Salute of butterflies - exotic decor for weddings

According to ancient tradition, the newlyweds at the weddingaccepted sprinkle rice, millet or coins that were in the house of happiness, prosperity and well-being. Nowadays, sometimes moving away from the traditional wedding rituals and young sometimes showered with candy or flower petals. And recently in a wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly fashionable to introduce unexpected moments, for example, instead of wheat and rice are launching fireworks of live butterflies. Surely such an impressive sight will be one of the highlights of the celebration that will be remembered not only the couple, but also for all the guests.

Butterflies for wedding

Wedding portal figured out how to organize the fireworks of butterflies on the wedding, and that it needs.

Symbol of love and happiness

Butterflies knowingly gaining increasingthe popularity of the organization of celebrations, including weddings. Custom launch fireworks from winged beauties during the marriage goes back to the East. In Japan, for example, has long butterfly symbolizes marital happiness. According to Chinese wedding traditions, the groom must give the bride for the wedding decoration, or a couple of live butterflies, which symbolize love. In the culture of many peoples butterflies are considered as the soul of man, which broke away from his earthly body and its freedom.

Thus, the worldwide butterfly meanjoy, love and light. Not surprisingly, the salute of butterflies on the wedding has taken root in Russia, and this custom is already beginning to bind a variety of signs. For example, it is becoming a tradition, releasing a butterfly from hand to tell her his heart's desire, which will certainly be fulfilled shortly.

By the way, do not think that the butterfly fly awayas soon as they release. Some time they fly among the guests sit down to numerous flowers in bouquets or bare shoulders of the ladies present.

Butterflies and guests

Organization of live fireworks

Organization of live fireworks of butterflies engagedspecialized agencies, which for these purposes specially grown winged beauties. That is why if you choose to give to newlyweds or to decorate their own wedding in such an unusual way, the order should be made well in advance - at least 3-4 weeks before the celebration.

At the same time there are several ways to effectivelybeat this time. It is possible at some point to release simultaneously tens of moths large box, which is typically a wedding any attribute, such as the heart. Such fireworks probably produce at all the impression and deliver a lot of positive emotions.

Starting butterflies

The second way to launch fireworks - an individual issue of multi-colored beauties. To this end, each guest receives an envelope with a butterfly, which all open on the sync signal.

Of course, it is best to organize such a saluteon open air. However, if the wedding is held indoors, the fireworks of butterflies as possible. Motley beauties will flit around the chandeliers and lampshades, creating a unique atmosphere of an exotic romance.

A variety of butterflies

Special conditions

Butterfly - a very fragile creature, therefore, tofireworks were spectacular, you need to take care of the most comfortable conditions for these insects. This is especially important if the wedding is held in the banquet hall. It should be noted that the temperature in the room should stay at the level of + 22-25 ° C. In addition, immediately after the release of insects will flock to the light sources, because a powerful lamp must cover a shield that is not burned butterfly wings.

Wedding portal advises to take into account that the flight of winged beauties depends solely on their appearance. Therefore, the organization of the wedding live salute, standing order of butterflies of different kinds - from the smallest to the largest, then the wedding will be the most spectacular fireworks.

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