Handing money to the wedding

In our country in recent years firmlystrengthened the tendency to give the money for the wedding. It is convenient for all: guest did not break his head over the question: "What to give to please?", And the couple spent on their own needs. But common way to present the bill to the newlyweds is not enough. This procedure is necessary to approach responsibly, choosing the most unusual way of donation.

The original idea of ​​handing money to the wedding

If the couple have not made you a hint of what they wantto get to the wedding, while the best will offering banknotes. It will only have to decide on the optimal amount and choose which way to present bills. From banal envelope to give easy, because there are a lot of original ways to give money to young, one has only to show a minimum of imagination. For example, the role play cards fine wooden box, which is sold in many souvenir shops.

An interesting presentation of the money will be treemandarins or Chinese coins with randomly stuck in a tube with money, imitating the leaves. According to the statement of feng shui masters, you need to put the tree in the southeast of the newlyweds home to them opened the cash flow. Cool presentation - the money in the cabbage. To do this, the banknote pack, bandage tape and put in the middle of the pre-cut cabbage, where the cutout on the size of the package with money. Cover with the second half of the cabbage, wrap transparent paper and hand the young.

Give money to a few boxes

An unusual presentation of a way to young moneyplacing them on a method of Russian nesting dolls. Buy a few boxes of different sizes or make them yourself. Money placed into the small box, and then increase the size of the boxes are nested, and beautifully packaged. Ask the heroes of the occasion to open a big box to see the gift. And the newlyweds and guests at the wedding will be fun when young will be open all the containers at a time, and find the money only in the small box.

Money in the box to the wedding

A gift in the form of cash plaid

For those who like practical and at the same timeunusual gifts for the wedding, the idea is likely to appeal to hand over money to newlyweds by a rug. To cook it you will have a lot of work, but the result will not leave anyone indifferent. So, making the currency plaid:

  • Take an ordinary polyethylene.
  • One gets the half.
  • Between the layers of stacked bills.
  • The space stitched by a typewriter, creating the effect of quilted plaid.

Money for wedding plaid

Give money in the form of a bouquet of flowers

Magic gift for the wedding will be a bunch ofmoney. Rose-dollars, you can use adhesive tape to attach neatly to the living colors, or make a single bouquet, consisting solely of dollar and ruble banknotes decorated with greenery and decorated like a real bridal bouquet. Elegantly folded money organically woven into the frame of the different floral materials:

  • foil;
  • textile;
  • decorative colored paper;
  • artificial flowers.

Money bouquet

Pack notes in a book

Put the money in the book, because it is the best,though not very original idea for the wedding. Moreover, the book may be different directions: cooking, country economy, repair, or Teach English. Envelope with dollar bills pasted on the cover, the book is packed in gift paper, so that it was clear her name. A hand can be such a surprise with the words: "The book - the best wedding gift."

Book Surprise

Make a collage of currencies of different countries

If the couple like to travel or justdream of different countries, then presented them with a collage made from currencies of the leading countries of the world. To picture looked interesting, stick in the middle of a large number of euro banknotes par, and on the sides can be glued dollars smaller denomination. In presenting such a gift to the wedding congratulations suggests itself: "I wish to visit as many different countries!". Alternatively, mount the money not to the world map and a picture of the car or a beautiful cottage, with the statement that this is the first installment for the purchase of the desired items.

Money collage Honeymoon

Wedding money garland

The original award money can be newlywedsorganize with the help of a beautiful garland. This will require a special floral wire, duct tape and artificial flowers. Banknotes should fold in half and twist the edge and thread the wire through the inside of the fold of money that they do not spoil. If the number of banknotes for a long garland is not enough, it should be large bills into small change. The wire is wrapped with adhesive tape color, and added to the garland of artificial flowers. Such a gift to the wedding can not help but like.

Currency garland for newlyweds

Denominations in a balloon

The elementary way of presenting the originalbanknotes to the wedding - pack them in the middle of the balloon. This trick can be turned without the aid of auxiliary equipment need only clear the ball tight and pump. Besides money, fill the bowl serpentine, confetti, sweets, organza or artificial snow, make your offering to look not only original, but also beautiful.

Transparent balloon with money

Handing money in the bank

Newlyweds like, if you hand the bill,rolled in a three-liter bottle with a wish "Take the money from the bank!" or "Keep the money in his own bank." The easier it will look like the capacity, the more ridiculous. For example, take a glass bottle with the label "cucumbers" or "Cabbage". To have more money, add to the paper notes a lot of coins, which will add "weight" of a glass container.

money gift idea in the pot

How to donate money to the wedding

Give the money to the newlyweds in severalmethods, but it is especially valuable if you will present them as an addition to the material presents. For example, if you donate a laptop bag, and inside will be banknotes of various denominations. Or give a plastic bag of milk and money in addition to the refrigerator to store the product. You can present the housekeeper, and in the first cash deposit for an apartment for the newlyweds.

Include imagination! Give the newlyweds "sweet money": buy a normal chocolate bar, remove it and put in place a chocolate notes and hand them young. Also been reported with the kinder-surprise, when the candy is divided into two parts, and instead of toys, money is invested, and chocolate wrapped in foil again.