Fun gifts for the wedding

Wedding in the life of newlyweds takeimportant place in importance. Wedding rings, beautiful costumes, the guests - all to remember. But there is another great time at the wedding - the presentation of gifts to newlyweds. Some will remember the presents which something quickly erased from memory. Many guests do not racking their brains choosing a wedding gift - give an envelope with banknotes, the issue is considered resolved. But it is unlikely the couple will remember who gave them and how much money, if the guests do not forget to put a signature on the envelope.

Cool ideas wedding gifts to newlyweds

The guests, who were able to come up with fun giftsthe wedding, the couple will remember for a long time and with a smile to touch memory funny moments of delivery of gifts. It is important to not only come up with, or found on the Internet an interesting idea, it should be more correctly, beautifully and time to implement, so that turned out fun, with a hint of shame, and not for the participants of the action. We offer to you a little tour, during which the idea of ​​cool gifts eloquently speak for themselves.

Glass jar with banknotes

If you decide to give the newlyweds a present,expressed in the bills, you should do it with humor and wit, then your gift will not get lost among the rest. A simple and original solution is to put the money of different denominations in a transparent jar, close it and come up with a label for labels such as "Family Bank", "cabbage in brine", "dried herbs." Creative imagination, come up with your original label, and how to use the contents of the banks indicate on the label.

A gift in the form of canned bills

Cool gift - land on the moon

Land on the Moon, presented to the wedding,It refers to a romantic, albeit virtual gifts. But it is quite possible to get a certificate on the ownership of a small area of ​​the Earth satellite legally. Since 1980, Dennis Hope, who has found a niche in the international laws, began selling plots on the moon and Mars, everyone. Present includes a document on ownership of property, a map of the planet.

Lunar site as a virtual Present at the wedding

Traveling in a balloon or hang-glider

If the couple lead an active lifestyle andlike healthy extreme - such an unusual gift they will cause delight. Feeling inspires flight, at the height of the young couple often want more time to admit their feelings to each other. Flight and romance always go together, and memorable gift - air travel, are guaranteed for many years.

Wedding hang-gliding or a hot air balloon

Fun gift - a caricature of the bride and groom

Picture-cartoon is attributed to the monumentalgifts, which will be transmitted to the next generation. Picture made in a joking manner, introduce the main characters of the newlyweds. They are on a plot surrounded by favorite subjects, talking about their hobbies, because a present is appreciated and the guests and the participants themselves humorous plot.

Original present for a wedding in a cartoon

Set of two T-shirts with the inscription amusing

Presenting a wedding gift set pairsT-shirts, the guests make it clear that they believe in the sincere feelings of a young couple who do not fade over the years. Gift a beautiful, romantic and is only informative. Wearing a pair of T-shirts, the couple will cause tenderness in the surrounding views. T-shirts with funky designs are both on weekdays and at the party, instead of the costume.

Paired t-shirts for lovers newlyweds to the wedding

Blue and red gloves a pair of wrestling

Jokingly will present two pairs of wrestlinggloves, blue and red, symbolizing the masculine and feminine color. Presenting the gift, do not forget to wish the gift was only used for the interior, and off-label "to sort things out in an adult." Newlyweds will appreciate your joke with a hint and will keep the gift as a symbol of reconciliation during disputes and strengthen mutual relations.

Boxing Gloves for newlyweds

The huge dish "for two"

The symbol of a great dish, donated to the wedding,It means unity for all occasions. Whatever boundaries are not crossed the space of dish, there is always a good right word at the right time. Store such gifts as a reminder that the broken not stick together. A plate, which are written all the negative aspects of family life, it is necessary to give the newlyweds so that they together have broken it on the floor. According to the signs, since all the troubles will bypass a young family party.

Plates with a sense for the newlyweds

Tea and one pair of slippers

Gift with a hint - coffee and only one pairslippers to the couple take turns preparing the morning coffee in bed and brought his beloved half. How to prioritize, they decide themselves, and coffee will benefit for a young family as one of the first contributions to the common fund acquisitions. Slippers also find application in the home, for the one who gets the first morning.

A useful gift - a coffee maker and slippers

Fan or air conditioning

Another great idea is a useful gift -fan or air conditioning. Particularly relevant is a present, if the wedding takes place in the summer or spring, in anticipation of the hot season. In presenting is to say the newlyweds playful hope that with the help of present time cooled her excessive zeal, which can sometimes lead to quarrels, and they in a young family - not the place.

