How original donate money to the wedding

Before the wedding, relatives and acquaintancescouples having difficulty with the choice of the original surprise the newlyweds. It was a present to be appreciated, it is necessary to come up with something unusual, practical. Money - it is a great gift option for a young family, because the newlyweds always need a livelihood. But even such a universal gift to be present in an unusual way. How original donate money to the wedding as well as honeymoon surprise?

Options in the style of scrapbooking

The original idea of ​​cash gifting

Your financial gift to the wedding willextraordinary, use your imagination for this. In fact, money is allowed to give not only attractive cards. Relatives and close to give the newlyweds albums, paintings, books and even cash cushion. Next we will look at how to make unusual gift, using only bills.

Album of money

In order to make money album, buybeautifully designed photo album. His view is extremely important. It is desirable that the album cover photo depicted a family theme. Otherwise, choose a product decorated with artificial flowers, ribbons, sequins and other decorative elements. The offices, which are intended for the photos, gently insert notes - rubles, dollars or euros. When young people reveal the album, they will be pleasantly surprised by the invention of his friends.

The album is decorated in scrapbooking techniques

Money umbrella

Question: "How original and unusual to give money to the wedding?" Is easily solved if you connect the imagination. So, money is considered an umbrella unusual gift option. Select white umbrella, because it is considered a symbol of marriage. With thread and adhesive tape securely tie the bill to its edges. Give a gift in a closed state, ask to open an umbrella. A portion of positive emotions, excitement guaranteed. You can capture the solemn moment of giving gifts on video.

Umbrella with bills


If you are wondering: "How original money to give the newlyweds a wedding?", Think about purchasing a small trunk, which fold the bills of different denomination, as well as currency. Chest with money - a traditional gift that gave our ancestors to their children enter adulthood. But now this tradition has acquired extraordinary popularity. It is necessary to worry about the shape of the trunk - barrel or rectangular box as the container is acceptable for the money.

Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise with the money - a great giftnewlyweds. At the wedding is recommended to give sweets to family life was the same. In order to Kinder Surprise invest, divide the chocolate into two symmetrical parts, expand the container where the toy is, put money there. After that, connect the chocolate and pack it with foil. To Kinder held fast, wrap it colored flimsy wire. Kinder surprises should do more, then they need to be folded into a nice box of small size. It is desirable that such a gift to the bride and groom presented witnesses, accompanying the ceremony a present wishes sweet, comfortable life. It is necessary to hint the bride and groom that sweets are not simple, and with a surprise inside, otherwise they can not guess about your unique gifts.

Denominations in the Kinder Surprise

The picture of the money

If mediocre financial gifts like garlands,money tree or bills enclosed in a beautiful card, do not attract you as a gift to the newlyweds, but you are thinking about how original and unusual to give money to the wedding, the picture of the money - a good option for you. Guests will be amazed by extraordinary image created exclusively by means of crisp bills.

Embroidered picture with dollars

In creating these specialized workshopsmasterpieces of art, artistic laying twisted notes on a piece of cardboard. The adhesive should not be used to create the picture. Once the masterpiece is complete, it is placed under the glass and decorated frame.

Cash book

If the couple - lovers of good literatureworks, get them to stand the book and put it in the money page. It is advisable to pre-pack them in an envelope to the couple immediately noticed the bills and dropped them. It is also not out of place precaution will pack the book itself in colored wrapping paper. Decorate with a piece of tulle packaging, cutting it with scissors, attach a decorative ornament and tie a beautiful ribbon book. In this case, money is certainly not lost, and the possibility of theft is reduced to a minimum.

Pillow with money

If you're wondering how an original giftnewlyweds money on a wedding, consider pillows bills as a gift. To create it, you will need pillow with a zipper. It is desirable that it be an unusual shape. For example, the perfect pillow-toy. Inside the pillow lay a stack of banknotes of different denomination. During the presentation of a gift do not forget the newlyweds hint of surprise, which is inside the pillow.

Photo Gift of money

The original design ideas gift

Bank and the box with the cake as an idea for a present

Cakes of bills


How to give a monetary gift

You do not know how to give money to the newlyweds?

It revealed the secrets of how original andunusual gift money to newlyweds at the wedding. The bride and groom and all the guests will be amazed by your imagination and ingenuity! The choice is yours! You have had other ideas about how to donate money to the newlyweds an extraordinary way? Leave them in the comments to the article!