Wedding Program - business professionals?

Whom you choose to lead - professionaltoastmaster, best friend, a student of acting faculty or witness, in principle, does not matter. But under some conditions. Firstly, you are on the eve of setting out all the wishes on the occasion of the wedding program as a whole, not forgetting to stop at the particulars such as contests, dances, ritual foreclosures and so on. Secondly, the master must be a man without complexes and master the art of improvisation at 100 percent.

It begins with another rite of bride pricehome parent home. It is this ceremony sets the tone for the celebration. Usually foreclosure scenario and come up with the witness of a young girlfriends. But here, a number of subtleties not debase and tighten.

Next to the wedding program can continue in thethe wedding walk in Moscow before or after the official registration in the registry office or a wedding in the church. If riding a big company, and even for a few hours, here competitions razvlekalochki pribautochki and can be very helpful. Actually, why not consider a scenario and a walk - treasure hunt clues for it may be very helpful. Or puzzle before you go to the next place of stop entertain guests. Take the leading role in this case may be a witness, and the witness, and the subtleties and nuances of (preferably not all that intrigue still preserved) it is better to discuss in advance with the bride and groom.

The next phase of the program for the wedding - meetingFacilities at the threshold of the banquet hall, with bread and salt, my parents and all honest company offers, as expected. Here it is already included in the role of a professional toastmaster.

Rite with a loaf is finished, the couple foundwho will be mainly in the family (who broke off a larger piece), and who will manage the finances (respectively, with a slice of a smaller). Guests are greeted Suite with kind words, wishes, bouquets of flowers (no gifts) and "littered" the way to the Hall of rice, cereals, rose petals and coins. Then all are invited to the solemn feast. And at first are the bride and groom, their parents, and only then all the rest.

The feast usually starts toastmaster, he saysintroductory toast. Beautiful, solemnly, but not for long. You can give this thing and parents. But usually people are very worried, so it's best to give the word professional. Do not rush, but do not overtighten, otherwise the situation risks get out of control. Next toast the parents usually say or closest relatives. And, of course, encouraged guests to shout "Kiss!". While the guests satisfy hunger, do not let them get bored, find out whether the generous fiance and a good hostess whether the bride. Do not forget about the music. After some time, you can arrange competitions. Start with a very easy and relaxed. You still have time to draw into action the entire company.

After the sixth toast can provide gueststhe ability to give gifts. Our advice: it is better not to share part of the greeting for a few blocks! And do not tire the audience reading the telegrams and postcards. Just stop! You can then declare a dance program, which should be open, of course, the couple. It can stretch to half an hour. And then invite everyone to a game unit. Here boldly Organize collective game. What is appropriate, you will tell the mood of the public.

The next part of the program for the wedding - a loaf. Wedding cake or loaf is made by the end of the evening. Someone left it on the part of the presentation of gifts and declaration requirements. This way you like. Do not forget about the jokes, musical arrangement and about the fun. The first pieces of the sweet will distribute to parents, older guests and children. The rest can be put up for auction!

Tradition is not the native Slavic - thrown bouquetand (or) garter. Then the couple can go on their wedding night or honeymoon. Here, too, you can gently beat these actions. A toastmaster guests again calling into the hall. And after the dance invites to the table, which already serves hot snacks. There will also be a lot of competitions, raffles, awarding new "titles" and other fun. Not excluded, and karaoke, drinking and theme songs that offer to sing along to all the guests.

Like this program will be built forwedding. All these units will need to decorate. And what kind of palette to choose - you decide. Whether you want more romance, sparkling fun and surprises. That is what should be in your picture, so it's dim and gloomy colors, sour and unhappy faces (well, except that in the pronunciation of the words, "Kiss!").

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