends of the newlyweds can come together and present the correct, original, nice gift.

Couple living in his apartment

For a young family to start life together inseparate apartment - great, although responsible and a bit problematic. If the couple plan to live in their own living space, they have to buy a lot of things, ranging from the smallest detail to furniture. To gifts are not repeated, it would be better if the distribution of purchases will make the bride and groom themselves. Ask what items they will need in the first days after the wedding.

Give a set of beautiful young familybed linen, TV, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven or a food processor. A set of dishes, table service is also useful in the household. If the couple will reside in a separate, but rented apartment, it is not necessary to do the cumbersome gifts, such as furniture. When you move this may bring them inconvenience.

Couples who live together for a long time

everything you need in a family alreadypurchased. Sometimes the couple dreams of a purchase, but can not afford it. If you have a trusting relationship with the bride and groom to find out what they want to receive as a gift, not to waste time searching. Sometimes, for complete harmony in the apartment is not enough of the original painting, a rocking chair, or a new computer table. Such a gift would be appropriate, and it Brac bring joy and pleasure.

"Pregnant" couple

It so happens that at the time of the wedding the bride and groom havewaiting for an heir. Gifts for the unborn child will look ridiculous. Better to wait until the appearance of a baby into the world and give them when it is a happy event in the family is already going to happen. Wedding - a feast for the bride and groom. After the tedious preparations for the wedding they should have a good rest, alone, to be closer to nature. Here then is useful to permit a boarding house or a resort, located not too far to the bride in an interesting position, the road does not become an additional burden.

Re betrothed

Wedding for re-Brac couples should notto repeat the scenario of past celebrations. Gifts will be different, too, can be very diverse - ranging from household items to theater tickets. The mass of impressions left by a horse donated by horseback or on a small cruise ship. And if the bright moments to immortalize with the camera, which also became a gift, positive emotions newlyweds will prove that the issue resolved right gifts.

Many couples at the time of re-marriagealready have children. If you allow the child's age, consider it when you make a walking ticket, because the family wants to enjoy a joint holiday. If the child is not quite big, pay a babysitter for a certain time, to the bride and groom could be alone, without distraction, to spend a romantic evening in a cafe or hotel stay.

Universal wedding gifts

There are gifts that are usefulnewlyweds after the wedding, and they are they will be happy. The versatility of the wedding of gifts should be that they can take advantage of both the groom and the bride. It is not necessary to do a wedding gift, intended only to some one of the newlyweds. Choose a present depending on the thickness of the purse.

  • A separate housing. Having financial ability, give the newlyweds a separate apartment or house.
    Classy newlyweds a present - a separate housing
  • Car. Good, but expensive gift for a young family would be a machine.
    The car in a gift to the newlyweds
  • Book a hotel room. The first night of the bride in a luxurious room for the newlyweds will bring a lot of impressions nouveau spouses.
    First wedding night in a hotel
  • Road to the honeymoon. Enjoy each other face to face and get a lot of positive emotions from the new seats will donated voucher.
    Honeymoon trip
  • Horse riding. Maximum enjoyment of the trip on horseback will get the couple who love outdoor activities.
    Horse ride for the bride and groom
  • Walk on water. Tickets for the water bus or boat will be a good gift for the bride and groom.
    Boat Trip Honeymoon
  • Flying in the air. If the couple loves extreme sports, give them a hang-gliding or a hot air balloon.
    Present for newlyweds who love the thrill
  • Large home appliances. TV, washing machine, fridge - all this can be useful to the newlyweds, who have their own homes.
    Equipment for individual housing newlyweds
  • Small appliances. Newlyweds, beginning married life separately from their parents, will be glad to any household stuff.
    Useful household wedding we launched
  • Kitchenware. Young family of useful items used in the kitchen.
    Kitchen utensils for young family
  • Complete sets of bed linen, towels. There will never be more than a set of beautiful linen and fluffy towels in the set with a bathrobe.
    Gift textiles - a present for the young
  • Piece of art. Presented painting, original vase or statue of the newlyweds will bring joy and harmony in the interior of the premises.
    Gifts to young couples for interior decoration
  • Money. Choosing a present for banknotes in the form to their original way to present the presentation brought pleasure to both you and the newlyweds.
    The original award money nouveau spouses

How to choose a wedding gift

Armed with some knowledge about choosing a giftfor the wedding, it will be easier to solve the problem, a young couple fit a particular show. Be patient, do not buy the first thing that you saw in the store. This thing can become meaningless, it is not useful to newlyweds. Do not hesitate to ask the newlyweds that they want to give as gifts.

If you are familiar with the other guests,invited to a wedding, do not forget to ask what they plan to make a purchase to avoid an awkward situation the same gifts, as shown in a humorous video, proposed below. After reviewing it, you will realize that you need to know not only what to do gifts, but also to remember a list of things that should not give for a wedding, so as not to upset the newlyweds.