Sky lanterns - bright wedding zest

"Look, a UFO! Yes, exactly, I tell you! ". Similar phrases heard not once, not twice. But troublemakers turned out not guests from the neighboring galaxies, and paper sky lanterns. Last squeak summer, and not only in wedding fashion.

Flight of fancy

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand what a miracleScientific equipment - sky lanterns. In practice it is very simple, and not at all romantic. The design of the two binders + aerostat balloon - that's you and fashionable wedding idea. The frame of the heat-resistant paper, quirky shape and bright colors. We ignite the fuel cell at the base of "device" and missile "surface-to-air" is ready to travel.

It would seem that everything is simple. But how many emotions! What pure joy of children, when the chain of glowing hearts rises in the night sky! And clap your hands not only latter-day couple. Even gray-haired uncle, aunt enthusiastically beat off his hands and, with his head to the sky, trace the journey of wedding sky lanterns.

Svadbeny flashlight

The secret of popularity

It would seem that the most common paper design. Not a masterpiece of art, let's be objective. But what is rarely complete without a wedding-day "start". In all the "why" wedding portal gives some specific arguments. So.

The novelty will

The first, and most running argument - the new and not yethackneyed. Doves now nobody will be surprised. And something original to allocate your wedding you want. In addition, wedding sky lanterns - a visitor from Eastern countries. And today, as you know, very, very fashionable tailor east.

Wedding scattering of sky lanterns

Secret desires

Mystic - argument number two. Sky lanterns are often referred to as "carriers" of desire. It is believed that whispered "ear" flashlight desire to quickly get to the higher powers and, accordingly, will be fulfilled. And where, if not at the wedding, at the beginning of a new family life, to think the best, bright and intimate.

Lanterns Wedding Wish

Kind with healthy

Savings, oddly enough, the third argument of thelist why many launch sky lanterns wedding. It would seem that just talking about high and bright, and then came down to earth and pragmatic. But, like it or not, not everyone can afford to decorate their wedding ostrich runs, for example. A sky lanterns - the opportunity to combine business with minimal cost.

Squeak wedding fashion

Take all

The argument is the fourth - anothermassively entertaining spectacle. When the "jokes" Toastmasters stuffed nauseam, when guests loiter on the corners, not knowing what to do, it's time to run the sky lanterns. And you can attach to the case, not only the newlyweds. Sky lanterns are many great today. A variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Young, so be it, resolve to launch a big heart. Holiday in humans. And guests site advises to select cubes, cones, triangles. The main thing, after all, not the size of, and participation.

Sky lanterns - a fashionable wedding decoration

It must be noted!

The fifth reason, albeit a bit far-fetched,tradition. The wedding day - a significant event. And many believe that this case should be noted. As they say, there is a will, and we will find an excuse. But not everyone can afford a big, noisy and gypsies celebrate another wedding anniversary. But to run a cute sky lanterns, make a timid desire "in the next year, that's just holding hands, to run into the sky paper heart" - this, please.

Basically, the sky lanterns, according to allparameters - a great option wedding entertainment. Spectacular, fascinating, romantic, bright, unusual, but not for long, economical. Ah, yes, the launch sky lanterns - a good life preserver. Why wedding lifeline? You never know, you have planned launch of pigeons. And the birds, at the last moment, huddled in the farthest corner of the cell, and not in any plan to become a symbol of a great and pure feelings. It's time for spoiled the mood. But you have a life preserver! Already mentioned sky lanterns! Ignite, start, and let the birds be jealous!

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