Carpet of money on wedding

Money - the most common gift for anycelebration, including - wedding ceremony. Some banal envelope awarding seem boring. For you, we have collected a lot of interesting ideas on how to present the wedding cash gift. Originally it looks like a carpet of money for the wedding, which is done very simply and quickly. Additionally, you will find lots of other methods of awarding monetary gift.

Ways to donate money for the original wedding

Carpet of money on wedding

Here are the most interesting and vivid ways to donate money for the wedding the newlyweds:

  • Carpet of money for the wedding will be a creative gift to the young. For him, it is necessary to put between the layers of the film notes, flash the space between them, attach a fringe around the edges.
  • Money tree - an ornamental plant,decorated with money. To do this, bought the indoor flower / tree, and fastened to it with tape bills and coins. Originally it looks, if the money will be different: euros, dollars. Present such gift should also be original: in front of the bride and groom put the pot to the ground, have to put a coin. Then the young blind eye, and you will quickly change to the prepared pot money tree.
    Money Tree on a wedding
  • An endless source of money - a weak tapeglue bills among themselves, then to Scotch tape withdrew without problems. Prepare Gift box that can be opened and closed. The tape wrap on the toilet paper holder. Put a gift inside the box, thrusting the edge of the tape through the slot.
  • Pillow with money on wedding - use paper money as a filler beautiful pillowcases decorative pillows. Permission is granted to dilute the cash filler dried flowers.
  • The cash gift is changing in small bills, folded inside a velvet pouch. In presenting guests wish to consider money was not counted.
  • Money fill piggy bank in her hand newlyweds.
    Wedding Present - piggy bank
  • Denominations add up to frame an abstractdrawing fans, flower or other shape. Under these put the seal to the money remained in position. In compactor write congratulatory words.
    The money picture for the wedding
  • Monetary matryoshka - put money in an envelope,then - in a package, then - in a small box, then - in a box of large dimensions. Each pack of beautiful paper wrap. In presenting the gift to wish the young have enough money, despite the fact that they mined the hard way.
  • Savings book - put banknotes intomultiple envelopes, write on each assignment of the deposit. From beautiful cardboard cover do with the word "savings book", inserted into envelopes, sew.
  • The original idea is considered to be an umbrella to the spokeswhich tied the money. Umbrella awarded closed, and the young have to open it. During the opening of the umbrella tell the words of the famous song "The main thing in all weather in the house."
    Money umbrella for wedding
  • Treasure chest - in the gift shoppurchase box. Coins to exchange your cash gift, fill their chest. In addition, place the beautiful stones that are sold in flower shops. So gift will look like a real pirate chest.
  • Bank money - on a three-liter jar glued inscription - green vegetables, dried herbs, cauliflower. Bank filled with money, awarded to the newlyweds.
    Money Bank Honeymoon
  • Cash balls - newlyweds handed a hugebox, wrapped in wrapping paper. It must be opened immediately. When the box is opened, fly helium-filled balloons that are used as money, or they are placed in the bulb itself.
  • Money bouquet - bills collapsed tubes, roses and gently inserted into the finished flower bouquet.
  • Money cake - all bills collapsed tubes, held together with rubber bands. At the base is constructed cake. He tied with beautiful ribbons to hold the shape.
    Money for wedding cake
  • Bag - purchased a large box with several compartments. Inside are placed folded bills.
  • Magic chest - made cardboardchest, decorated with ribbons, labels, photographs, and other small items as you wish. Chest filled with several chiffon scarves, interconnected. The bride and groom opened the trunk, taking up a handkerchief and pulled a chain of several meters in length. Below them, on the bottom, hiding cash gift.
  • At present the specialist ordered a mini safe, presented the young along with the money and the keys to it. In presenting the offer all the savings stored in the vault.
  • Purchase the gift shop decorative sailing ship, insert banknotes instead of sails.
    Ship made of money
  • Kinder surprise - buy large chocolateegg, gently disconnect the halves of the eggs, remove the toy. In a box, place the folded bills, put them in a chocolate egg, connect together. According to the seam on the chocolate walk heated spoon. Wrap packaging, hand young.
  • Monetary vase - the inner walls of beautiful vases overlaid money. Secure the top of the foil. Samu Fill the vase with sweets to within the entire structure of the holiday has spread not.