Wedding Present Household Cooling fervor

Options cool gift guests from young

Souvenirs, handing guests newlyweds, dividedinto two categories: gifts for taking part in competitions and we launched a memento of the wedding. Both options can contain a humorous touch. It will be interesting to present to each guest on the eve of baked cookies, which are embedded into the note with the predictions. Offering hotel guests eat cookies and read aloud humorous note, the newlyweds will raise the mood for an even greater level.

Book in advance, or key rings with magnetsthe image of the newlyweds, they handed to each guest, will give pleasure to all present. For the original presentation of a present at the wedding, use a balloon. Place small gifts inside a balloon, inflate it, why tie to each guest chair. Then one of the guests will not remain without a souvenir, and the holiday atmosphere will be felt in two ways.

Original present for wedding guests

How original and joke with his hand a present

Gifts handed jokes, laughter, under the generalapproving applause and joy, the couple will remember for a long time. Stratified to packaging carton box for the type of dolls has rarely surprise anyone. Slightly changing the content, instead of a gift by putting key outwardly recognizable from the place where lies the real gift, will play the Suite. Himself a gift, especially if it is a volume, the couple will find on the signs. In may make any, most importantly, how it will be presented, which words are spoken with an original gift.

What gifts can be made with your own hands

In recent years more and more gaining momentum fashionfor gifts made by hand. This is given to the soul of the heat that is felt at the energy level. Newlyweds will be pleased to take a small, but made with love we launched. Related yourself "bags of happiness and love," does not require large expenditures, but the couple will keep them safe, as well as a "double heart".

Wedding stuff for newlyweds

New direction bumagoplastiki - cakes withwishes - had to appeal to many needle women. Inside each "piece of cake" put a little a present or a wish and hand at the wedding. Stitched pads decorated, painted pictures, bouquets made of polymer clay - is a small list of items that have the power to make their own, and then give the newlyweds on their wedding day.

tight grip

The original idea to give the couple a pairknitted mittens, with a hint to keep each other in "tight" and did not give rein to relax. Intelligent control by each spouse will never be over. Presenting "tight" attributes will be funny moments with the presentation of gifts the couple, especially if it is accompanied by poetic wishes. Sometimes this "Ezhova" ideas using buttons or studs, but it is less practical, compared with the original sturdy knitted mittens.

Tight rein as a gift to young couples

Brick, packaged in colorful paper with bows

All gifts are humorous connotation. Having packed a conventional building bricks in beautiful paper, decorated with bows, hand it to newlyweds, and it is desirable bride. From unexpectedly severe reaction of gift and all the girls will be fun. Unpacked gift the newlyweds will bring a surprise, but only until such time as you do not explain the meaning of what it is - the basis of the foundation of a happy family life. Inside the brick optional taynichok do with a surprise in the form of money.

Brick in a gift box for a family foundation

Humorous awards or medals

Medals and diplomas are in a humorous wayawarded to all those present at the wedding, without exception. Think in advance the nomination on the newlyweds, relatives, guests, participating in competitions. Presentation must take place in a festive atmosphere, and the greeting speech to end the applause. Produce humorous souvenirs may own or buy ready-made.

Playful medals and certificates

Video - Tips: How fun to give money to the wedding

Invented many ways, how beautifuldonate money. After watching the video tip, remember once again that the money in the envelope to give to the wedding is no longer fashionable, although this method is still alive. If you are interested in the topic Production of gifts with their own hands, with the help of banknotes and do not hesitate to get down to business. Make a flower buds on the basis of banknotes, wire, make a bouquet and present to the newlyweds. Such a gift will not look boring.

Pictures posted in the form of a tree, orUnique beads, which serve as the basis for the bill, will bring in a new family, not only beauty, but also financial support. Canned money "stored in the bank" - an original approach with humor to the question of presenting a gift to the wedding money signs. Boxes, Boxes for money made by their own hands, will become an interesting gift for the newlyweds.

Photo fun gifts for the wedding

Having been invited to the wedding, the guests from the firstdays thinking not only about the dress, which will be present at the festival, but also a gift that will present new husband. Sometimes a present he serves as a playful nominee. For example, with the donation of a vacuum cleaner broom acts as a guarantor, and bed linen with images of Cupid arrows or pictures from the Kamasutra - will be themed gift. Connecting imagination, improvising, make a wedding interesting and memorable. You will be a selection of photos.

A selection of gifts fun wedding