Comic certificates for wedding

Vanity before the wedding affects all participantscelebration. While the bride and groom pick up clothes and looking for a banquet hall, invited guests are defined with gift choice for honeymooners. Among the variety of offerings to choose something original it is now difficult, especially because it is necessary to consider the gift is not one person but two. And here it is worth remembering comic certificates that are worthy complement sum of money and will be pleased Suite subtle humor.

Gift Certificate Ideas for Young

Ideas comic certificates huge amount. But how to choose from all the most extravagant gift? It is necessary to take into account that interests or excites the young couple. They need shelter, or they pay the loan? Collect money for a new car or want to go on honeymoon? On the basis of their immediate needs, writing the corresponding certificate and pack it nicely.

Give the couple a wedding jokecertificate for tax exemption. Taxes take away a tangible part of the wages? Please the young, that from now on they are spared from this obligation. Or give the document on the ownership of the lunar site, and in addition provide the visa for which they have the right to visit the moon at any time.

The document on the ownership of land on the moon

Writing comic texts

If you want to have the couple's weddingI remember with the best hand, writing a paper on a happy marriage, which will be presented during a party. Give comic with an original certificate of need congratulating, which will cause all smile. As an example, we want to offer you several options for comic texts. Thus, the certificate may be:

  1. In order to fulfill the desire. From the time of the donor undertakes to perform one wish the newlyweds. Limitation: The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
  2. As an exclusive photo with bride and groom.
  3. Giving the right to come to the newlyweds at any time of day to drink tea with sweets.
  4. Guaranteed free shipping young home after the banquet by the witness.
  5. Communicate forgiveness. The document guarantees the holder of absolute forgiveness at any time any action of gravity and takes full responsibility for their actions. "Peccadillo" forgotten forever and never remembered.
  6. Proposing dedication. The presenter is obliged to give the newlyweds themselves on any given day for stand-alone use as a maintenance worker.

In the picture sample certificate of permanent luck

Funny certificates for guests at a wedding

To the wedding took place interesting and fun,It is handing comic obligations not only the couple but also guests. The main thing - not to hurt anybody a bad joke or inadvertently not catch the problem of man. To cater to guests, it is necessary to ask in advance, what gives to human passions, what is related to the proximity of the bride and groom to gift not found familiarity. Here are examples of neutral comic certificates for guests at the wedding:

  • financial prosperity;
  • very jolly guest;
  • an invitation to a gold bridal wedding;
  • hiking to "happiness";
  • dance with the bride / groom;
  • Honeymoon trip in the car in front and fastened;
  • the right to enjoy his favorite song at the festival.

Certificate for the right to take a shower in the house of newlyweds

Owning gold mine on Mars with certificate

One million minutes of free time: Happy certificate

Options comic certificates for execution of desire

You will not find at a wedding a single person, whetherthe bride, groom or guests who would not like the certificate of "wish fulfillment". When donation tell me that this Funny gift is far from comic force materialization of thought. It is necessary to make a wish and enter it in the certificate when it is received. The effectiveness of this document is time-tested and verified in his power thousands of lucky.

Such a gift can give each othernewlyweds. It will be interesting intrigue between lovers. The advantage of this comic certificate in the fact that with the help of easy to learn, dream about a partner, especially if he does not talk about their desires. Apply for a certificate in a beautiful frame, and do not forget to add that the role of the donor takes the Goldfish.

Certificate Option desires execution