Is it easy to become a master of ceremonies?

How beautiful profession toastmaster! People involved in it, can work wonders for weddings. They give a unique wedding celebration festive atmosphere, fun, comic commotion and joy.

But is it just to learn this skill?

Suppose that you have some experience: weddings your friends you have been involved in the organization and conduct of the festival. Do you consider yourself a merry ringleader, able to organize the guests and joking the whole evening recklessly. But is it enough?

If you have firmly decided to try his hand as a Toastmaster, then place your ad in the newspaper or on the Internet to offer services, and a brief description of your talents.

Once your ad will response in a hurry for a meeting with a potential employer. But do not forget to take some photos of weddings, in which you shine especially brightly.

Prepare to be that the employerinstantly see through you and know that your experience is still very far from the real professionalism. Therefore, even if he agreed to take you for a wedding toastmaster, your fee will be significantly reduced. Do not despair. Down and Out trouble started! Will hold the wedding, and there may be, and get good reviews, which significantly will enhance your ranking as a professional toastmaster.

Give all your forces preparing for the wedding.

Carefully study the special wedding portals,Meet with wedding traditions of different peoples of the world. You will repeatedly visit the desire to quit is a difficult thing. Resist the temptation, because you really interested in doing it.

Prepare to be that most likely, all of yourknow-how in the field of wedding run into a wall of parochialism and stereotype. The employer wants to be the wedding was no worse than the wedding of his friends. This means that the main place will be the traditional wedding rituals: the redemption of the bride, wedding loaf Young shedding flower petals and others. But you, for its part, can offer and conduct a few other rites which will seem interesting and unusual. Most likely, in this case you will meet.

Zagotovte sufficient arsenal of wedding jokes,anecdotes, toasts. Try all of the data you selected to bind to a single slender script and follow it. By the way, the script is necessary to assure the customer (of course, can be several competitions and quizzes designed for themselves Suite, conceal). But the general course of the holiday the customer must approve.

Do not forget to pre-acquainted with the parents and witnesses Suite. They also will play a major role in the scenario of the holiday, so enlist their support will not be superfluous.

Be prepared to buy you need accessories (souvenirs, masks, fireworks, flower petals, etc.) at their own expense.

Toastmasters chapter of all feasts. On how skillfully he will fill all intervals between toasts and dishes it depends on the success of the wedding celebration. Tamada starts the wedding banquet, and he's his ends. So be prepared for the fact that during the celebration of the wedding you will not have not a moment of excess.

Tune in for success. Wedding, for which you take hold, held to cheer. And the customer, and guests will be satisfied. Of course, provided your full commitment to this fun, but equally important, case.

Give a holiday - it's wonderful! Good luck with your wonderful endeavor, and many cheerful wedding on your life's journey!

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