Bouquet at a wedding gift to newlyweds

Select a bouquet is not just for honeymooners. It is desirable to know the specifics of the event, probable allergy spouses, and that represents a favorite flower. To understand this question, you do not necessarily have to be an expert - just need to get acquainted with the review and make a decision based on knowledge about the pros and cons of options.

What kind of flowers to give the wedding young

In this celebration, like a wedding, the bride oftenreceives guests roses or peonies. White flowers are intended to symbolize the wish for happiness, love, happiness. The plant pastel color will perfectly fit into any composition and can be used for a memorable photo shoot. Delicate shades of flower arrangement only emphasize the innocence, purity of thought, a new newlywed status.

Bouquet at a wedding gift to newlyweds is tocollected, taking into account the time of year, the venue of the event. In the summer of winning are compositions of lilies, peonies, and in the spring - lily of the valley, orchid, lilac. Fans of the original solutions can choose a basket of flowers, solving the problem once with placing gifts in the hall where the banquet is planned. Flowers for a wedding as a gift - a kind of way of expressing personal feelings and emotions, so do not be too hard to cling to their symbolism.

Give tulips and carnations on such an eventnot worth it. These species are associated with other events, the opposite of emotional orientation. To impress not only the bride, but the groom can make a composition in which plants combine your favorite bride and groom in a yin-yang symbol. The idea symbolizes the harmony between the young and just-formed couple.

Flowers in a gift to the newlyweds

The meaning and symbolism of a bouquet of flowers

If a white or pastel shades youundecided, then learn how to be a bright buds, for example, red. This color symbolizes the explosive nature of the guest, the joy of the young and a storm of emotions. Delicate shades of pink also express love, emphasize the beginning of a relationship. What does the other bouquets for the wedding of the guests? The predominant green palette - the hope of a great and bright future, blue - reminiscent of loyalty. Perhaps that is why many newlyweds are choosing maritime theme wedding event.

I loved the sun shade, many associatedwith quarrels, partings. Most likely, so the wedding is not customary to give a floral arrangement with color, although it all depends on a holiday theme. If this Russian folk style, the daisies with yellow cores will be an excellent decoration of the table, not only, but also attire of the bride in the form of a wreath on his head. This color symbolizes more intelligence, and it needs to be carefully chosen so as not to disappoint the recipient.

Even in ancient times gave the newlyweds a branch of lilac,oak, birch, because it was believed that they bring happiness and help create comfort in the new nest. Lilies of the valley and violets - flowers, symbolizing the purity of thoughts, romance, tenderness. But lilies prefer to include wedding bouquets representatives of countries of the East. In their opinion, this flower contributes to the prosperity and well-being of those who had been presented.

What should be in a bouquet of flowers

Putting on a wedding bouquet in a gift to the newlyweds,it is important not to forget to count the stems. The ancient legend says that only the funeral, you can come up with an even number of flowers. According to tradition, going back to the deep origins of the marriage procedure, you can not come to the festival with a bouquet in which at least five members. It is considered disrespectful to the newlyweds.

Bouquet of flowers

Price bouquet in gift to the newlyweds

Choosing a gift for young, it is not necessary to acquirethe first available floral arrangement. It is advisable to talk to the seller, get a little free advice, because this man knows the story of each flower and happy to help assemble a unique composition, a real masterpiece. present price will vary depending on:

  • season (winter basket of daisies will cost three or even five thousand rubles);
  • approximation known holidays;
  • type of flower (one of the most expensive - a rare Calla, orchid);
  • number of components;
  • the presence, type and quantity of decorative elements;
  • place of purchase;
  • manufacturing deadlines;
  • composite solutions.



Approximate price, rubles


Five roses

From 400


Superb composition with different kinds of flowers

From 2500


A basket of flowers

From 3600


From soft toys or sweets


Order surprise preferably well in advance, becauseNot all plants are resistant and are available in the institution. Bouquet at a wedding ceremony in a gift to the newlyweds and guests can get near the registry office, or buy from the online store, but the price is close to the Palace wedding will be much higher than at the greenhouses. Young would be happy to take any of the composition with cards, flowers, even if they are present couriers or decoration is made with his own guests celebration.

Bouquet of sweets

How to make a bouquet for a wedding gift with their own hands

Bouquet for the bride at the wedding can be done independently. The price of such a gift would depend on the manufacturer idea. There are various options:

  • bright buds, carefully collected and wrapped in tape in the region of the stem;
  • of toys;
  • young field chamomile collected in the basket;
  • sweet surprise gift;
  • delicate flower for the bride, etc.

To make a surprise, it is necessary to know what kind of flowersGifts for the wedding the young, have a sense of style and ideas ready (in the same flower online stores). It is necessary to take advantage of video clips from the internet, which shows step by step the whole process of making a wedding bouquet in a gift to the newlyweds. If creativity is important to keep fresh scent of a flower, to combine them if different smells together in a composition. It is important not to let the glue was felt at the time of delivery of a masterpiece.

What a bunch of gifts for the wedding the newlyweds - ideas with photos

Beautiful flowers for a wedding from the guests

What kind of flowers to give for a wedding the newlyweds? By tradition, it can be bouquets made with pastel colors that symbolizes loyalty bride and groom, or, conversely, red roses, reminiscent of passion. The main thing for a guest - do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, so that young long remembered gift, because sometimes emotions received during the presentation of a surprise, is more important than money and all sorts of objects. Here are interesting options.

Flowers for the wedding from the guests

Original bouquets of toys for the wedding

Flowers for a wedding gift to the newlyweds areIt is made of not only colors, but also from the same or different soft toys. The cost of such surprises inexpensive, and at the time of delivery they cause a storm of positive emotions. The idea of ​​such a gift is to choose the right model, which will make the composition. It may be bears, CPMP, March seals, etc.

Bouquets of soft toys

Unusual wedding bouquets of sweets

Those guests who present with sweet bouquets, seekspecify the newlyweds on emotions, which they expect when living together (bitter and milk chocolate). For the presentation of gifts they have to invite the young to the center of the hall and pronounce intriguing congratulatory speech. The look of these compositions is always just amazing.

Unusual wedding bouquets of sweets