Wedding bouquet of red roses - a combination of options with the other colors, photos

In preparation for the solemn day of the wedding, eachBride trying to come up with a unique image, which includes a magnificent wedding dress, accessories, hairstyle, make-up and an indispensable attribute of the bride - floral bouquet. Most girls prefer a gentle mix of bright colors, creating a composition of plants, but the hero of the occasion, who want to stand out, to fit more extravagant version of the accessory with red roses. This image of the future spouses attribute looks bright, interesting, attracting attention from the guests.

The meaning and symbolism of red roses in a bouquet of the bride

Roses are known for a long time and were very lovedat all times, they are associated with a lot of stories, legends, poems dedicated to them poets, they were used in religious sacraments priests. Each color and the shape of this magnificent plant acquired its own meaning - was used a special language of flowers, helping to say with the help of the flower of the true feelings.

In ancient times, people were not so easyto express their feelings toward each other, and helped to make the bouquet is exquisite. Red rose ascribed the following meaning: a flower was a symbol of passion and passionate love. As a gift buds or open flowers of this color can mean both gratitude for something, respect, admiration and love.

Thanks to its bright color, elegant shape,Red Beauty has received well-deserved title of the queen of all flowers in general and their "girlfriends" in particular. If the bride has chosen buds red as the basis for your wedding bouquet, it will mean the love between partners, the constant admiration of each other, a passionate love and a willingness to keep the fire for many years.

Variants pink wedding bouquet

Often wears red buds sensethe impossibility of its existence without its second half - it will be important for the bride, who doted future husband. If the nature of the relationship between the future spouses is multifaceted, hero of the occasion can easily be combined with these other plants that will invest an additional meaning in buketnye composition. With red roses perfectly combines many colors:

  • representatives of the family of a different hue,
  • chrysanthemum,
  • orchids,
  • peonies,
  • calla lilies,
  • eustomy,
  • lily
  • chamomile.

Possible wedding bouquets with red roses

To create a beautiful wedding bouquet on the basis ofred roses, the girl will have to consider many options for possible compositions. It is important to understand that the festive attribute must be perfectly in harmony with the rest of the way: the approach to the dress, it is advantageous to shade the color of the bride's skin. Well, if it will pick up your alongside some elements in red:

  • accordingly to make up the nails with varnish,
  • makeup will make emphasis on the scarlet lips,
  • wear a dress, decorated with a red ribbon at the waist or embroidery,
  • choose a suitable hair accessory.

Additional ornaments of red buds

Combining parts in red, the main thing - do notoverdo. Too many bright accents will make the image of tasteless and vulgar. Bride's enough to choose a maximum of two elements, which will be a great addition to flowers, and sometimes only mono-composition looks good without additional decorations. If desired, the bride can make a bunch more festive, duplicating it ornaments present in the form of - beads of pearls, rhinestones, vintage brooches, delicate lace, beads.

Depending on the style of the selected image, the brideIt can create a unique blend of red roses with other plants. Additional colors can make elegant buds even more solemn, emphasize their strict form and elegant look. And sometimes it goes the other way around - they dilute the "dry" composition, giving a bridal bouquet more gentle, airy tone. Several variants of the original combination of red plants with different colors:

  • Roses and peonies. Lush, holiday peonies look solemn and pale, with roses, they will create an original composition. The flowers can be red, as well as the main bouquet of plants, or other color - white, pink, yellow, orange.

The combination of noble colors with delicate peony

  • Roses and daisies. Daisies - lovely plants, which will create an interesting contrast to the elegant pink flowers. The simplicity and austerity look great together. In the case of the composition of the whole bridal bouquet can be composed largely of daisies and roses florist will put bright accents, but the option to do the opposite, also looks great.

Daisies - part of wedding accessories

  • Roses and lilies. Lilies look stylish and elegant at the same time. Wedding bouquet composed by two of these flowers will amaze present elegance. on drawing up a flower arrangement specialist can dilute it with additional green leaves, grass, small flowers, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Lilies and the queen of all flowers

  • Roses with Eustoma. Touching eustomy tender will be the perfect accompaniment to red roses, knowingly florists make bouquets for weddings, it is an ornamental plant called "French rose". Two elements will create a festive bouquet airy, elegant jewelry for the bride.

The combination of delicate roses Aust

  • Rose and Rowan. Rowan - original decoration for various kinds of flowers. This berry looks great in winter wedding attributes, gives warmth composition of comfort, tenderness. Rowan good fit to the bride accessory with red varieties of roses.

Rowan - a decoration for a bouquet of roses

  • Multi-colored bouquet. The composition involves a combination of three or more shades, looks festive. This component of the bride will be pleasing to the eye, it will delight guests a variety of bright colors and a large number of elements.

Color options for the wedding composition

  • Red roses and other colors. The bride can easily combine the same type of flower, using different colors to create unique original wedding image.

Stylish roses of different colors

Composition with white chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums - flowers that symbolize honesty,decisive action, loyalty. When choosing a wedding bouquet, which adjoin chrysanthemums and roses, the bride wants to show her future marriage involved in the passion of love, and besides, it will be a long, strong, joyful. Oriental people believe that this plant is able to prolong life, and white chrysanthemums talking about the veracity of intentions.

A beautiful combination of roses with white lilies

With verdure

Verdure - a miniature flowers, usuallywhite color, which is often found in wedding bouquets. They have become popular due to its ability to make a strict floral arrangement for the bride festive, delicate bouquet, and at the same time give it a playfulness. Beautifully looks different variants of red tracks with verdure: dense cluster of buds of roses, surrounded by small plants, or standard round bouquet that the entire area is diluted with light colors. Both look interesting, it remains only to choose the right.

Verdure - decoration of any wedding bouquet

Bouquet of red roses, white orchids and callas

Orchids - plants, which are a symboldeep location for the partner (only daryatsya loved ones). They speak of elegance, beauty, hill girl who chooses this flower as an element for the bridal bouquet. White orchid symbolizes pure love, unity of souls. Callas, in turn, emphasize the eternal youth, love, rebirth, talk about the future of marriage fidelity. Together with red roses, these plants can become part of a bouquet of both together and separately - the result in either case will be magnificent.

Flowers for a wedding with orchids and calla lilies

Monobuket of large red roses

Huge buds of red flowers look exquisite. Sophisticated monobuket help visitors better understand the extraordinary nature of the bride, in addition, it is perfectly contrasts with the pure white dress. There are several options for creating this beautiful accessory - in the form of a round spherical bouquet with well-defined lines, round or slightly "disheveled" option wedding attribute.

Also popular was the cascading bridal bouquet. It is a plant that is beautiful cascade down, creating a grand impression. Such an attribute with red roses suited to girls who want to look sublime, subtle. Large flower buds in a cascade will look good in the hands of the high bride slender physique.

Cascading options of wedding flower arrangements

Photo of a beautiful wedding bouquet of red roses

If the culprit celebrations was determined to buywedding bouquet of beautiful red roses, worth exploring several design options to find the one that fits best. Decide with the ultimate view of the ceremonial decorations can help selection of photos with different kinds of compositions that adorn his presence wedding event:

Classic red bouquet with roses

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