How to find a good toastmaster?

Once you have assigned a date for the wedding, immediatelyWe need to seek toastmaster. As a rule, the leading professional wedding bookings are painted at least a month in advance. As for the period of the so-called "wedding boom", which accounts for the period from late spring to early autumn, in the time of the wedding toastmaster better start looking for about two months before the wedding.

The sooner you begin looking for Toastmasters, the more chances you have to get yourself a wedding present a professional who will hold your celebration "with a bang".

There are several search options Toastmasters

The first option, and perhaps the most proven -Toastmasters is a search through their friends. If your friends recently had a wedding, and they were very pleased with the work of the master, then it makes sense to ask them to please them telefonchik toastmaster.

The second option - Search toastmaster for advertisingads. Brochures can be found in the registry office, pay attention to them when you apply. They are also printed in newspapers and magazines (most often in the "Services" section). In this case, you have to spend some time on the telephone calls of candidates.

The third variant - to use the serviceswedding salons. This option is quite expensive. However, you can see the toastmaster at work, as in the salons often keep records with several weddings.

The fourth option - to ask for help ina restaurant or cafe, where you are planning a wedding. Usually in such places is "normal" toastmaster. And you will most likely offer it, when you come to negotiate the conditions of holding weddings in the institution.

Option five - modern - find information about the professional leading wedding online. Ask a search on any search engine or visit the specialized wedding portals.

Once you have decided on the candidacyToastmasters position, be sure to find out how many hours of work it has to offer for a fee, and the best time to pay it (before or after the wedding). Also it is necessary to find out what services are included in the stipulated fee. Perhaps, the host is working together with the ensemble or two people. Ask toastmaster show you the tape recording of the wedding with, on which he worked. And be sure to ask what additional "props," you will need to prepare for the wedding.

Props that Tamada will ask youprepared may be different. But most pre-cooked loaf embroidered towel for a loaf, coins, candies, rice. You can prepare small gifts for the wedding contests. Sometimes asked to buy a pacifier (blue and pink), sliders, ribbons. To toast with a wish of happiness is better to buy a pair of wine glasses to break.

Here are some tips to this topic

  • It is best to agree on the payment of the master of ceremonies at the end of the wedding (so you can protect yourself from fraud)
  • Negotiate with the master of ceremonies is better not to call, andin person. That's when you can appreciate the look of the master, to listen to his speech. Did you feel the personal antipathy to the man. In this case, it would be better to agree with another master of ceremonies.
  • You should always keep on hand a backup plan. In case of emergency failure of your candidate work (due to illness or due to some other circumstances), you may need to contact information of another master.
  • Required before the wedding master of ceremonies, and phoned to confirm all the details.
  • Do not dispose of the leading mobile phone at your wedding. After all, perhaps, in the near future and your friends have a problem, who to invite to the role of toastmaster at their wedding already.

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