Showman, or leading to the wedding

For the exciting and fun weddingcelebration, you need to choose a professional showman. Usually showman working at a wedding no more than 5-6 hours. During this time guests will have time and plenty of fun and natantsevatsya. If the holiday is tightened, it offers a very fast tire, and indeed the showman could not properly carry out its work.

The main duties of a showmanGuests organization. Besides entertainer should be able to prepare the beautiful newlyweds met, well to invite guests to the table, to help the audience to find their places (so you can read the article about the decoration of the wedding hall). It is very important to the ability to allocate time for toasts and congratulations to the newlyweds. Also included in the duties of a showman timely supply of meals, more precisely, its control. For this showman is necessary to keep up to negotiate with the waiters.

The main function of a showman at the wedding, of course,It is the games and competitions. But the presence of a showman is not limited to entertainment and pronunciation toast. It must also be able to create a unique and memorable holiday atmosphere in which everyone present will feel comfortable and interesting. Showman himself has to decide how he reaches this.

Every master is bound to have itstried and tested over the years, approaches to the guests, their little secrets. At the wedding, there are often people of different age groups and interests they have enough versatile. The main objective of the showman is to combine these interests among the guests, so that everyone can freely join the general staff, as well as that among those present there was mutual trust and sympathy. In showman who is your wedding, tact should be innate, because, in spite of the number of times one or another rehearsed a scene during any holiday may need to improvisation. An experienced showman, but what should have time to play games and make speeches, must be able to please anyone and avoid a situation where the guests will take time off from dancing and contests.

Please note that a wedding without a showman - it's the same thing as a ship without a captain.

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