Gifts for the wedding with meaning

own wedding Day lovers are waiting withlook, even awe. Weaves together two destinies, a new life begins. The tradition was such that give the wedding a young practical things needed in family life. Do not dismiss the stereotypes it's time to present to an unusual holiday - filled with a sense of humor or - surprise?

How to choose interesting gifts for the wedding

The question what to give for a wedding the newlyweds,not easy at first glance. If you approach it creatively, they were not puzzled on the eve of the celebration, and a few weeks before it, the answer comes by itself. Especially if you consider the following tips:

  • The semi-official celebration, the more conservativegift. It is better to know in advance what style of wedding ceremony will be held to choose a meaningful and relevant in each situation surprise.
  • "Homemade" does not mean "bad" or"cheap". Do not think that you can give to the wedding only purchase a present. You feel the strength to make a gift with their own hands, a decorative keepsake? Feel free to get down to business.
  • Much depends on your relationship to the bridethe bride and what relationship between you. If a beautiful girl in white - your old friend, and it supports imposing man - a good friend, a gift can be really innovative. Married - your distant relatives, with whom you are supporting a very weak link? Most likely, your humor, creativity appreciated not appreciate.
  • When choosing a gift, which will go to the wedding,not repelled by conventional criteria. Do not look for the volume, expensive, solid object. Present have to carry the sense to bring joy, positive. Otherwise the thing will be collecting dust in the corner or even be in the pantry.
  • Universal gift - money! They can and should present unusual.

Present for the wedding

The monetary gift for a wedding the newlyweds

what to give to the most obvious answer to the question,wedding - money. In many respects, such a present is justified: a fun festival involves imposing spending. Often the bride and groom or their parents have to go into debt to cover all expenses. However, even such a practical gift can be served boring. Standard, albeit colorfully decorated envelope for money - not your way!

Put the money in the treasury of interesting, a hugesuitcase or a solid book-safe. Fill them a glass jar, decorated with a gift label with the inscription attracting finance. Attach them to the inside of a huge umbrella: it opened, the couple will be at a real money rain. Put them in the balloons and filling them with air and gave a bunch of heroes of the occasion. With the present financial intonation young family get a fantastic success!

Money umbrella

Unusual gifts for the wedding

Choosing a gift for a wedding with a sense of muchIt depends on hobbies, lifestyle, nature Suite features. Inveterate travelers will be delighted to tour the Gift new, still unexplored places, sports fans - the certificate for the purchase of long-term subscription to a first-class fitness center, film fans - home theater. Presented a gift and unusual, and practical:

  1. excellent quality bed linen embroidered with a touching romantic or phrase;
  2. pair of bathrobes;
  3. tablecloths, towels - textiles with monograms or gifts to the thematic labels.

Humorous gifts for the wedding

Do not think that the original giftswedding the newlyweds have to be thorough. Presents can carry a fair share of humor, a hint, a clear and girlfriend / boyfriend, and the other half, and close to all the guests:

  1. Souped married couple, dreaming his own house, give beautifully tied with a ribbon and a brick trowel.
  2. Newlyweds, waiting for the child, or dreaming about a speedy replenishment of the family, handed over the certificate to the right of birth and education of as many kids.
  3. Be a little imagination - your fungifts for the wedding with a sense of the newly formed family will crack up for many years. Very young couple presents a certificate giving the right to quarrel only once a year. Accompany a gift set of paper or plastic disposable tableware whipping.
  4. Just married middle-aged, well-established habits and character, certainly useful female-male and male-female phrasebook.
  5. Just like all have a huge wicker basket filled to the brim full of goodies - that life together was sweet.

Baskets with sweets

Creative gifts with meaning

If you have creative abilities insome area, it is for you to come up with gifts for the wedding with the intent should not be difficult. Congratulations, presented as humorous or thought-provoking poem, mischievous song with a story that is waiting for the newlyweds in their new life as a video clip of the joint photos or videos, it is appropriate. Surprise guaranteed to decorate evening. If you or any of her friends - clever mistress, fabricate beautiful album for doing family history. The gift will love!

Funny gifts

If the newly minted husband and wife are not devoid of feelingshumor, gave them a funny gift. For example, a set of "vstrechatelnyh" Rolling Pin of different sizes (depending on how late pious returned from work) and pick up the tone of the water tank (it will help cool the ardor of the couple to be angry). Many people like a painted bright huge cloak-tent - to always be together to overcome the difficulties of the joint path. To the spouses reigned advice and love, give them a couple of parrots, lovebirds clockwork. Suppose for their owners find out the relationship!