Wedding Bouquet with peacock feathers: design options and combinations of flowers and ideas with photos

Wedding Bouquet with peacock feathers

More recently, a bouquet for the bride wastraditional white. Now - this is a whole work of art. Fashion trends is a thematic wedding. Why not make a celebration in exotic style? During the preparation safely experiment with images of the bride and groom. For example, you can vary the peacock feathers decoration of the hall, the bride hairstyle, accessories, even the invitations. But the main focus is better to do at the wedding colors. Nowadays, florists imagination knows no bounds.

Bouquet of feathers in the form of a fan

What could be more elegant than the original fanof peacock feathers in hands of the bride whose image resembles a bird of paradise? The colors should dominate the dark, rich, predominantly blue and green with a variety of shades. The originality of this accessory is not in doubt. Many brides dare to experiment with the composition in the form of a fan.

Fan of peacock feathers for the bride

Rigid mounting frame at the bottomtied with satin ribbon, it lets not worry about that at the wrong time of the fans depart. For decorative tape or attach a bright brooch large beads. Bouquet in the form of a fan can be used for other purposes. Light graceful swinging arm motion will lead to air shimmering "petals". This attribute is permanently retain the memory of the wedding party and not wither like flowers.

Cascade bouquet with peacock feathers

Flowers of different lengths are formed asbeautiful waterfall, hence the name. The cascade bouquet is considered one of the most interesting species. If the flowers add a peacock feather that bright spots shimmering in the sun, they will play new, unusual colors. Against the background of white floral dress waterfall will have an exotic look. The combination can be varied - from traditional roses to delicate orchids. The composition itself is large, so the height it should be commensurate with the growth of the bride. Cascade of colors - it is always luxurious and elegant.

Cascading floral arrangements

Possible combinations of peacock feathers with flowers

Gamma shades of peacock feathers gives scope forthe imagination in terms of color solution composition. There are options when the choice falls on one main blue-green color, or create a palette with a combination of different tones. Birds attributes themselves are luxurious, amazing in its beauty, and in combination with delicate flowers - the top works of art created by the florist.

Wedding bouquet with calla lilies

Flower calla occupies a place of honor in the weddingFloristry. It is often used in the preparation of a bouquet for the bride. The colors and shades from callas are many, but often use white - a sign of purity and chastity. When combined with feathers should try to build on pink, yellow or greenish flower varieties. The uniqueness of the product is guaranteed to be a florist. It is only necessary to compare the visual peacock feathers and delicate calla calyx, and then translate the idea into reality. This combination will look great in a cascade form.

Calla lilies and peacock feathers in her wedding bouquet

With feathers and roses

The form of flower arrangement for a bride canbe round on a low leg, where between luxury roses instead of leaves will look through rather short multicolored feathers. The color gamut is better to choose the contrast. For example, the white buds and playing the rainbow colors of the feathers. For cascade attribute is better suited to high-stem roses. Flowers have steps, diluting their long feathers, grass stems.

The combination of feathers and roses in a bouquet

The combination of peacock feathers and orchids

Orchids perfectly with feathers. The exotic nature of this attribute is through the roof. For decoration you can use a decorative butterfly. Bold combination of peacock feathers and orchids cascading bridal bouquet gives strikingly beautiful results. Tenderness and brightness of the color of the composition against the backdrop of a flowing wedding dress of satin creates an unforgettable experience.

Orchids and feathers for wedding decor

Photo Wedding bouquet with peacock feathers

Flower Arrangement - Required forBride. What will it be, you need to consider in advance, comparing with the style of dress, jewelry colors. Everything has to be combined with each other and overlap, avoiding excesses. Inimitable cascading floral arrangements are gaining more and more positive feedback from brides and guests of the celebration.

The wedding itself - this spectacular event. The combination of peacock ornaments in flower compositions bride, groom tie the figure, in the decor of the room enhances the feeling of celebration. Trust an experienced florist, and your wedding bouquet will exceed all expectations. Flowers should be not only beautiful, original and with them the bride should be comfortable throughout the ceremony of the day.

Wedding floral arrangements with peacock feathers

The original bouquets for young

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