Bonbonnière heart

For a young couple who decided to combine theirways of life, the wedding day is a very important date. On the feast invited close friends and relatives. As a token of appreciation and gratitude for the fact that the guests spent the day together with the newlyweds, the bride and groom are often presented with a memento small Souvenir. Recently, it became popular to present candy boxes in the form of cardboard boxes or cloth pouches with different content. On sale there is a large number of types and forms of candy boxes, but it is better to make them their own hands, putting the soul and emotions.

How to make a heart bonbonniere fabric: step by step instructions

Bonbonniere Heart - a small but significantpresents to the guests of the newlyweds. There are many methods for manufacturing small fabric hearts. Men traditionally better to choose a more low-key colors of fabric, without ornaments beads, lace or sequins. Women will suit a bright palette of material, possibly with a floral print.

Necessary materials

Primarily, it is necessary to determine which ofFabric will be made hearts. Suitable material, which is easy to work with: felt, linen, calico. They are not very costly financially, but pleasant to the touch. The colors should be bright, saturated, but not flashy. Choose fabric optional one-color or pattern in the form of flowers or geometric shapes.

Tissue samples for making sweet dishes

Prepare supporting materials:

thread with a needle,
stencil in the shape of a heart, on which the pattern is made,
filling (wadding, padding polyester).

Plans and stages of development

The easiest way to manufacture a fabric heart that the power of man, not even owning the skills of the work of art with a needle:

1. Exactly expanded cloth in two layers, according carved out of cardboard stencil, cut around the outlines with chalk or marker is washed off,

2. Sew along the contour frequent stitches, leaving a small opening for the filling, put inside padding polyester or any other filler, giving little heart shape,

3. Sew up completely along the contour, to give heart the more attractive appearance need to trim excess fabric scalloped scissors, departing from the edge of 0.5 cm.

Bonbonnière made of cardboard

Cardboard box of candy-box in the form of heartIt will not only be packing for a small gift, but she will be a nice souvenir. Putting some chocolates inside, a small handmade soap or scented candles, you give a lot of pleasant memories of this momentous wedding day. Form bonbonnieres says how much warmth and love invested in this small attribute.

Necessary materials

For the manufacture of cardboard boxes-heart, we need a little perseverance, a great desire to bring joy to loved ones and some of the materials:

white cardboard, 120 g / m2,
denser white cardboard of 160 g / m2 or higher,
cotton cloth, calico, linen with fine bright pattern,
pencil or chalk,
universal glue,
ribbon with ornament.

Template and stages of development

On a more dense sheets of cardboard, cut two pieces according to the scheme in the form of heart, who will later be the bottom and lid bonbonnieres.

The sides of the template pencil to draw outless dense cardboard, up to the edge of about 2.5 cm and 2 cm additionally for bends. Such details will need 4 pieces. The slots serve to make the product volume.

By the lid of the box side of the glue prepared.

The operation of gluing the sides reiterate to the base box.
On the side of the tape to attach a beautiful pattern.

Of the 2 tissue cut out heart detail sizes 1-2 mm larger all around.
One part bonbonnieres glue on the lid, and the second at the bottom.

Cardboard box in the shape of heart

Bonbonniere hearts with lavender

In the manufacture of candy boxes in the shape of a heart veryit is important to invest your love and warmth. Such a souvenir filled with dried lavender flowers, not only will please the eye, but also bring health benefits. Since ancient times, lavender is famous for its healing properties soothe the human body and banish insomnia. By placing a small pillow with a fragrant mountain herbs in the bedroom, you can be sure that healthy sleep is assured. Presenting guests with lavender souvenirs, newlyweds imply concern for the peace of mind of their loved ones.

Necessary materials

Choose cotton fabric quiet tones, preferably blue, blue, purple hues, reminiscent of lavender in color.

Thick paper or cardboard useful for stencil in the form of the heart, which may be a round or elongated.

It takes a certain amount of well-dried lavender for filler.

Needle, thread and scissors necessary to accomplish the process.

Template and stages of development

Make a template. To do this, we put a piece of paper, draw half the desired size and shape of the heart. Cut smooth and beautiful heart.

Having laid out the pattern on the fabric, folded in half, draw the outline of a binding margin at the seams in the 1-1.5 cm.

Adding the two halves of the heart the wrong side up, on a path carefully sews small stitches, leaving a small opening.

To the tissue does not contract, and heart took a beautiful shape, make small incisions along the contour, without affecting the seam.

To turn out the product and through the hole left by lavender fell asleep.

Sewing up completely all the edges, get decorating heart, sew a small ribbon or decorating a beautiful buttons.

Production boxes candy boxes in the form of heart

Gifts made with their own hands, not niceonly receive but also to manufacture. If you decide to surprise and please your guests at the wedding such a small souvenir as candy boxes in the form of heart, you will hear from them only words of gratitude, but also admiration. In the original box, you can put a variety of sweets or small we launched in the memory of the wedding day.

Looking a small master class, you will be able tomake their own gifts. Such souvenirs in the form of heart, presented to the wedding day to symbolize the gentle and passionate love relationship young couple. Design bonbonnieres can do according to your taste or style of wedding, if it is thematic.

Photos candy boxes in the form of heart on wedding

Bonbonniere appeared in France in the late 16century, and from India brought a rare, very expensive and extremely tasty sweets. The high price influenced the number of treats - it was small, so the candy was packaged in small boxes candy boxes (derived from the French word bonbon - candy). It took many centuries now bonbonnieres mutated and can not only look like box for candy, but have different forms, excipients, or simply be a decorative ornament.

Types of candy boxes hearts