How to make a rug out of the money with his own hands

Carpet for the wedding of the money - original anda fun idea. In the farm it will be useless, but such a gift will bring a lot of fun young couple. Denominations are arranged in rows, chaotically, in any pattern. Better use of bills of different values ​​to pattern looked varied. To make a carpet of money denominations lay on the fabric, cover film. Every coin obsheyte hand or on a typewriter.

Carpet of money for the wedding, made with his own hands

Necessary materials

To create a carpet for the wedding of the money you will need:

  • needle;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • fringe;
  • 100x120 cm rectangle of fabric, 80x100 cm, the size depends on the number of notes;
  • money itself;
  • a transparent film of the same size as the fabric. It should not be too thin, otherwise puncture tear, but not too thick, so you do not get tired of her to sew.

Schemes for crafts

Before you start sewing, you mustthink, will be placed money in what order. Lay them on a tissue in several ways, evaluate how it looks original. Put the money in the order or in the form of a pattern. Very interesting look carpets, a denomination in which sections are arranged, for example, six denominations together in a square, through a small distance still the same square. The distance between cash squares decorated, for example, tapes.

The scheme of money carpet

How to sheathe fringed edges

When you are sheathed all the money, we proceed to the decorfringe. The top, sides obsheyte wide braid, and at the bottom - fringe. Not all prohibited completely decorate the edge fringe. When attaching the braid, fold it in half, since it should be from the film and fabric, so the edges will look much neater. It is better to sew fringe hand, because some machines zazhevyvayut film, as a result of the product is spoiled.

Options congratulatory poems to cash gifts

To such an original gift for a wedding, as thecarpet of money required accompanying original wishes. Think of it yourself right to the cash gift, which will reveal the essence of a gift, show imagination: for example, if the young moved into a new apartment, give the money to the words on the new equipment or furniture. Not forbidden to use ready-made wishes in verse form. If you find it difficult to remember it, write a verse on greeting cards and spying.

Absolutely everyone knows -
Money does not happen much!
Because I give the envelope
With the amount of money you!
I know that such a gift
The pleasure will give.
Spend on anything safely!
Money - acquirable business!

This cash gift
From I accept now!
There is not much and not enough,
And just at the time!
They say that happiness is not in money,
But without them, sad to live.
With pleasure Spend them
All you want to buy!

To triumph on the happy occasion
There is a surprise, to live without the vicissitudes!
Wishing you prosperity,
Pleasure, health and joy!
Holding a gift a large coin,
Buy them yourself any beauty,
Looking from the bottom of windows, the gold,
According to him disperse the darkness of sorrow.

In life, everything can come in handy,
And the land on the moon at something amiss yes,
However, to achieve something,
It takes a lot and work hard!
In order to put a great start
We give you a little and a lot,
To "a place to live?" Is not the question arose
Presented at the apartment you this first installment!

Everything in life has a value of:
Shopping, budget, Entertainment!
On the wedding day - shall bestow on him the money,
A gift choice - for you!

Giving money to the young!
Here you money copper
To be poor is not you!
Here is silver,
To make it, you good!
Here you have the money, paper,
To walk you important!

Long thought-guessed,
What do you want to present.
So that is original,
Non-standard, from the heart.
What can non-standard
And originality have
What is that thing that you yourself chose
I decided to buy?
So our creativity
From the heart do you assess
Taking a short cash -
And with the purchase did not pull!

Video: congratulations on the celebration in the form of money carpet

In the presented video demonstrates howcarpet presentation young. The gift is accompanied by an original rhyme: a few guests come together and stand in a row, everyone reads their part of the general congratulations. At the end of the wishes of the young is presented as a wedding gift money carpet. This method congratulations looks very creative.

Photo original gifts for the wedding - carpets made of money

Carpets made of money on wedding