Purple bridal bouquet - how to choose colors, options of formulation, photos

Around purple color is always a lot ofdispute, some believe that it is a shade of strong and strong-willed people, others - on the contrary. But no one can say that the purple bouquet for the bride - it is a bad choice. On the contrary, such a composition is considered to be very bright, beautiful and extraordinary. If you decide that your wedding will be like that, pick the perfect bouquet for the bride and groom boutonniere same. Choose a style of flower arrangement you need a dress, shades range of celebrations and theme parties.

Meaning of purple

Christianity as a religion allocates symbols toevery rainbow color palette. Purple is considered dark, he put in time of trouble. On the other hand, the direction of Feng Shui worships such shade. This tone is considered to be strong, giving confidence and create success. The person who chooses the shade of lilac, is an ideal partner in the family. For these reasons, many newlywed couples prefer a wedding in purple tones.

The myth that a color is dark,debunked is very simple - look at the natural lilac buds, they are very different. So with the purple, he has a lot of shades that perfectly combine in a beautiful composition of colors, jewelry, accessories, shoes, ties. If you have selected a wedding in a purple color, be sure to use a shade even in small things - candy boxes, invitations. You will need a plan to establish, where and how you use that tone.

Meaning of purple in a wedding bouquet

How to choose flowers for a bouquet

To properly make a floral arrangementfor the bride, it is necessary not only to correctly identify the color. Very important is the type of greenery that will be used. Consider that represent and carry all the colors chosen for the wedding song. Some varieties do not combine with other plants, only have to compose them. Consider that represent different types of flowers that are used for festivals:

Orchids. These flowers represent sophistication, refinement, splendor, wealth. Bride with elegant orchids will look great, such a plant is able to emphasize the tender, add zest to an image.
Irises. These plants are designed for daring women. Flower expresses strength, valor, so its classic colors - blue. Purple Iris is an ideal complement basic colors, and can be a major.
Tulips stand for love, feeling fresh, newround relationship, which is why this plant is so often give the man on the first date. These colors will look great, both independently and with the addition of other herbs.
Chrysanthemums are a symbol of health,longevity, strength. To the new family has not experienced serious difficulties in the body's condition, choose these plants. chrysanthemum often take small size, so that they become complementary flower in the composition, but not the main one.
Calla long been considered a talisman of happiness for the whole family. A bride can be initiated in order to set in a wedding was this plant, because it is a symbol of admiration, respect.
Roses express passion, strength. On the one hand, this is a very delicate flower, on the other - purple plants will symbolize the family's resistance to a variety of troubles.

Options purple wedding bouquets

The flower arrangement for a bride canto meet different kinds of beautiful plants. Choose as the main flower for a bouquet, and more. Allowed to combine the same size or buds are different, the same color, or the opposite, it all depends on the preferences and desires of the bride. Keep in mind the wishes of the groom, if he is interested in the design of the upcoming wedding.

Arrangement of roses

The white color of the flowers is considered noblethe most popular, elegant and delicate. That's why this tones roses are very often used in wedding songs. But their connection with the violet color, add the composition nobility. This tone is a compound formed of blue and red, and therefore is an excellent option for weddings. The composition for the bride can be either entirely of roses and with other plants.

Very interesting way out, ifuse multiple shades. For example, pink and pale lilac, white and bright blue. A perfect complement composition of roses are anemones and hydrangea. These flowers can decorate any event, and not just the bride bouquet. And the groom should have a flower decoration in the form of a buttonhole. Roses for this accessory can also be used, but it is better to combine them with herbs.

Purple roses in a bouquet of the bride

From purple tulips

If you want to keep relations on tenderfor a long time and in the spirit of all soak wedding, the bride can choose a bouquet of tulips. They look especially good if executed without portbuketnitse. This appearance of the composition will be maintained is not long, but it will look very impressive. Think about the first bouquet, which can be activated at a photo shoot, wedding or party.

Purple tulips in a bouquet of the bride

Purple bouquet of orchids

These plants have long been considered the most"Long-playing" colors, because their buds can remain unchanged for months, which is why this flower is often recommended for weddings. It will give a sense of wealth, of tenderness, of superiority. Orchid can not be one in a big composition, its complement other flowers - irises, roses, lilies, hyacinths.

Orchid violet color for the bride

From freesias

Very original is for the bride with a bouquetfreesias. These flowers not only look beautiful, some varieties have a wonderful scent. Interestingly it looks a combination of freesia shrub with small purple flowers and large green leaves. These plants are very long, so the whole celebration of their appearance will be the same. Consider the idea to the smallest detail and implement it with your favorite colors.

Living in purple freesia bouquet bride

Bouquet of gladioli

If you want to use in a festive bouquetpurple gladiolus, is the perfect choice. Strong, effective and very strong colors combine in different ways. Since gladioli very long stem, it is permissible to take it in its entirety or split into separate buds. Looks nice composition purple color exclusively from the flowers, without stalks and more greenery. But the original version is with the leaves, the choice of the bride and groom only.

Gladioli violet flowers in a bouquet of the bride

The combination of purple with other colors

If the color violet is selected for the big celebration,bouquet may contain not only its shades. Suitable palette - pink, blue, white, green, yellow. Do not be afraid to experiment, combine completely unimaginable variations of plants and supplementing them with unusual accessories. The floral decorations for the bride can be used satin ribbons, crystals, stones and beads, it will add shine and unusual.

Photo of wedding bouquets in violet tones

When choosing a festive bouquet necessarilyreview the ideas already implemented in the photo. There are plenty of options for the bride compositions - both with vivid colors and fabric, paper, plastic patches. These instances can be very unusual, and inspire you to incredible ideas. You can make an exact copy and photos that came to mind, but often it goes worse than the original.

In preparation for the grand bouquet in purplecolor note that it should occur not only in the composition of the bride. Decorations for the table, accessories, invitations, cakes and sweets - all this can also contain elements leading to the wedding colors. And if you make a cake decorated as a main flower bouquet bride, all guests will be in awe of such beauty.

Photos bridal bouquet purple

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